I wrote “The Trinity as you have never heard it” some time ago. Because I continue to study and contemplate God’s word I believe I understand better now. God says that if you search for wisdom you will find it, but one does not find all wisdom and knowledge at one time.


I have reached a point in my studies where I believe all of the Bible to be God’s word and therefore perfect or without error. I also believe it to be simple and easy to understand when God gives that understanding and impossible to understand by individual effort.


When I say that I study the Bible it is not a very accurate statement. Actually I only think about it and God gives me understanding as I do. I do not have the discipline to study. If it was not so interesting I wouldn’t be thinking about it at all.


The understanding that I have reached about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is very simple and I believe it answers all of the questions that arise when reading the statements that confuse us.


In a nutshell, I believe that Jesus is a man that was totally and perfectly controlled by God through the Holy Spirit when he was on this earth (John 5:19-8:28&29-12:49&50-14:31. That is not to say that God made Jesus do anything, but that Jesus did exactly what God wanted because he wanted to please his Father. When he said “Before Abraham was born, I am” though the words came from the mouth of Jesus it was the words of God. It was God Himself that was saying “Before Abraham was born, I am” and not Jesus. Jesus was born long after Abraham died and if he were speaking for himself could not have said that he existed before Abraham, because he did not.


Just as God said Abram’s heir would come from his own body (Gen 15:4), and he did, God also said that Jesus would come from David’s body (2 Sam 7:12) and of course he did. This understanding must come from faith, because I don’t think it is said again, though I could be wrong, but then I always could be wrong. Anyway many in the New Testament said Jesus was the son of David and Jesus said he was the “son of man”.


Mankind did not understand artificial insemination when the Bible was written. Only now can we understand that a baby can be born from someone that has already died. Jesus became a son of God the same way we did. As soon as Jesus was baptized God sent His Spirit to him. It is unusual for any one thing to be spoken of in all four Gospels, but this account is. He is the first born of all of God’s children and he was born spiritually exactly like we were.


That is not to take anything away from Jesus. He is the King of kings because he earned the right. He is the only man to walk this earth without sin and the only King that put the welfare of his subjects before his own. Without his sacrifice there would be no hope for us and no one has, or even could, sacrifice as he did. There is no greater man than Jesus; absolutely none.


In my first post on the Trinity I said and quoted verses that point to Jesus as the arm of the Lord. However as I thought more about the subject it seems to me that the arm of the Lord is the Holy Spirit. We are given the Holy Spirit to teach us all things (John 14:26 & 1 John 2:27), and the Spirit goes out from the Father (John 15:26) which as I understand now as part of the Father and sometimes referred to as His arm.


I understand the Trinity much better now. The verses that say there is only one God are clear to me now, because I do not view Jesus as God Himself. He is the first born of all of God’s children and the only man that had no sin of his own, but not born of the Spirit until he was baptized: to “fulfill all righteousness.” (Mat 3:15).


Actually, because the Bible does not use the word trinity I do not believe we should either. Speaking from my own experience the “Trinity” has only served to confuse me, not to enlighten me. I really have found no way to grasp that which is not true and the truth is there is no Trinity. There is only God and the perfect man, the Messiah, Jesus.


I might add that using the word and concept of the Trinity alienates and separates us from our Jewish brothers and it also gives those of other faiths leverage to refute the Word of God. If it isn’t in the Bible then don’t add it. (Rev 22:18 NIV)  I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book.


  1. M. Patterson says:

    See this URL:
    The middle equasion is a mathematical model of the trinity. Multiples of an infinite God are synonymous with a singular God. The Holy Spirit, then, is not an “arm of God.” If he is anything, then he is God, himself. That does not contradict the possibility that the Father is also God, himself. Both can be true. That’s the paradox. The first equasion deals with the problem of perfection. Because perfection is a state that can only be approached but never reached (true perfection is infinitely precise), it takes on an infinite nature that only an infinite being can attain. Any finite being held to an infinite standard fails equally (zero). If Jesus were only a finite being, like ourselves, then he could not be perfect. If he was an infinite being, then he was God, and he was the Son of God, which, as I noted in the middle equasion, is not mutually exclusive. If Jesus was not perfect, then he could not pay the price for our sins (last equasion). However, if he was God and perfect, then he could be judged with us, and we could come out ahead. Only God can pay that price.

    Let me simplify: To us, our sin seems manageable. We see it as a moderate-sized pit that with effort could be filled. We judge our sin by a standard made to fit us. To a perfect God, our sin is a bottomless chasm. No amount of good deed could make-up for any sin. It would take an infinite mass of dirt to fill an infinitely deep pit. Nothing less would do. Only God can be infinite. Only God can fill that pit. If Jesus was anything less than God, then he did not fill that pit.

  2. astudent says:

    M. Paterson,
    Well, my mathematical powers are not equal to yours (I’m sure there is an equation for that), my strength is prophecy (OK, that is debatable) (Probably an equation for that also).

    If I understand your middle equation I would not agree with it. As I said I agree with the Bible and it says there is only one true God and only one savior. (No 3x: just one x and one savior (Y?))

    However I do agree with your conclusion that the Holy Spirit is God Himself. The Holy Spirit is given to all who accept Jesus as their lord and savior. So, if you accept that the Holy Spirit is God, it is easy to see that God can be in more than one place at any given point in time. That does not mean there is more than one God. It seems to me that the Holy Spirit, arm of God, and Father are just different names of the same God.

    Let me see if I can explain what I believe a different way than I did in my post using your comment as a guide and using the Bible as a standard.

    First Jesus was perfect as he had no sin (2 Cor 5:21) which is as perfect as a man can be. With God all things are possible (Mat 19:26, Mark 10:26, & Luke 18:27), so it is possible for a man to be perfect! Jesus was perfect because God made and kept him perfect.

    Mathematics falls short of perfection when God is in the equation, because “With God all things are possible” and that destroys math. With God 2&2 could be three. I don’t believe that God would allow that, but if one accepts the words of the Bible (All things are possible) it certainly could be true.
    I don’t think it is fair to say that without pointing out “Dark Matter”, which is “Black Magic” that was created by man to confirm mathematics: it was either create some way for math to be infallible, or confess it is fallible. (Only God is infallible)

    Now, I certainly agree with you that we think our sin is manageable and also that no amount of good deed could make up for any sin. The truth of the matter is “any” sin that has been committed can not be uncommitted and therefore no one that has sinned can be considered perfect. We judge sins as small or large, but God judges sin correctly and that is any sin that one commits destroys perfection and must be paid for.

    I would only slightly disagree with your statement “If Jesus was anything less than God, then he would not fill that pit”. If anything is possible with God, then He can make someone perfect (Without sin) and for us He did.

    I think that we are on the same page and any difference we seem to have is only what we choose to emphases at the moment.
    It is nice to be able to exchange comments with a true believer. I pray you will forgive me for disagreeing a little with you, but how else could we learn?

  3. J Gomez says:

    M Patterson – quite honestly, that is a bit of rubbish and you know it. It assumes that your opinions about perfection, divinity, and the validity of an offering are all absolute. They are not, and in fact quite flawed.

    The scripture clearly explains that God the Father is unequalled and unmatched. Jesus Himself is subordinate to the Father, and actually GIVEN all authority by Him. The scripture teaches that Jesus EARNED this right, which means that He did not have it prior to His ministry to us. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God that is OF God, but not God in of Himself. Clearly, God is one. The Son is the incarnation of the very precepts of God, and the Spirit of God is exactly that. All of the universe is governed by the Father, who has given authority to the Son, and leads His Church through the person of the Spirit. This is scripturally sound through and through.

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