God has finally given me the answer. I have to admit that I’m not intelligent enough to figure it out myself: I really don’t think it could be figured out. I believe God gave me this answer. All I did was ask!


I’ll attempt to explain it to you, but in doing so I will tell you many things you already know so please bear with me as the end result will be worth it. To only tell you the answer wouldn’t work. You have to walk with me to the answer.


We know that God made everything that was made: the universe with all of the galaxies, nebulas, stars, planets, moons, everything. That includes man and then He put us right where He wanted us. He gave us the intelligence, physiques, wealth, and He even chose our parents that He wanted us to have.


Why did God create everything? Well, because “God is love” (1 John 4:8 & 16). Love needs someone or something to love, or love is not complete. Don’t think that I am claiming that God needs me to be complete, but know this I am, and will be eternally grateful that He made, and chose me to love.


It is common knowledge, by those who have thought about it, that God would not make robots to love Him. He could have made man and made man love him, but that is not true love.


If you made a robot and made it love you, you would need some psychological help.


God wanted those who He loves to love Him back. Just as we want whoever we love to love us in return. Would you want to live with a wife, or husband that did not love you?


You could say that God made everything as a test for us. A true test would demand that there could be absolutely no proof, either way that might bias the results. One might say that we are born with a scale of belief, a balance with “God” on one side and “no God” on the other. It is up to the person to place his beliefs on either side of the balance. If the person doesn’t care enough to place beliefs on either side, he is attesting to the fact that he doesn’t even care about God, so he shows no love.


This would explain why there is no proof of God and of course no proof that there is no God.


It should be apparent that we have to have the power to reject God and not believe Him. So He made everything to determine who really would love Him, right? Well, not really!


We know because the Bible tells us that God knows the end from the beginning (Isa 46:10) therefor we know that God already knows who will turn to Him. God could have made us all and immediately sorted us out (judgement), but because we had to be made with the power to disbelieve, we would not have believed Him if we were among the damned. For all of eternity we would think that God was unfair to us.


So there is the answer to the question that has plagued man kind since the beginning of time.   




God didn’t need time and all that happened, because He already knew the outcome. We don’t really need this, because we would have, and will believe God at judgment, and because man is free to sin, we have all suffered from sin (sin always hurts others) and even worse we have all sinned. Which is why we need a covering for our sin.


The unbeliever will know that he is guilty, because he actually lived and committed all of the offenses that God knew he would. The unbeliever will know and have to admit that God’s way is right and can not blame God for sending him away.



                  (except for Jesus of course, but then Jesus was not made)



15 Responses to I KNOW WHY WE ARE HERE!!!!

  1. creationwitness says:


    As you know I have said similar to what you have mentioned about robots. Because Satan is not God the only thing he can do is copy God by making robots with both the living and mechanical. Preferably I think with the two becoming one. A living soul that does everything it is told to do.

    As you have said, thank God we have the eyes to see, but also the will to choose.

    Having said everything was made for the unbeliever, brings Revelation 4:11 to mind: for though hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

    To many people this sounds like God is playing a game for his own pleasure until we study what his pleasure really is and is not. Psalms 5:4, 35:27, 147:11; Eccl. 5:4; Ezek. 18:23; Luke 12:32 just to mention a few.

    That does not discount in any way what you have said, because it is also true. God being righteous, gives us our own justice. It is our own choice which must be made by us to be right and just. Reading Ezekiel 18:23-32 we can come to a better understanding. One verse that stands out is 18:30 Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord God.

    God will make this judgement because it is according to our ways. We are choosing to be judged right or wrong.

    Everyone must have heard; It’s better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven? Well, I can only say there is only one that will reign in hell because that is his own statement. The lie that every one believes is that it is their own.

    I will clean the latrines in heaven before ever excepting Satan’s name, mark or number.

    More than anything, I pray God’s strength in all that follow Christ.

  2. astudent says:


    You made your point quite clearly. Your choice of Scripture was also very good: music to my ears.

    As I thought about your words this came to mind, 2Co 2:15&16 (NIV) “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life. And who is equal to such a task?”

    I too would be happy as a servant in our Fathers house. It seems beneath the dignity of those who are lost, but wonderful to those who understand.

    I also pray God’s strength in all that follow Christ, but I also pray for those who are lost, that they might come to their senses and turn to Christ.

  3. creationwitness says:


    It just came to mind that you have also pointed out what I think is very important and that is why there is no proof of God. We are told not to tempt God and also live by faith. If God provided absolute proof, the result would indeed be bias. As parents we want our children to do what is right and we would like them to do this regardless of our oversight. God’s wisdom cannot be spoken of lightly.

    Music is a fine word to describe the wonderful of what cannot be heard by the ear.

    Isaiah 53:1 Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

    I then turn back and read chapter 52. Hmm, more music.

    It is a stern reminder to pray for the lost. We otherwise ask amiss.

  4. astudent says:


    I agree that we want our children to do what is right and I am sure that we understand that it must be their choice. That may be the main reason that we face this phase of life. In this life, I have the power to do wrong, but I pray that power be removed in the next phase.

    I love Isaiah 53:1 and my answer is everyone. I am sure that you understand that the right arm of God is Jesus Christ (Psa 98:1), but I say it so that those who do not understand might think about it.

    As I understand, the only difference between those that sin and me is that I have a Savior that paid the proper penalty for my sins.

    All Scripture is music to my ears. Even the verses that convict me, because I know that God loves me with all of His heart, soul, mind, and strength and because I love Him in return, He has worked salvation for me. Not just me, but anyone that will seek Him.

  5. creationwitness says:


    You have brought something to light that a child also did over the last Sabbath. He looked at his right hand and said the right hand is the hand of God and that the left isn’t. When asked if he had learned this on tv or in church he said no. How do you know I asked. He said he just knew it in his heart. I could only tell him that he was correct and that is what God tells us in the bible. I didn’t know what else to say.

    These are strange things for a remote village child of five to be saying. Not only that, but we have only had electricity for a year now and very little is taught in church. I was also told by another villager this child has been teaching the other children about Christ. He has also said done things in the past that are quite remarkable for a child.

    One time I had to spank him and I whacked him hard for spitting on another person and refusing to apologize after being asked three times to do so. Of course I was the bad guy in every one’s eyes until my next visit. After helping me with my things he came back into my room with a stick, handed it to me and walked away. I looked at the stick, looked at him walking away and then understood.

    This has all become important to me because I know now what this child needs other than love (his parents have deserted him). He needs to be questioned more and listened to. I kind of laugh to myself, but I think it is the right thing to do.

    I believe we are born with the seed of God within us and if not watered and cared for it starts to die. In this world it starts to die very quickly and adults don’t help much when they indoctrinate into their own beliefs.

    If you hadn’t reminded me, I may not have realized the significance of all this.

  6. astudent says:


    Ha, finally I have found something that I can disagree with! As you can see, from my comments, that is really what I am looking for. If we disagree, then we have something to learn! Please do not think that I am trying to teach. I am only trying to learn and I certainly appreciate the input.

    As I read your story about the child, a little voice in the back of my mind said that there is a verse that says His left arm is under my head and His right arm embraces me. It is in the Song of Solomon and I capitalized “His”, because the book has always seemed to me to be a love letter written to mankind from God. Most of the Bible is written in symbolism and I believe the Song of Solomon is very symbolic. It seems as though I have yet to reach the point of wanting to understand the book, but perhaps, when God is ready, He will inspire me to strongly desire to understand it.

    First let me say that we are made in the image of God (Gen 1:27) and I have a left arm and hand, so God must also. I know that some will say that God is Spirit and therefore has no body, but how then is our image like God’s?

    Anyway, Proverbs 1:20 (NIV) says, “Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares” and I understand that to mean it is the Holy Spirit that calls. In verse 3:16 (NIV) Wisdom says, “Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor.”

    I believe that God extends His right arm and hand to all mankind and if one accepts His right hand, then He will offer His left hand (riches and honor). Because it is not possible to buy love, God does not extend His left hand first. So, the child thinks God has no left hand!

    I believe you are right when you say the child needs to be questioned and listened to and to be loved. Matthew 19:14 (NIV) Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

    Your comment has caused me to rethink much of what I thought I understood and therefore has been a great blessing to me. Thank you.

  7. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    I will ask the child a few more questions this weekend to clarify what he said last. To understand each other correctly I must use a translator, so our conversation is not word for word.

    There is however something to the right and left hand that I still do not understand. Solomon’s Song is an indication of that. Maybe the child can clear up some of the mystery, but there is also many references in scripture. This is a question I have had in mind for some time now.

    We must thank God for our introduction. I have gathered much wisdom from your understanding of communication and knowledge.

    After writing last night and just now, I also remember another child’s lesson on prayer. This time from a child of 9 months and without words.

    She was in her walker and wanted comfort from her mother. She raised her hands to be picked up by her. It was the child’s helplessness, strong yearning and the expectation (hope) in her eyes that struck me like lightning. I had never noticed nor prayed to God for comfort like that before. I thanked him shortly after.

  8. astudent says:


    Your rendition of the baby in the walker seemed to me to be a parable without words! It really brought, to my mind, my relationship to my Father. Let me share my thoughts with you.

    I have been given, from my Father, what seems like a lot of understanding of and about Him. I look at myself as the child in the walker. I really know very little about our Father, but I do know that He asks nothing from me, that He is not willing to give to me.

    He asks me to love Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength, because that is how He feels toward me. Of course, if I obey the first commandment, I will automatically obey the second toward Him; as He does toward me (Do to others, as you would have them do to you).

    I did not love my Father at first. I only turned to Him out of fear of spending an eternity in torment. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psa 111:10) and I was afraid of Him, but as I walked with Him I began to understand and apply, to Him, the other meaning of the word fear (Extreme reverence or awe, as toward a supreme power). Now I love Him, as well as stand in awe of Him.

    Looking at the parable from the eyes of the child, I know that He is the One that loves me and He will indeed pick me up and wipe away my tears, just as the mother picks up the child from the walker.

    Looking at the child from the eyes of a father, I understand that a responsible father does not always pick the child up when the child wants to be. Sometimes it is best to wait, because it spoils a child to always do as the child wants. So, I understand that God will not always do as I want, but He always does as He pleases and that always benefits me, though I might not understand how at the time.

    You see, your story of the child in the walker affected me as much as the experience affected you! Thanks for sharing it.

  9. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    I had a bit of an extended vacation. Lots of time to read, but I have come to little insight on God’s right hand except that it is mostly used in the context of power. A few verses that caught my eye are Matthew 6:3-4, 25:32-41.

    The child answered much the same, but now that I have thought it over I need to ask him if he is talking about God’s hands or his own as when he is talking, he looks at his own hands.

    I will continue to studying this, so if you have any thoughts, please let me know.

    astudent, did you ever research the prayer event that I mentioned? If so, what do you think? Another recent article leads me to believe they are up to no good.

  10. astudent says:


    I think there are many ways to view the right hand of God. However, the basic understanding that I have, is the right hand of God is either Jesus or the Holy Spirit; and they may be one and the same.

    Consider these verses. Exo 15:6, Psa 18:35, 20:6, 21:8, 44:3, 48:10, 60:5, 77:10, 80:14&15, 80:17, 98:1, I will stop here, but there are many more.

    As I was thinking about this, I realized that the arm of the Lord is also spoken of and the arm and hand are one (Jesus and the Holy Spirit).

    Consider Isaiah 52:10 (NIV) “The LORD will lay bare his holy arm in the sight of all the nations, and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God.” and 53:1 (also NIV) Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?

    Also, consider John 12:37&38. It seems clear to me that the right arm spoken of here is Jesus.

    So, yes, I believe that you are right. The right hand is also a symbol of power. We do everything with our hands, so hands are a good symbol of power: one that we humans could understand and relate to.

    Yes, I believe that I did look at the prayer event that you are referring to, but it was a while ago and I cannot remember much about it. It seems to me that it was a scam to get Christians to donate. Wasn’t that some thing about “wave donations”?

  11. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    Yes, all very good points that shed more light on the subject. Especially about the arm and the hand. I had never put the two together. I didn’t read through all of your quoted scripture yet, but it does open my eyes to it.

    The prayer event is yes, asking for donations, but there is something underlying the whole event. The reason it caught my eye were the numbers and dates of the events taking place. If you are interested in the research read back to https://astudent.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/its-my-fault/

    More has happened since then, but I will not bore you with any more detail unless you ask. Just note that this month seems to have some importance tied to it with further events to take place later this year. Both of which I can only pray I am wrong about.

    Keep just one thing in mind; Numbers are always used and something my brother told me. He said “Satan always tells on himself”. It seems he is right about that. For some reason Satan has to tell everyone what he is up to, but in a very hidden way and always prior to the event. I believe he hides it so most people just turn a blind eye or the people that bring it to light are labelled as conspiracy theorists.. The unexplainable is that he does tell. Why? I have no answer for that question. Maybe you do?

    I keep Luke 12:49 in mind: “I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?”.

    I am not saying that anything will take place around these dates, just that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open, do lots of study and pray always with no fear, but that of God.

  12. astudent says:


    It seems to me that God saves people, not countries. I do not understand why God would save this country. It has become like Sodom and Gomorrah and even claims it must be separated from the Church. Separation of church and state is a phrase that is becoming worn out. The only way separation of church and state can be accomplished is by removing all Christians from the government.

    I have written much about this country, but basically, it was founded by those who would not pay their taxis and rebelled against the king that God had appointed over them. Even though it was founded in rebellion, God still blessed it until even God could not overlook our sin.

    If God would turn this country around the citizens would take the credit for it. Those that are leading the 555 days of prayer would say that God turned the people, but it was because they prayed.

    Personally, I pray for this country, because I want everyone to be saved. However, more than that, I want my Father to be exalted, as He should be, and I do not see Him receiving His just glory, if this country is turned.

    I had not heard the phrase “Satan always tells on himself” and so I have not thought about it, but it might be. Satan is king of the proud and one who is proud is compelled to brag.

    I base my claim that Satan is king of the proud on Job 41:34. I wrote a post some time ago (This is what happened to dinosaurs) explaining that Satan was indeed just what the Bible says he was/is. It takes some thought, and I suppose some time, to grasp it, as it seems odd at first.

    God hides His Word right in plain view and I have to laugh when I bump into it. Consider Ezekiel 28:11- 19 and see that, though the King of Tyre is used, it is really Satan that is being described.

  13. creationwitness says:


    I went to school in the States, but because I was born in Canada and an ignorant child I did not pay much attention to the history. I do remember though about the founding of it being a refusal of paying tax and the founders all being Christian etc. Another point of interest is the founding of the first universities being Christian. I don’t know how much of this is true as I have never really studied it. I do agree with you on how the country has turned though and it seems Tyrus is not only referring directly to Satan, but also the country of the U.S. It would not surprise me if it fell tomorrow. I pray otherwise as it will affect the entire planet, but who am I to change God’s will.

    Regarding the 555 days of prayer: This needs more study as I still have many unanswered questions about some of the details. There is too much hearsay regarding the Washington monument (tower). I do however have concern if this prayer is in fact what it says it is for. Anyway one of the internal prayers is to end this month and the final prayer to end in September of this year (guess the day), so we will see real soon what it is all about. Habakkuk 2 comes to mind.

  14. astudent says:


    I find the 555 days of prayer somewhat like the tower of Babel. Their message seems to be ‘Come let us gather at the tower that we have built and change the mind of God’.

    I know that many of the followers of the movement do not understand this. I believe it is because they are listening to a man, instead of God.

    If God wants to save the United States, He will and no one could stop Him. It may be right to pray, in private, as we are told, but I do not, and will not, ask Him in public.

    You have quoted some things that have been told to you, by men (Not in the Bible) and I can see wisdom in them. So, let me quote one such saying that I was told many times when I was young: “Young man you are becoming too big for your britches”.

    I have to laugh, because I was usually guilty. I see those who are leading and following the 555 days of prayer as like me when I was becoming too big for my britches.

    I doubt if you hear any more about the 555 days of prayer when the time is up. God allows sin and even Satan masquerades as Christians. When the time is up and the reason to give is ended, those who serve money will invent another cause, tower, need, etc. to inspire others to donate. And they will trap the innocent, because the innocent have no root or understanding.

    If we listen to God, then we know that we cannot serve two masters. The other master is money and the other master does not serve God. The other master opposes God. So, how can a donation of the other master help?

    I know there will be others that point out the fact that the church needs money to pay the expenses, but the church has been tricked into acquiring those expenses.

    As I see the 555 days of prayer, I see those who donate waving goodbye to their “Great Wave Offering” when the movement is ended. We cannot buy favors from God.

  15. creationwitness says:


    All agreed especially about Mammon. Once we stop lusting after money and following God our lives completely change. So much can be said about it, but nobody will listen. They all run around crazy to find more money thinking it will make their lives happy and they just have no understanding whatsoever.

    For some like myself it takes making more money than you know what to do with, finding out it can totally destroy your life and then getting rid of it all for the wisdom of God.

    Try and explain that to someone.

    Donations are an attempt to buy a clear conscience.

    Matthew 12:44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

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