I will not bore you with a lot about baptism that you already know. Let’s just cut to the chase. God will not become one with a sinner. God has no sin and God hates those who do wrong (Psa 5:5) Could you expect God to become one with someone He hates?

In baptism (done properly) one admits that they are dead in their sins and are buried with Christ. Then they are raised a new person. This new person has yet to sin so he, or she, has no sin. God can become one with this person, because He does not hate them.

That is not to say we will not sin, but when we do God will not abandon us. That is loyalty and God is loyal. It is totally different from becoming one with someone who is hated.

John came with the way to make straight paths for God.                                                                             

(Isa 40:3 NIV)  A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD ; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.                                                                                                           (Mat 3:3 NIV)  This is he who was spoken of through the prophet Isaiah: “A voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.'”

Can you see that baptism makes a way for God to enter a believer?

You can see that baptism is to be buried with Christ and sprinkling is not a proper way to bury anyone. If you were to just sprinkle dirt on a body there would be a terrible stink in a short time and that is the way sprinkling smells to me.

God doesn’t tell a new believer to be baptized, because that would be an illegal command (computer jargon). No one can baptize themselves. He tells those who can carry out the command to do so.            

(Mat 28:19&20 NIV)  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

If we did so and taught others too there would be no problems with baptism.

As I see it, No baptism-No Holy Spirit!                                                                                           



5 Responses to WHAT BAPTISM DOES!!!

  1. fma7 says:

    after the recent church scandals in Canada: Religous leaders
    stay away from our children. Multi-generational epidemics of sanctioned and church protected pedophilia proves religion and children should not mix

    Stay out of our bedrooms. Work on correcting your own dysfunctional sexual urges

  2. astudent says:

    I really had to think about that. I am not a religious leader and I did not say anything about children, so I don’t see how what I said caused this comment. However I do understand the concern of many and sometimes I am ashamed of the Church’s actions. I believe religious leaders should be held to the same standards as anyone: no actually higher standards! If a religious leader is convicted of any crime he should start his prison ministry immediately.
    We must not keep children from Church. We must educate them in the Word of God. The condition of the Church only proves the presence of sin: even in the Church. I would say, “Parents watch your children where ever they go”.
    A true Christian would not condone pedophilia and I would agree that children should be kept away from those who would. However it is discrimination to judge all leaders because of the actions of some. There are many religious leaders that only have the welfare of children in their hearts.

  3. flee1906 says:

    ok, something about your article really disturbs me.
    first, please know that i’m not a christian.. and i’m happy that i’m not. (no offence intended).
    what disturbs me about your article, and christians in general, is the idea that god is ever forgiving even if we sin.
    he wont forgive us just like that, and going into a cage and talking to another being, that’s sinned himself, wont help us either.
    you have to make a total connection to the One. not through Jesus not through holy spirit.. just straight, from you to God.
    i believe that that’s the only way that we can be fogiven.. we cant just assume and indocrinate our younger society with the idea that god will forgive them and he’s loyal and forever loving. he is, but they should know the punishment side of things, too.
    this whole lovey dovey thing is like an OK sign to go ahead and sin. thinking if we say.. oh no, god hates me now.. we’ll be forgiven and loved.
    and to add to all that.. baptism is very insulting.
    how can anyone claim that an innocent child is sinnful?!
    when it hasn’t said, seen, heard or done anything!!

    i think its time people looked at things seriously and re-considered what they’re preaching.


  4. chim. says:

    i agree with flee1906.

  5. astudent says:

    Flee1906 & chim,

    Sorry if I disturbed you. Really though if God will not forgive a sinner then He can not forgive anyone because we all sin. Even after Christians have admitted that we have sinned and been baptized into Christ we sin. It is not a license to sin and a true Christian tries not to sin any more, however we are still humans and therefore we still sin. True Christians do repent.

    I don’t understand what you mean by going into a cage and talking to another being???
    “O” do you mean like Catholics do? I would agree with you if that is what you mean. Our sins are only against God and I personally believe we should only confess them to Him.

    God doesn’t forgive us just like that. God said the wages of sin are death and God is just, therefore if you sin you must die for it. Jesus had no sin of His own to die for, so He could die in someone else’s place. Baptism is the symbolic burial of the sinner with Christ.

    The Bible, which I believe is the Word of God states that there is no other name that we can be save by (Jesus) and baptism is the way we are united with Jesus. It is not something that I made up in my own mind. Please give the Bible a chance. Perhaps if you read my other posts on baptism you might better understand it.

    I personally believe that the Holy Spirit is the mind of God (Read the Trinity as you have never heard it), so I believe I do communicate directly with God, or should I say I listen to God, as I certainly have nothing to tell God that He doesn’t already know. Man should be silent in the presence of God.

    I see that you are familiar with infant baptism. I would agree that infant baptism is flawed. I agree that the child is innocent therefore it can not repent which is a basic requirement to accept Christ.

    Flee and chim, I am not a teacher, only a student. Come and study with me.

    You see that I agree with much of what you said. The only point that I have a problem with is your own idea that one can make a total connection with God without Christ, as it seems to be your own idea of how we can connect with God. My understanding comes from the Bible and not from me, though I do try to pass it on through me.

    Thank you for caring enough to comment. A comment that disagrees is worth a thousand that agree.

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