First let me say that it is impossible to live on this earth at this time without handling money. You must pay your taxes and it takes money to pay them. I can think of no way to live honestly in this world without generating taxes in some form. If there was a way the government would quickly put an end to it.

The Bible says that if you would be perfect then sell all that you own and give the money to the poor (Mat 19:21, Mark 10:21, Luke 12:33 & 18:22). To me this raises the question “Can anyone be perfect?” I believe the Bible says only one man was ever perfect and that man is not me. Then I have to ask myself “Can I sell all that I own?” I own the clothes on my back and if I sell them I will be thrown in jail for indecent exposure. One question leads to another and the next question is, “Who will buy the clothes off my back?” But then perhaps I am going too far with the idea of “all” that I own.

I hope that you are laughing along with me.

Well, having said all of that, it doesn’t answer the original question ‘Is money evil?’

Jesus was as far from money as He was from the fish in the sea. When He was asked about paying the Temple tax He sent someone else to get the money and pay the tax. He didn’t even touch the money. When He was asked if it was right to pay taxes to Caesar or not He asked that a coin be brought as an example. I have not read anywhere in the Bible that Jesus handled money.

Judas, who was the only Apostle that was a traitor, was the one who handled the money for them and he stole from their treasury (John 12:6).

Then I have to ask myself, “How much sin is committed because the wealth that is a result can be converted to money?”

I have thought about money in the past and perhaps all of the copper thefts that are occurring now are what caused me to think about money again. Who would destroy another’s property to steal copper tubing if it could not be converted into money? The obvious answer is no one and the same can be said of most thefts.

I know that some will say that much good is financed with money and I would not disagree with the statement, but I might add that it is necessary to offset the evil that is done with and because of money. In other words the poor are poor because someone is stealing, or did steal from them and most of this would not happen if there was no way to convert it into other forms of wealth.

If Satan has a tool that effects everyone that lives, has lived, or will live, it is money.

Could money be that which is symbolized in chapter 18 of Revelation? At first it seems that a country is being spoken of, but it can not be a country because it is said that “all” of the nations have drunk the maddening wine of her adulteries. When I read chapter 18 and consider that the thing spoken of is money it all seems to make sense. One has to keep in mind that what ever Babylon the Great is, it is symbolic of something other than one nation or country.

In closing I have to say that money is the god of this country. Money is not like gods of wood or stone, it actually can do many things, though not by itself, but as men use it. The citizens of all countries rely on money to give pleasure and to solve “all” of their problems. Isn’t it ironic that the god that this country trusts has it written right on the god that it trust?!!!

What do you think? Is money basically evil, or not?


  1. John Senin says:

    No money is not evil- but it certainly has a kind of special power that either those who possess it ‘master’ or it masters them. A quick read of your post made me respond to this fascinating piece. Abraham was rich in silver and gold…… but he was able to steward this without worshiping the blessings he was given. Joseph in Egypt was and advisor ‘father to Pharaoh’ and yet he didnt not fall into the trap of lusting for more or the greed trap. Therefore, there are abundant illustrations of men who steward wealth responsibly without worshiping mammon (the study of mammon or Baal Hamon is fascinating) We need to have a vision to handle resources…. or else they will handle us one way or the other. I used to be on the opposite end… dont talk about money , be so hyper spiritual that you never ask or never give. Thats where most of these extremes go.

    You mention Revelation- dont you believe God can and will provide like He did for Elijah, sending ravens to feed him during that antiChrist reign of King Ahab? What about Esther- wealth, prominence and power used to redeem and save lives?

    These are just some worthy questions, I believe. Great post

  2. astudent says:

    That was a great comment. When I first read it I agreed with you completely. Then as I thought about it I have to wonder that if some can handle evil does that change evil? It is true that some of the heroes in the Bible handled wealth with discernment, but does that mean that money is really good? If you say that nothing on this earth is either good or evil I would agree with you. It is man that uses it as good or evil. However man has invented things that God did not put here, such as guns and money, and though they can be rightly used, are very dangerous to handle.
    We are reassured that we can handle evil in Mark 16:17&18, but again I must say that the ability to handle evil doesn’t change evil. I might add that it is too bad that some people do not understand that Mark 16:17&18 are purely spiritual in nature.
    The trick, if I may use the word trick, is to serve God and not money, but in this world we must use money to serve God and it is a dangerous undertaking.
    Your questions are indeed worthy. I do believe we must speak about money, because it takes money to pay the expenses of telling others about God and Jesus Christ. It is difficult to keep in mind that it is God’s Spirit that saves and not money, because money is so basically entwined with life on this earth.
    I am sure of this, God did not invent either guns or money and neither will be found in Heaven. In order to protect ourselves on this earth we must handle both, because they are available to nonbelievers and they will use them against us, but I believe they are both more evil than good.
    The more I think about it the clearer it becomes (well, to me anyway). Wealth and money are not really the same. Wealth can be converted into money and vice versa, but if one owns a vast amount of land they are wealthy, but not rich in money. Actually if no one makes an offer for the land they my never be considered rich, nor would they be rich. Consider what the land of New York City originally sold for.
    The world looks at wealth as money, but God does not view wealth the same way.

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