Can a Christian be a Calvinist? 2

Two men are given maps and told that at their destination they would find the perfect mayor and then sent on their way. The maps are the same maps and marked with clues as to which turn to take. Along the way were others which suggest where to make turns. The men reached different destinations. Because they reached different destinations each man tried to explain to the other, step by step, just how they reached their destination. The man who had reached the wrong destination did not notice that the mayor was not perfect. Every time they called each other and spoke of their travels each man only pointed out the steps as to how they got to their destinations.

Do you understand the analogy? The two men are those who study the Bible (map). The others that suggest turns are those who profess knowledge of the destination and how to reach it (in this analogy, Calvin, but there are others). The destination is the town of wisdom and knowledge. The mayor is God.

Now, I suppose you don’t understand how I know that the man who has reached the wrong destination has indeed reached the wrong destination. Well, if he would take his nose out of the map and look around, he would see that the mayor is not perfect.

Look, and understand, God is perfect. He is just, fair, and perfect. If God made a man a sinner and condemned him for that sin, with no chance for salvation, He would not be fair or just. That man could stand at judgment and accuse God of being unfair, and unjust, and be correct!

Doesn’t your understanding of God tell you that He would not be unfair or unjust to anyone? Take your nose out of the map and look around. You have reached the wrong destination. Stop trying to explain to everyone how you got there. It doesn’t matter how you got where you are. It’s not the right place.

I can see that this argument, discussion, dialogue, or what ever you wish to call it would be a life time pursuit. I don’t feel called to spend the rest of my life on it. That is not to say others should not. If you care to consider Calvin just might be wrong there is a good web site that takes that view and they have already said most everything I could think of.

It is

Just one more thought before I go on to other subjects. The Jews of the Old Testament were the first to believe that some were saved and some could not be. They thought that all Jews (God’s people) would go to Heaven and all gentiles (not God’s people) didn’t have a chance. They had verses that seem to support their views also, but they were wrong. What makes you think it is somehow different now?

If you feel like you have reached your destination (the town of wisdom and knowledge), then look around. Is your mayor perfect?


2 Responses to Can a Christian be a Calvinist? 2

  1. paulus says:

    As I said, you don’t what you are talking about at all.

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    Very useful information particularly the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot.
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