I don’t say this lightly, but it seems that God did make a mistake! I know this because all of my brothers say that He did. Well, they don’t have enough nerve, or perhaps they are just too nice to say it out loud, but they leave no alternative with their prayers and celebrations.


It is said that God can do anything, so if He can do anything then He can make a mistake: that is only logical: isn’t it? You might say that though He could make a mistake He wouldn’t, but if He can do anything then He can make a mistake.


I think that you can see that I have been just a little confused, but now I have reached an understanding, a point where I can accept what all my brothers are saying. After all how can I disagree with everyone? I must be wrong!


The Bible says that God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and it says there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.


Taking this all into account it seems to me that the King of England was established by God and the Founding Fathers rebelled against what God had established, so this country was formed in rebellion to God and not a gift from Him. It seemed to me as though it was a sin to rebel against the authority that God established. Knowing that God does not stop sin it didn’t seem that it was any more of a gift than when Israel chose a man as king. But then all of my brothers can not possibly be wrong!


So all my brothers seen to be saying that because this government exists God established it and it is a gift from Him! That, it seems to me, would mean, that God appointed the wrong king over the colonies and then, when He realized it, He then formed a rebellion against that king (And Himself !) in order to dispose the king. Then He set up a government that depends on man to choose a leader so that God will not make such a mistake again! It seems to me that God would need no help to choose a president, but then surely all my brothers can’t be wrong?


I thought God guided the people’s votes to elect the candidate that He wanted, but then I realized that He didn’t use my vote, because I didn’t always vote for the winner. That would mean that most of the time I was not helping God, but hindering Him! I also wondered why He created an extra step in the process of choosing a leader, but all my brothers just can’t be wrong!


I am writing this now because in about two weeks, around the 4th of July, all of our churches will have a service where we will all celebrate the rebellion of our Founding Fathers. Ever since I thought I understood that this Government was not a gift of God I avoided that service, but now that I believe that all my brothers can not possibly be wrong I will attend.


I ask only one thing from all my brothers. It seems that I have angered many of you by disagreeing with your views about the Word. So would you please tell God that He was wrong when you see Him? If it makes Him mad, as it makes you mad, and I tell Him, there will be no one left to stand with me. It really doesn’t seem such a big deal, because since He knows everything He already knows that He was wrong, so you don’t really have anything to fear.


You see, I am standing with you now, so all I am really asking is that you stand with me.


  1. truthseeker1234 says:

    In your writing you mention many times, “surely all my brothers can’t be wrong…” I think they can all definitely be wrong – consensus does NOT imply truth. There was one time in history where 99.9% of the world thought the world was flat and anyone who denied so was imprisoned. But lo and behold the entire world was wrong and it was later found that the world was indeed round. Just because everyone thinks something is true does not make it true. Truth is something that must be evaluated by each person. Things which are truly true will be accepted by the consensus consciously – not blindly. In other words if your brothers tells you “the sky is blue” you better go outside and look at the sky yourself. You just cannot believe it is blue because they say so. For all you know they might be trying to have fun with you.

    As for the rest of your article you seem to treat God as an external entity to yourself. In truth I think God is actually you and you are actually God. In other words you are an independent fragment of the God collective. Why is this so? When someone robs a bank 100,000 volts of lightning does not instantly strike them down. When someone helps out the poor and needy gold coins don’t instantly rain down from the skies. If anything the world looks like it were abandoned by God – the good are punished while the evil get rewarded. Think about business – the ruthless and evil always seem to win in the end.

    I think it is an illusion that “God leaves the world to run by itself” kind of like a simulation. I think in truth we are God because God works through us to accomplish things. But as you also said in your article if God can do anything he can make mistakes. I think that is entirely correct – God can make mistakes. Since we are God we also have the capacity to make mistakes. Make sense?

    Pretend you’re driving in the desert and you see a person with a broken down car on the road. Why doesn’t God just send flocks of angels to take care of them? Because God is not external – YOU are God. If anything God probably put you there to help that person out in the desert. Therefore by helping them out you are in effect a loving God. By leaving them in the desert you are in effect an indifferent God. This power of free will – being able to choose to do the right or wrong thing – is what makes you God.

    Therefore God is not an external being out in the heavens which must be pleased and pacified with prayers. Everything in this world is a fragment of God and created out of the God essence. Scientifically God can be described as the “waves of energy which make up all matter on Earth”. Therefore when you attribute God making a mistake for some country falling apart God really had no say in it. It is the people invovled who tore apart the country. The people involved had the power to make or break the country because the people invovled are themselves God.

  2. astudent says:


    I agree with much of what you said. I have a similar mindset. I don’t take what anyone says as truth until I reason it out. However it is only logical that we must have the truth to compare everything that we doubt too. Otherwise it is only what we believe the truth to be that we accept as truth. Anyone who thinks they can determine the truth for themselves just haven’t proved themselves wrong very many times.

    I agree with you that the lawless do win in this world. God does not stop sin. If He did it would not be a fair test. God has granted everyone the power to sin, because one must have the power to sin in order to attempt to control it. I say attempt, because only one man has ever succeeded and he had to in order to die for our sins and not his own. Don’t make the mistake of blaming God for sin. It is men that sin, not God. He only allows it and does so with a purpose.

    When I said God can make mistakes it does seem logical until you consider that God knows the end as well as the beginning of everything. I can not see the future, but if I could would I make a mistake? Though I said God could make a mistake I would have to wonder why He would. Then would it be a mistake if He already knew the outcome? All my brothers seem to think so!!!

    It just could be that God would have one drive in the desert to test them. I say God tested, but He already knows if they will stop and help. It is the one driving that the results of the test will either condemn or exalt and it is for their own education. If God sent angels to help there would be no test. I’ll go you one better, why didn’t God just say the word and the car wouldn’t even have broken down? Or why didn’t the god that was driving just say the word and stop the car from breaking?

    To help someone doesn’t show you to be God, but it shows that you know what God wants from man.

    We are so close and yet so far from agreeing. I agree that it is the people involved that tore the country apart, in your illustration, but I don’t believe you can blame God when it was the people. That seems to be the mind set in the world today: blame everyone except the one who actually does wrong.

    If the people themselves were god then there would be no good, or evil. Those who do right would be only as much god as those who do wrong and therefore there would be no standard of right or wrong, good or bad, etc. Take your own illustration of the desert, the one that broke down needs no help, because he is god and the other person can not be condemned or exalted, because he is also god. Deep in every man is a since of right and wrong. Where did this come from? Animals do not have it!

    I guess your whole concept breaks down, at least for me, when you consider that man was not always here and someone or something had to create everything. Even more so when you understand that all matter is only energy temporally locked into the form of matter and every time work is preformed matter is returned to energy. There is no example of energy ever returning to matter. Those who would say there is should consider that there is more energy used in the process than mass gained. The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy is not true!!! Energy is only the ability to do work. Energy without matter has nothing to cause a change in, which is work, so basically everything is made of nothing, because when all mass is gone there will be nothing to change. That is what the Bible says, that God just spoke everything into existence.

    The conclusion is that all of this energy, and it is a massive amount, had to come from somewhere, be temporally locked into the form of matter, and then it must be going somewhere when it returns to the form of energy. In other words there had to be a beginning, when everything was created and there is an end, when all matter is returned to energy. Man was not here to start this process and man can not stop the process, so by deduction man is not God. Also since man is made of matter, man could not have created matter.

    I, like you, do enjoy thinking about God and I appreciate your views. Thanks for the comments and ideas, they did make me think and that is what I get out of Blogging.

  3. truthseeker1234 says:


    I was reading David Hawkins’ “Power vs. Force” and one of the statements he makes goes along the lines of man’s greatest weakness being the inability to tell right from wrong; the inability to tell destructive energy from creative energy. I agree that truth is hard to determine because truth is relative from the frame of reference you are coming from. What’s good for one is bad for the other and vice versa. Given that Hawkins’ suggests that there lies a force outside our mental capacity called our consciousness which is directly linked to our Godselves. Thus by using muscle kineology he claims to have been able to “calibrate” the level of truth about certain things. There are many critics to his works but the claims he makes are worth investigating. The ones I find most amazing are the ones in which he calibrates artificial sweeteners in an envelope as life destroying while not knowing the contents of the envelope beforehand. In that sense his ability seems to go into the more “psychic” realms of foresight rather than mental calculation and comparison with past events and belief systems.

    You seem to think deeply about the nature of our universe and given the complexity and possible arguments that can spawn from it I’m starting to think that matters like these are beyond the mental comprehension of human beings. These type of things seem to go beyond mind – as many of the meditators have claimed to return with experiences of Zen. Experiences of “being” inanimate objects, of seeing/feeling from another’s eyes, or moments of bathing in the light. Things like these seem to not be derived from the realm of mind but from the realm of consciousness – awareness. “Power vs Force” makes another interesting point in which it states if you were your mind – why is it that you can observe the thoughts of your mind and not be trapped by them? Another spiritual bigshot (forgot which) claimed that truth is consciousness because truth is that which has to be unchanging. Thus to be able to know the concept of change your consciousness has to be grounded in a realm where it is unchanging. If it weren’t would we be able to even conceptualize change? I don’t think we would because if our consciousness were grounded in a changing realm then we wouldn’t know change since we’d always be in it. The same concept as a fish who lives–>dies in a continually moving river might never know how it feels to be in still waters.

    I found your argument of God being a seperate entity very interesting. You can be very well be right but I want you to entertain this concept. Let’s say at the beginning there was only God – and God was only energy. Would it be possible for God to densify – to slow down his energy waves – slow enough to produce matter?

    If Energy = mass*speedoflightsquared then mass = e/c^2 Thus the mass gets greater as the speed of light gets smaller.

    Wouldn’t it be possible then for God to slow himself down enough to solidify? Even better since energy can be divided and flows easily through conductors filling a circuit or microchip in microseconds couldn’t God have created the world by partioning it’s energy into different things and then slowing down the energy until the form solidified? Thus things on this world would all be made of God-essence itself.

    In one of Jesus’ teachings he says something along the lines of, “if you sin in your head it’s just as bad as commiting the sin”. He talks about this in the context of thinking about doing your friend’s girlfriend (adultery) or killing someone in your head. Anyway a lot of new age and spiritual people have this interseting theory that thought is basically form but moving at a faster rate. I think scientists have measured that thought does send out electrical impulses and energy (ie brain activity). If so then couldn’t matter be derived from thought? (the law of attraction) It goes to show that everything we see in this world was originally formed in thought. That skyscraper outside an office window was designed by an architect, who first needed to use thought to conceive it. Thus wouldn’t it be possible for God’s word as you said creating the world to actually have been God himself from his energetic state slowing himself down to form matter? It seems thought can eventually slow itself down to create or bring you to solid matter. If you think about a cheesecake you can make one or find one – but either way thought would lead you to it. It would take something in concept and manifest it into the world of the physical.

    Anyway this has gotten a lot more complex than I thought. I guess in the long run it doesn’t matter. Many have found God in their own way in times past and many will continue to do so in the future. As they say there is a lot more that unifies us than seperates us.

  4. astudent says:


    Sorry about my slow response: life gets in the way.

    I wonder if right and wrong is that hard to determine. There is the perfect way to approach all interaction with others, though I do not always do it. “Do to others as you want them to do to you” it comes from the Bible, but it should not matter where it comes from. If everyone practiced it there would be no murder, thefts, wars, or any problems that we face today, but because some do not practice it we do have these problems.

    Well, I had not thought of your concept of God slowing energy to produce mass! Though it was interesting I see a few problems or perhaps a few things that confuse me.

    First I am not sure that matter is energy slowed down. It certainly is energy that is locked into a form and when it is unlocked it causes matter to change in one way or the other. I suppose matter might be viewed as energy slowed down, but I would need some time to reason it out.

    The Book of God says God is Spirit. I am not sure, but I doubt if they had a word for energy. So it might be argued that Spirit and energy are the same. However if your idea was correct then God would not be separated from sin. Sin would reside in Him. That is not how God is depicted in the Bible. God is pure: totally without sin.

    Also the Bible says, (Heb 11:3 NIV) By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.
    This seems a bit vague, but I understand it to say everything in the universe was made of something that did not exist before.

    Anyway I strongly disagree with your last idea. The God of the Bible, which is the only God that makes any sense, says there is only one way to find Him. That also makes sense, because God is in control, not man, so it is God that dictates the way to find Him.

  5. Sandy Crocker says:

    I am assuming this was written facetiously in order to make a point to “all of your brothers”. Am I correct?

  6. astudent says:

    Sandy Crocker,


    I have found most of my brothers love this country. They say that it is a gift from God, but when compared to God’s word, it is anything but a Gift.

    It just might be a delusion: like money.

    I am still contemplating your other comment, or perhaps contemplating on contemplating. I have very little discipline and just haven’t been in the mood. However, you have alerted me to the fact that God identifies Seth as Adams first born. I did not see that and I am grateful that you showed me.

    Thanks, very much.

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