There is a big problem with “Doing what is right in the eyes”. As Proverbs 21:2 says Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts. (KJV)

That means what ever you do it is right in your eyes. It only makes sense because if you thought you were wrong you would surly change. Wouldn’t you?

Well, as a Christian, or anyone for that matter, we should be doing what is right in God’s eyes. We should always test what we think is right using the Bible as the standard of what is right in God’s eyes and if it isn’t right in God’s eyes we should change.

Do you think you are doing what is right in God’s eyes? How about testing a little of what you do and what you believe against the Bible.

First, do you believe that you should pay your taxes?

Well what does God say about paying taxes?

When asked about paying taxes Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” (Mat 22:21, Mark 12:17, & Luke 20:25). To not pay taxes should not even be a consideration as Caesar, or anyone that is owed taxes, already owns the money. It would be stealing from Caesar if taxes were withheld. It is really not a matter of if you think they are justified or fair.


So far you think that you are right because you do pay your taxes, but do you exalt those who would not pay taxes? Do you think it would be right in God’s eyes to make heroes out of those who would not pay taxes? Are the founding Fathers of these United States heroes in your eyes? Hummm


Romans 13:1&2 (NIV) says, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” Do you make heroes of those who rebel, or rebelled against the authority that God established? Even in God’s house? Are the Founding Fathers heroes in your eyes?


So far you are not doing to good in this test, are you?


How about Democracy? Do you think it right in your eyes for men to choose their own leaders? Again I must refer to Romans 13:1 where the Bible says that God appoints the authorities, yet my brothers say, or usually imply that I should vote. Who am I to interfere with what God clearly says He does. I don’t know who God wants to be the authority and neither do you. Is it right in God’s eyes for men to choose their own leaders?


I could go on and on, but my point is what we are doing in this Country is not right in God’s eyes. You would agree if you would compare what you think about this form of government and what you are doing with the Bible as your standard, but you are right in your own eyes and therefore you have nothing to repent of. Hummm


  1. M. Patterson says:

    Very provocative statement, indeed. However, even when a king is established on his throne, he does so by his own choice. Every leader is chosen by someone, whether by himself or by the people. There is a difference between saying that God is the only one who establishes authority and saying that God establishes all authority. Your claim is the former, that no human intervention ought to be involved, because you read the Bible to be saying that no human intervention can be involved. However, the actual wording is the latter: that God establishes all authority, which does not exclude human involvement. It states God’s involvement in all authority, but it says nothing about the process of establishing it. The same argument could be made against prayer. “Who am I to interfere with what God clearly says he does?” is a question which often comes out in another form, regarding prayer “Who am I to ask God, in all his wisdom, to do something that he is not already doing?” It is the belief that we should do nothing for fear of interfering with the divine plan. In reality, we are part of that divine plan.

  2. astudent says:

    M. Patterson
    I suppose it was provocative, but I have tried to get my brothers to compare what the Bible says to the formation of this country and no one does. Perhaps I am just getting desperate.
    Well, let me comment on your many comments. First I would have to disagree with your first statement. The first born son of a king is going to be king whether or not he wants to be. He can resign, but neither he, nor the people can choose him as king. Also Saul did not choose to be king, nor did the people chose him. Saul even hid when it was time to reveal him as king. Who chose him is revealed in 1 Sam 10:24.
    Second God says, “There is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” and that rules out any intervention from man. God may and usually does use man to accomplish His goals, but they can not change what God wants. Name your authority and then apply what God said: The authorities that exist have been established by God. That leaves no possibility that man established even one.
    You are correct that it says nothing about the processes that God uses, but it clearly says that all authority is the result of God’s wishes. When I consider my qualifications to choose a president I find none and when I consider anyone else’s I reach the same conclusion. Only God knows what a man will do in the future. No man knows what another man will do after he is elected: even the man himself does not know as he may change.
    I would make the same argument pertaining to prayer. Do you really think that I know more about some situation that I am in than God does? I do pray about my problems and I do pray about others salvation, but God knows more about what is happening to me than I do and He knows all possibilities for my relief. Perhaps it is God’s plan that my situation becomes worse and not better. Who am I to explain anything to God? If I have to interfere, or even could interfere, or explain anything to God then He is not God. That is why we should always conclude our prayers with “Never the less, Your will be done”.
    We truly are part of God’s plan, but no more than a private is part of a general’s plan of war. We are here to do the work, not to make the plans. Generals choose those under them: privates dig the ditches. We should be digging ditches, not choosing leaders.
    I do hope that you do not consider my comments as provocative. I do not mean them to be, but I must be free to state the other side of any discussion in order to reason with you.

  3. M. Patterson says:

    A son of a king is chosen by the people who put the system into place to crown sons of kings. That is, the first king who decided that sons of kings will rule was the human who decided that.

    Saul could have walked away from kingship. He chose to rule. I never said that God didn’t choose him. I only say that he also made a choice.

    Marriage is established by God, but that does not rule out human intervention. They still choose each other.

    The presidency, by your understanding, is not the people’s right to determine, yet, once the president is elected that person is in authority, so we must assume that God established that authority, according to the verse you cited. If he is in authority, then we must assume he was established there by God, according to that verse. Even so, he was elected by the people, whether or not, as you say, they had that right. Either way, both human and divine choice worked together.

    Regarding prayer, the Bible says “ask and you shall recieve.” God gives people the ability to ruin their own lives. A person can choose not to ask for help from God, and God will respond accordingly.

  4. astudent says:

    M. Patterson
    I like my ducks in a row. So I have been trying to determine just what it is that we disagree on. It seems that the meaning of Romans 13:1&2 is the problem.
    Being a fundamentalist I take the verse at face value and that is God appoints all authority: always did, does, and always will.
    Because He uses men to accomplish His goals you seem to think that it is mankind that appoints the authorities. At least that is how it seems to me, though I will agree that no one but that man and God really know what a man thinks. You declare that you believe men appoint authorities when you said “Every leader is chosen by someone, whether by himself or by the people”. That is not what Romans 13:1&2 says.
    As the verse is written there is no allowance for man to appoint any authority. At the risk of repeating myself the verse says there is no authority except that which God has established; it does not say God and man, or man without God.
    You said in your first comment that there is a difference between saying that God is the only one that establishes authority and saying that God establishes all authority. Well that is what the verse says “there is no authority except that which God has established” which asserts God is the only one that establishes authorities. Then it goes on to say “The authorities that exist have been established by God” and at any point in time, that one would read the verse, any authority that is in existence has been put there by God.
    Most all of the citizens of this country think that we elected George Bush as president, but God formed Mr. Bush in the womb to be president and the result of the election could not have been any different. Well, let me clarify what I just said, some Democrats think the election was rigged. Anyway I am going to believe Romans and admit that how God accomplishes it is to complicated for me to understand; especially when you consider that everyone involved did have free choice in the matter.
    If I took your stand that mankind chooses leaders I would have to either remove Romans 13:1&2 from my Bible, or invent some imaginative interpretation of the verse to bring about a different meaning for it. I am not ready to do either, nor will I ever be.
    Well, again let me clarify myself. If at some point in time someone should point out a different meaning of the verse and it was in alignment with the Bible as a whole and after asking God to give me the proper understanding I might change.
    Anyway in your second comment you said “the first king who decided that the sons of kings will rule was the human who decided that” and it might surprise you, but I agree with you, but who do you think put that in his mind? Do you see how easy it is to think either way, that mankind chooses leaders, or that God does? Taking Romans into consideration and believing it to be the Word of God I believe God put it in the mind of the king and knew the king, though he had free choice, would choose as God wanted.
    Actually we are close to saying the same thing when you said “Either way, both human and divine choice worked together”.
    As to prayer I view it as a three year old sitting on the lap of his father, asking for all kinds of things that he should not have. His father loves to hear his son ask, but he is not about to grant his wishes. The father already knows what is good for the son and that is what he will give him.
    The verse that says “Ask and you shall receive” does not say what to ask for, or what you will receive. When I ask for something and I don’t receive it I am sure it was not what I should have. I may ask for riches and He may give me poverty and if He does then that is what is best for me and I am quite sure of that.
    It has been my experience that when discussing Scripture with others that when the dust settles we were both saying the same thing, just in a different way and I think that is the case here as well. The difference is where one puts their emphasis. In this case you seem to put it on mankind and I put mine on God. It is true that people seem to choose leaders, but I would say they are only accomplishing the desire, or plan of God.
    Anyway it is nice to hear a different view of understanding and I do appreciate yours. I believe it is more important to discuss what we seem to disagree with than what we totally agree with. Having said that I agree totally with your last statement.
    Thanks for caring enough to comment.

  5. M. Patterson says:

    Thanks for writing a post worth reading.

    If you agree that even an elected president like Bush was put there by God, as do I, then you agree that the will of the people coincided with the will of God, if only just for that election, unless God rigged the voted. Even if God fated them to vote that way, as I think we both believe, they still did so by choice. Their hands were not forced.

    As far as prayer being like asking Dad for something, I might say that I tended to get what I asked for at Christmas. My request did influence the outcome. I wouldn’t have gotten a gun, but I could have gotten something else. God does know what’s best, but what’s best may actually have more to do with the way he interacts with us than with the specifics of our prayers.

  6. astudent says:

    M Patterson
    I have to laugh! Thanks for the thanks and I’ll bet there are not a lot of Christians with the same opinion. There are large ministries where the main message is “This Country was founded on Christian principles” and they want to continue to be right in their own eyes. Their pride would be a three course meal if they compared their stand with the Bible. I am not condemning anyone here: if anyone should feel condemned it is coming from inside and not from me.

    I do agree that we have free will to do anything and that includes who we vote for. How God does this is way beyond my understanding. I don’t believe God makes anyone do anything either good or bad and yet He still chooses the authorities. Perhaps He will grant that understanding, but I doubt it happens to anyone in this phase of life; perhaps after He judges the world.

    I tended to get what I ask for at Christmas also. I must admit that I was taught enough before hand that I didn’t ask for anything that could not be afforded, or would not be given. I did ask for a BB gun and was given it. When I was young everyone had guns and we didn’t have as many problems as we do now. We also didn’t have the deer problems that are prevalent now. It seems like every body had a gun and they shot anything that moved: a deer wouldn’t have had a chance. I didn’t even see a live deer until about 10 years ago. (I am not trying to justify anything)

    I agree completely with your last statement. I think He just likes to hear us talk to Him and if the only time we do so we are asking for something He will take it. I think we please Him a little when we thank Him for what we already have and praise Him for giving it to us. After all thanks and praise are the only things that we can give God as He already owns everything else.

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