I have been following the posts titled “Analyzing Jesus” on the Politics & Religion blog. It caused me to examine the reasons why the Jewish people can not accept Jesus as the Messiah. They have a few really good reasons that they cite to support their views and they seem logical to me.

First as Numbers 1:18 says tribal lineage is traced through a person’s father. This seems to be a problem, not just to Christians, but also for the Jews. If the Messiah has yet to come how could one possibly trace His linage now, as the records are no longer available?

Laying that aside I am going to agree with the Rabbis and with God (of course). God said that the Messiah would come from the line of David and therefore He must.

Awe, but the New Testament says He “is” the son of David (Mat 1:1) and it also says that he was thought to be the son of Joseph (Luke 3:23). The Jews still think that He is the son of Joseph and all of the Christians think that He is the Son of God.

Of course because I believe the New Testament to be from God just as the Old Testament is I believe He is the Son of God (first born), but I also believe that all who accept Jesus as the Messiah are sons of God. Not the first born, but still sons of God.

I and most Christians have always viewed Jesus as having no earthly father. Mathew 1:20 says what was conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit and I guess in my mind I thought of Jesus as half man and half God.

Let’s think about science for a minute. We have learned much about DNA lately. We know that in most of our cells there are 46 segments of DNA. Twenty three of them came from our mother and twenty three from our father. The 23 that were in the egg of our mother became a new person when the 23 from our father united with them.

Man can create a new person today by taking the egg out of the mother, fertilizing it, and then returning it to her womb, and we can by using sperm that has been frozen create a new person from someone who has been dead for quite sometime. I said this to illustrate how far from nature man can go and still create a new life. We can also by artificial insemination create a new person. If even man can do such things would it be too much for God?

The Bible says Marry was found to be with child through the Holy Spirit. God is Spirit and I don’t believe spirit would have DNA so God would have to supply the DNA for the male segments of DNA.

If you have followed me so far then you probably know what I’m going to say. Yes, David is the earthly father of Jesus. Jesus didn’t come through Solomon or any others in the line of David, but from David himself.

I am not making anything up. The Old Testament says the very same thing. In 2 Sam the seventh chapter God is talking to Nathan the prophet, and He says “Go and tell my servant David”, (2 Sam 7:12 NIV) When your days are over and you rest with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, who will come from your own body, and I will establish his kingdom.

The Genealogies in the New Testament only has to be correct from Abraham to David. I think that the discrepancies between the two descriptions are there to show us that Jesus came directly from David. If this is true it certainly is well hidden(well, not to the Rabbis), but then how could God explain artificial insemination to those who knew so little about how physical life is begun?

It is also only logical that Marry came from the line of Moses, as Moses brought the law and Jesus came to complete the law.

You can only begin to understand why this is a wonderful revelation to me. I have always thought of Jesus as half man and half God as Marry supplied the flesh and I thought the male part of Jesus was directly from God. So though I was told to be like Jesus I didn’t really think that I could be. Now I know that Jesus is the son of David as well as the Son of God I feel like there is a chance that I can be, at least somewhat, like Jesus.

If you are Jewish and think I am “nuts” (and of course you do) can you see that for a Messiah to come, one that would fulfill the requirements that are in the Old Testament, He will have to be similar in the form of birth (2 Sam 7:12)? How could he be counted as from the line of David when there are no records? If Jesus is not the Messiah there is no earthly hope for one.

I also have to agree with you that I was wrong about how I viewed Jesus.  You say that according to Christian teachings, Jesus had only a human Jewish mother, not a human Jewish father.  This human Jewish father would be essential for anyone to be a legitimate heir to the throne of David, which the real messiah will be. You were and are correct, but He does.


2 Responses to JESUS “IS” THE SON OF DAVID

  1. Marissa says:

    I feel that the fact that the records of lineage are lost is a sign that the Messiah has already come. That being the only person who has shown to be that person is Jesus.

    On the point of science. Humans cannot create another human being. We can’t create humans, we have just discovered how to manipulate God’s creation. Biology is the most unrealiable science and it is scary that we base so much on it. Everyday medicine changes. How can something that changes so often even compare with the validity of the word of God.

  2. astudent says:

    You have great understanding. Though I wouldn’t change anything that I said about the lineage of Jesus I would agree with you that the absence of the records are a sign that the Messiah has come and He can only be Jesus.
    “Create” 1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
    That is what I meant by create a new person. I think you meant create out of nothing as God did. We both agree that artificial insemination is manipulating God’s creation, but it is still creating by the definition of the word.
    I’ll go you one step farther “All science is unreliable”.
    Thanks for the comments. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

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