It’s really not possible for me to forgive Mr. Cho, nor is it possible for you. You see, he didn’t do anything to me, or to you. How could I forgive anyone for an attack that was not an assault on me? How could you?


That is not to say there is no one that was hurt. If you were one of those who were shot by Mr. Cho you might try to forgive him, but he isn’t here to be forgiven.


Will God forgive Mr. Cho?


If He would we would have to discard most of the Bible. Mr. Cho destroyed thirty three examples of the handicraft of God. He didn’t give any of them life and he had no right to take their lives. That includes his own life.


Mr. Cho’s sins were only against God as not one of the thirty three gave themselves life.

Every time something like this happens I hear much about how we must forgive. Well, it just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t think it makes any sense to the people of the world either.


Would you do something that God would not do? Would you forgive Mr. Cho?

God went to great pains to give mankind a way to cover our sins. Mr. Cho did not listen to God. We know that he knew about Christianity because he mentioned us in his video.

One of the most wonderful things about God is He will give you the desires of your heart. One of the most frightening things about God is He will give you the desires of your heart.

If you want to live with God and enjoy Him forever He will grant you your wishes and if you do not want to, if you want to try to be your own god, He will also grant you that wish, but because there is room for only one God in Heaven you will have to leave.


Mr. Cho chose to destroy the work of God and sealed his fate when he pointed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger.


Do you really want me to forgive that?



  1. LayGuy says:

    Well said student. I think today’s mainstream Christianity lacks substance and the guts to rise above political correctness.

    A post modern world looking at Christians saying we need to forgive Cho would conclude we are a pack of lunatics. And rightly so. Like you said, if God doesn’t forgive Cho, why should we?


  2. SP says:

    I have to disagree with most of your statements.

    God made Mr. Cho just as He made you and I. One does not have to “discard” the words of the Bible to forgive. One has to understand that God forgives all of his children, and that we are all sinful. He forgives all of our worldly imperfections, it’s just that some of us have more than others.

    We do not know what grasp Mr. Cho had of reality. It’s very likely that he may have had delusions that were as real to him as the world is to you and I. He may have had a physical abnormality that lead to rage, as has been proven to be a factor in many other mass murders. If a developmentally disabled adult with the IQ of a four-year-old killed a playmate after becoming upset, would you expect a merciful God to never forgive the transgression? The parallel I’m trying to draw is that Mr. Cho was, in all likelihood, a very sick individual.. with an illness that is just as real as any physical pathogen.

    Not forgiving Mr. Cho and expecting God to do likewise shows the desire for vengeance upon a sinner. Vengeance is a human attribute, not a godly one. Forgiveness is a gift of God, just like faith. Through all of the ghastly events, I believe that all of the victims, including Mr. Cho, are at peace and forgiven by God. I don’t have the right to bestow divine forgiveness upon anyone, including myself. I just have faith that God is beyond the human urge to punish and that we’re all welcomed back into the arms of He who created us.

  3. astudent says:

    First I would like to thank LayGuy for those words of encouragement. (great name)

    Then I thank SP for disagreeing with me. One doesn’t learn from agreement and it is my goal to learn everything, so I really do appreciate disagreement. I hope you do not become angry with me for disagreeing with you.

    If I understand your comment you are saying everyone is forgiven no matter what! (“we’re all welcomed back into the arms of He who created us.”) If that were true you would have to discard all of the words of the Bible; not just a few.

    Where could you have possibly gotten the idea that everyone is forgiven? You are correct that we all are sinners, but your stance rules out Hell and the need for a Savior. If God would forgive all sins then Jesus died for nothing.

    If you do not understand the basic message of the Bible, and you do not, then let me lay it out as best as a student can.
    We are all born with the free will to sin and we all sin. Sin is what separates man from God. Jesus came to die the second death for us so God will not look at our sin. Most will not accept Jesus as their savior and will not be forgiven (actually our sins are not forgiven; they were paid for at great cost: by both our Father and His Son) and they will be assigned to Hell.

    If one views sin as merely a sickness then sin is nullified. The man who steals is a kleptomaniac, the one who chooses to drink too much really can’t help himself, those who kill just had a bad childhood. If you can nullify sin there is no need of a Savior.

    I said that I can not forgive Mr. Cho. I am not in the loop. You can’t hit the ball if it not thrown to you. It is not a statement of desire to forgive, or not to forgive. It is a statement of the possibility to forgive. If someone has done nothing to you then you have nothing to forgive. To say you forgive Mr. Cho for doing something to someone else is…… well I can’t find words that will not offend for that.

    It sounds like you are a very compassionate person. Have you ever heard the phrase that your strength is your weakness and your weakness is your strength? I’m saying that maybe you are a little too compassionate.

    I have a big mouth and I’m always giving advice when it is not asked for, so let me give you some advice. Study the Bible and see what it says about Hell. See if it says all men are saved. When you find that please show it to me. (don’t think I’m going to hold my breath for that)

    I purposely did not quote Scripture, because you didn’t, but truthfully you couldn’t.

    If I hurt your feelings and you don’t consult the Bible I apologize, but if you do consult the Bible I’ll rejoice as there will be no need to apologize.

    Well I had to edit this comment already. You said, “Vengeance is a human attribute, not a godly one.” As I said you have not studied the Bible. The God of the Bible certainly will take vengeance on those who do not turn to Him. (Due 32:3, 32:41, Isa 34:8-35:4-47:3 there are many more, but you really should do your own homework.)

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