Well, actually I started this post to have a good laugh at science in general.


I was wasting time watching TV and I saw Nova’s program that included an article on “Dark Matter”.


Scientist have discovered mathematically that there must be something that is holding the universe together. Something that seems to have about 5 times more matter than is observable using normal methods.


Here are some of the things that were said about Dark Matter.

Dark matter is one of the biggest mysteries.

Dark matter is invisible.

Dark matter is everywhere.

We wouldn’t be here without dark matter: life wouldn’t be possible.

We have no clue what dark matter is.

We know it is out there we just have to find it.

Discovering dark matter is going to be one of the greatest finds of the century.

Dark matter is not made of atoms.

Dark matter must be made of some exotic particle.

We owe everything to Dark Matter.

Dark Matter holds everything together.

If there were no Dark Matter then our Galaxy would never have formed nor would have any galaxy formed.

Galaxies like ours are completely enveloped by Dark Matter.


Almost everything that is said of Dark Matter can and is said about God!!!!!


The statement that Dark Matter must be made of some exotic particle is a case of applying the rules of our known universe to some thing that is not like it. There really is no reason to assume it is made of particles at all.


It was also said that ordinary matter has this whole verity of interactions, but Dark matter does not interact with atoms very much. Actually it doesn’t seem to me that Dark Matter interacts with atoms at all, other than to hold the universe together.


Scientists have set up an experiment that would detect Dark Matter if it strikes normal matter, but that is assuming that Dark Matter is particles, or that it will strike normal matter. Seems like a lot of assumptions when nothing is really known about Dark Matter except that it holds the universe together.


What struck me as so funny is that if scientists could really prove mathematically that God exists they still wouldn’t understand or admit it! Scientists have either proved there is a God, or there is black magic, or that their math is basically flawed. There is a real problem for them because as a rule they are too proud to admit any one of the three.


Doesn’t anyone realize that Dark Matter is God holding the universe together???

(Col 1:16 & 17 NIV)  For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.


Well I started to write because it was funny to me, but as I thought it brought great sadness. If those who will not consider that there might be a God they will never understand why they are here.


This is the perfect virtual reality game, but it must be played in order to win. It is so easy to win that anyone can and the rewards are so great that anyone who knows about the game would want to play. However if one refuses to even think about the game they can not win it. By not playing one will lose, because everyone is in the game: like it or not.


If you really think you are objective then ask God if He is real to reveal Himself to you. He says that if you search for Him you will find Him and He always tells the truth.


By the way, if you find God, then you might just understand Dark Matter!!!! As it is (Job 38:33) Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?

17 Responses to WHAT IS DARK MATTER?

  1. Steve says:

    Well, actually I started this post to have a good laugh at science in general.

    Be careful of what you disdain, for who do you think invented science? God told Adam to name (read: classify) the animals He created. Sounds like biology to me. “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) sounds like an appreciation of astronomy. Romans 1 says that God is revealed in His creation; that’s General Revelation. I think your point is that there are some in the science community who have no “need” for God, but I would consider that science (no matter what field) is an observation of Creation. Don’t disdain what God calls good, just because there are people who won’t recognize the Creator in the Creation.

  2. Mike says:

    Spot on, but I agree with Steve too. Just like nutritionists trying to figure out the best diet, and it works out to be the Biblical instructions. I wish people realized that this need that they are “searching” for in trying to prove something is really that need we feel to find God.

  3. astudent says:

    Steve and Mike,
    I don’t distain science. I get a laugh about almost everything, even myself: no especially myself. Actually I find science in general fascinating. You are correct when you say there are some in the field of science that have no “need” of God, but what I find most funny is that they laugh at me for believing in God. They do not have the answers, but they are sure that I don’t!!!! That is funny!!!!
    I believe science is a good hobby, but when I start to get to serious about it I am reminded of Eccl 12:8 (NIV) “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Everything is meaningless!” It is fun, but it is not what I am serious about. I am pretty serious about understanding God’s Word and it is also fun.
    All men must die and face judgment so the knowledge of this world is meaningless. However I believe I will be permitted to take the real wisdom and knowledge, that God has given me while I am here, with me.
    I will agree that the astronomer that studies the universe with the understanding that God made it will be amazed at the glory of God and the more he studies the more amazed he will be. If he does not believe in God then it will not declare the glory of God: not until he stands for judgment and remembers what he has observed that is.

  4. paarsurrey says:


    This may interest you.
    Jesus did not die on Cross. Please don’t mind. In my opinion he survived death on Cross, as he promised to show sign of Jonah. And Jonah entered the belly of fish alive, remained alive in the belly of the fish and came out alive from the belly of the fish. Similarly Jesus entered the tomb where he was laid after he was delivered from the Cross, in a precarious condition but nevertheless alive. Jesus remained alive in the tomb and came out of it alive. Since he never died on the Cross, there is no question of his resurrection from the dead. This has been proved by the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 from several arguments from the Quran, NTBible and the medical and the history.
    Second Coming has already taken place in the form of the PromisedMessiah1835-1908 as was prophesised in the scriptures.
    Kindly visit my blogsite for your comments and/or discussions on the posts/pages there if you like. Differing opinions are also welcome.
    I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad.
    I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

  5. Steve says:

    I think you’re close, but I still get the sense that you have no use for anything of this world. There’s a thin line between being in and of the world. We are in the world and have to occupy until the Lord’s return. If you disdain everything in Creation, you may as well go off to a mountaintop somewhere to await the second coming. How do you share the Gospel then? It’s a tough issue to deal with, but you’ll need to sooner or later. Christ got down in the gutter with the sinners and forgotten of his day. You may have a hard time doing that if you’re busy holding everything (and everyone) at arm’s length.

  6. astudent says:

    I do not believe that I can change your mind, even though I certainly believe that you are wrong. It has been my experience that when anyone is told that they are wrong they go into a defense mode and only consider how they will answer the charges, which stops them from really thinking about the chance that they really might be wrong.
    Having said that I wonder how you determined that Jonah was alive in the fish. I can see how you might think that, but the Bible doesn’t say either way. It is possible to pray to God even though one might be dead physically. We both believe that no one dies spiritually: don’t we? Jonah says that he prayed from the depths of the grave and that seems to be all of the way dead physically: to me anyway. He also says that seaweed was wrapped around his head, which seems to say to me that his head was under water and he did not have the power to unwrap it, but I will admit that it does not say for sure either way. Will you also agree that it does not say either way?
    Your claim that Jesus was not dead is not what the Bible says. It is unbelievable to me that a man can be beaten for a day, so badly that he can not be recognized, made to carry a heavy load until he no longer could, nailed to a cross and left for some time, and then have a spear run up under his ribs, through his lungs and into his heart could possibly be declared alive.
    The soldier that speared Jesus declared him dead and he had to make sure as his life was on the line for a correct decision. It is my understanding that if any Roman soldier that was on an execution assignment failed then he was to be executed in the same way for that failure. Religion or politics meant nothing to a Roman soldier so he had no reason to lie and every reason to make sure Jesus was dead: which is why he speared Jesus.
    You site a book written by someone that was not present when Jesus was executed as proof that he was not dead, but the Book that was written about the event, by those present, say he was dead. I’ll take the word of those present myself.
    I don’t want to seem confused, but why do you say you love Jesus? Jesus said that he was the way and the only way to God. If you truly believe Muhammad, then to you Jesus is leading others astray.

  7. astudent says:

    Thanks for the advice. The truth is (as I see it) that I am not trying to make friends here. That may seem odd to you, but my only concern is to find and spread the truth of God and the Gospel. If making friends was the main requirement in order to share the Gospel then that would be what I would concentrate on. However making friends at the cost of the truth is sometimes a problem.
    As far as getting down into the gutters with sinners, well that is no problem as I have never been out of the gutters.
    You seem to me to say that the main goal of Jesus was to make friends, but he didn’t make friends with anyone who did not want to be his friend. He told the Pharisees that they were snakes and he threw out the money changers. Jesus did not compromise the truth for any reason and that is also my goal. I believe that if truth is the main goal, and truth is concentrated on and studied, in truth, then everything else will fall into place; even the understanding of God and the Gospel.
    I am sorry if I seem to hold others at arms length, but being Christians I believe they will forgive me and I hope my failings will not stand in the way of truth.
    I didn’t come to God because somebody was a nice guy. I came because I doubted the very existence of God, but I asked Him that if He was real then please somehow show me and He did. There must be more like me out there and maybe they will come to God like I did. Not because of nice guys, but because of the truth. That is not to say everyone should be like me, or is like me. There certainly is a place for nice guys in God’s people.
    By the way, though you didn’t take my word for it, I said I did not distain science and I don’t, but I do distain anyone who tries to teach others that there is no God. That is the goal of many, though not all, scientist. I find it both offensive and at the same time humorous. They do not have the answers to the basic problems and yet they appoint themselves and each other experts.
    If anyone is a scientist and is reading this comment then set me straight. What is Dark Matter? What is life? Do you even have a theory? I do and it came from a Book that has been around for thousands of years.
    “O” damn there I go again, alienating someone.

  8. messeawadype says:

    Thanks for the post

  9. tminut says:

    My dad is a scientist and a Christian; he thinks science shows the marvels of God.

  10. astudent says:


    Your Dad is a wise man. Listen to him.

    Actually, it is said in Psalms 19:1 (NIV) “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands”. I would say that the more one knows about the heavens and any other part of creation the better the glory of God is understood and the better understood the better it can be proclaimed. So I would agree with your Dad.

    If science were not so corrupted it would serve to proclaim God’s glory, however it is as corrupted as politics.

    Look at evolution. Science claims it to be true, but the Bible says God created every living thing according to its kind. That rules out evolution. Then consider Adam. He was formed from the dust of the ground: not from an ape. Scientist have been passionately looking for just one missing link ever sense Darwin proposed his theory though if evolution were true it would it would be easy to find a link.

    Christians have the theory that God made everything and a Book to back it up. Science has only theories that in some way God did not make everything and yet they ridicule us. I only make fun of those who have such a foolish view, not true scientists,

    Not every scientist is an atheist, however most are. It is reassuring to hear of someone that is a scientist and also a Christian.

  11. barbarina zwicky says:

    My father, Fritz Zwicky, discovered Dark Matter and coined the term itself.

    This prophetic discovery was rejected during his lifetime and he was persecuted for his many amazing discoveries by the scientific community, who failed to understand his God-given genius.

    It is my personal belief that Dark Matter is the Lord.

  12. astudent says:

    barbarina zwicky,

    Your comment stirred many thoughts in my mind and I thank you for it.

    First, you are correct when you say God-given genius. Do not be angry because your father was not given credit for his genius, but be angry that God was not given credit.

    Those of this world always resent truth, as they have to admit that they are not as wise as they would have others believe. If one really is searching for truth it is great to be found wrong, because then one can learn even more truth.

    Have you thought of the parallels that exist between what is happening now and what is revealed in the Bible?

    Your father discovered that math revealed God. Instead of looking to the heavens for understanding scientist dig a hole, sit, and look at water expecting it to reveal the truth!

    The truth is water does have understanding, but it is the water of baptism and one has to get in it to receive understanding.

    The invalid at Bethesda knew that one had to enter the water to be healed and he also knew that someone had to help him enter. Understanding comes with healing, but the people of this world are too proud to ask for help. Therefore, they dig a hole, sit, and watch.

    Please do not be bitter because your father was persecuted, but have compassion for those who persecuted him. They, if they do not change, will suffer for it. Moreover, they will suffer much more than your father.

  13. potato says:

    You all should read – Hebrews 11 –

  14. potato says:

    By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.

    -So how is that for dark matter in the Bible?

  15. astudent says:


    I see Dark matter as evidence of God.

    He is still here, holding everything together. He has yet to enter His rest. Genesis 2:2 is a prophecy of what He will do, not what He has done. If God had entered His rest Jesus could not have said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day” (John 5:17).

    The six days of creation are God’s time, not our days and the sixth day is not over. There were two periods of time, called days, before God made the sun to govern man’s days, so it is clear, to me, that the six days in Genesis are governed by God and not by the sun.

    You loosely quoted Hebrews 11:3. Don’t you see that my post agrees with it? We cannot see Dark Matter.

  16. potato says:

    I posted Hebrews 11:3 precisely because I think is much better than your post. It says all that needs to be said. No less (and unlike your post) no more. He who has ears, let him hear.

  17. astudent says:


    Well, there can be no doubt that God’s words are better than mine and I agree with your first statement.

    Didn’t you also say more than Hebrews 11:3 with your third comment? Can we students speak about God’s word in our own words and with our own understanding without committing a sin?

    Sometimes it helps us to hear what others say, because it causes us to go to the word in order to seek the truth in the matter: like the Bereans.

    Not everyone reads the Bible and yet they have an opinion about it!

    You are right everyone should read Hebrews chapter 11 and they should neither begin there nor stop there, but they do not. Perhaps someone will, because of my post, and perhaps no one will, but it cost me nothing to try.

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