December 6, 2007

Well actually it is a Plutocracy-Kleptocracy-Kakistocracy under the guise of a Democracy.

It is only the natural evolution of a government that is by the people. Everyone is somewhat corrupt: some more than others, but still all men sin. (The man that says he doesn’t just added to his sin, because he knows better) All men have their own wants and desires, so there are times when decisions are made that are more in favor of those desires than for the public good. That would be a sin as the elected official takes an oath to carry out the duties of the office, which includes protecting the citizens: even from himself.

There are many problems that a Democracy contains, but one of them is that only the rich can afford to run for office. The working man must spend his time making a living. There is no time or money to campaign for office. So it is only logical that the rich become the majority that hold political office.

This leads to Kleptocracy as the rich never have enough (Eccl 5:10 if you are blind to reality and need a Biblical verse) and when they have the power to acquire more the temptation is great and some yield to it.

Of course it continues as a Plutocracy because the rich will not give up power, so the government becomes a Plutocracy-Kleptocracy.

Then of course Kakistocracy rears its ugly head as those in government become even more unprincipled in their attempt to obtain more wealth. Then the government becomes a Plutocracy-Kleptocracy-Kakistocracy, but it is called a democracy, because then those in charge can blame the people and the people actually think they are in control and can change the course of history, so it makes it somewhat easy.

How often I have heard “We’ll vote those so and sos out of office and replace them with someone that will do the right thing”, but we still have NAFTA and no one is calling for change and you still have the taxes and laws that were imposed by those who were not doing “the right thing”. Are you ever really successful in choosing someone that does right?

Actually that is where the blame lies. We have all put our trust in man and not God. We have a system where man chooses his own leaders. This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Not a country of God, by God, and for God as it should be.

Take me for instance. I am supposed to vote for the “right candidate”. I have asked myself what my qualifications are for this responsibility. I only know what the candidate says about himself, which is always good and what his opponent says about him, which is always bad. It is said that I can check the candidate’s record and determine the best man for the job, but candidates do not always have records and there is not enough time to check all records; or the accuracy and authenticity of those records. Even if this were possible I have never found a candidate that agreed with me on every important issue.

Then you must consider that I am not qualified to occupy the office. I don’t know how to do the job, but I am supposed to be able to choose the most qualified! Tell me how that is supposed to work. How long would a business last if the workers chose the CEO?

Wouldn’t they choose the one that paid the most and demanded the least? Or how long would a country last if the privates chose the Generals? Would that army ever go to war? Democracy is the only system that I can think of where the unqualified and ignorant are supposed to choose their leaders. If it were not already a system of government it would make a good plot for a science fiction story.

When I consider myself trying to accomplish the work of a leader I have to take into account that no one knows the future. Who really knows if some bill will succeed with its intended purpose or if it will cause some other problem worse than the first? Or who knows if an honest candidate will change when they are in office and become dishonest?

Today we are faced with a great recession. I believe because the political party that is in charge seized the opportunity to look good and started a war, but in order to hide the cost of the war and so to still look good, they borrowed from China, Mexico and others. It seems that they will do anything to keep the lenders from demanding repayment. That would give the game away. So anything the lenders want is granted. Which includes requiring American workers to directly compete with foreign workers and of course we can not. We must pay American prices and American taxes and that can not be accomplished with Chinese wages.

I may be wrong about what led up to the Government giving our manufacturing jobs to any and all foreign countries, but they did and I see no hope of recovery. Our problems are not because loans were to easily acquired, or the interest rate rose too much, but because all of our manufacturing jobs were given to any foreign country that wanted them. So much for protecting the citizens: every foreign worker from every foreign country was given a huge competitive advantage over all American workers.

Because the government borrowed to finance this war we not only must pay for the war, but we must also pay interest on it. Makes me wonder how we are going to pay the necessary taxes when we don’t even have a job. “O”, wait a minuet, they will just raise our taxes! There is a limit, even if one has a job, that taxes can be raised and the people still exist and we were very close to it when we had jobs.

We are supposed to exist by working at fast food restaurants, but even they will fail when no one can buy a hamburger and if you have no job you can’t. Service jobs are created and continue to exist because of the revenue generated by manufacturing jobs: eliminating manufacturing jobs leads to the termination of service jobs.

You do not build a fast food restaurant in the middle of nowhere and expect factories to be constructed around it, but the opposite is true and if the factories are closed the service facilities must close shortly thereafter.

I see two Biblical principles that have been ignored: do not put your trust in man and the borrower is servant to the lender.

God doesn’t stop sin. He allows it so that we may to prove to ourselves beyond a doubt that we are not perfect and that we need a savior, and He even provided the Savior. In this case He has just given us enough rope to hang ourselves: and we did.

We reap what we sow. Repent and place your trust in God. It may not save the country, but it will help with your own salvation.