How other Christians handle the current state of the economy is not in my power. I can not speak for anyone else. However because God has allowed the internet I can speak for myself and you can hear it.


First, as I contemplated the cause of our plight I had to admit that I am partly to blame. You see the Bible says do not put your trust in yourself (Psa 118:8, 146:3, & Prov 3:5) and I did. I listened to the world when it said democracy was from God and we should choose our own leaders and I did. I chose a man to rule me. “O”, I didn’t always get the man that I chose, but I always got someone that man chose.


As I ponder my situation now I can see the folly of my choice and I am sure that God is laughing at my ignorance. The bible says, over and over, that we should trust in God and not in man, but I trusted in my own ability to choose a leader. And all that I knew about him or her was what someone had said. The candidate always lied (Campaign promises) and I had no real way to check all that others said about him or the other candidates. When I wasn’t putting my trust in myself I was putting my trust in the candidate and the ones that wrote about him and because I trusted myself they only reinforced my views!


Now that I see the folly of my actions I can see why God let me sin. If He had not allowed me to actually commit this error I would have always thought that I could have chosen a leader. The truth is I would have always thought that I could have governed better than anyone else as that is what I demonstrated when those who were elected did not do what I thought was correct. It seemed as if I was always blaming “Them” and “Them” was anyone that did not do as I thought correct.


If “They” passed another tax (Read my lips) it was never my fault, even though I chose them as my leader. Actually I was so ignorant I did not even understand that no one could make the claim that if elected there would be “No new taxes”! Sometimes I am so stupid that I amaze myself. (I heard that)


I see more clearly now and I can see that this country was founded by a group of rich men in order to make themselves richer and it has continued that way. They have managed to get almost everyone to surround themselves with people that say what their itching ears want to hear. It started with “Taxation without representation” though no one had the right to demand representation and it has only gotten worse.


If this country was governed rightly those who caused our economical problems would be cast into jail, but they are not and the people will be obligated to pay for the results of their crimes.


I have many questions such as if the tax payer is going to have to pay for all of this crime then why don’t the people retain the property? The truth is we will have to pay for the crime and the government that allowed the crimes will claim title to the property and then they will sell it for a profit. Well actually we can’t pay because the government gave all of our good jobs to China. There I go again saying “They” did not, and will not, do as I think is right!


Here is a sobering thought (Psa 49:13 NIV) “This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and of their followers, who approve their sayings. Selah. Like sheep they are destined for the grave, and death will feed on them. The upright will rule over them in the morning; their forms will decay in the grave, far from their princely mansions.”


However there is hope in Micah 7: 8&9 (NIV) “Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light. Because I have sinned against him, I will bear the Lord’s wrath, until he pleads my case and establishes my right. He will bring me out into the light; I will see his righteousness.”


We will have to suffer the consequences of our sins. Life is not going to be as easy as it has been, but we are still God’s children and we will be saved.


Now, I realize there will be those who disagree with me, so you go ahead and vote for your own particular brand of lies, for any politician that tells the truth has no earthly chance of being elected, and I will continue to refrain from voting, because those who died for my right to vote also died for my right not to vote. I repent and ask God to forgive me for ever thinking I could or should do what He said He will do. (Romans 13:1&2)


Just as an after thought, I believe you can see that I have no problem with “Separation of Church and State”.


  1. M. Patterson says:

    I still think you’re making a mistake. From the time you awake to the time you go to bed at night God gives you the ability and the right to interact with your world. Whether you affect the world with your words, your hands or your prayers, you do so as carefully as you can, humble before God. Think of it: this blog has at least as much effect on the course of world events as does your vote, but you do not refrain from blogging. Yet, this is your vote. This is your decision cast to affect the world. What you do or don’t do is your responsibility.

  2. astudent says:

    M. Patterson,

    Well, I really do appreciate your opinion: especially if you disagree with me. I agree with you that God gives us the ability and the right to interact with the world and I also agree that one should be careful and humble (Before God). I have to laugh because I also agree with you when you say, “this blog has at least as much effect on the course of world events as does your vote”, because neither has any effect on world events. I don’t believe you wrote it as humor but it certainly is funny.

    I also agree that what I do is my responsibility. It is unusual that I agree with someone so very much. However, my responsibilities are not to do as the world does. It is to search out what is right in God’s eyes and make that right in mine. God did not say man should choose any leader but the King that He chose for us. Just because the world thinks it is right for man to govern man does not mean God does.

    I believe the Bible to be the word of God so when I read Romans 13:1&2 I take it as God speaking. If God will appoint the authorities then I think I better sit down and shut up. Well, not stop talking to my brothers, but I don’t believe I can tell God who should be a president. He knew George Bush was going to be president before He formed him in the womb and whether or not I voted he was going to be president.

    I have tried to reconcile the two views (God chooses- we choose), but I always come to the conclusion that if God said He chooses then that is the way it should be. I didn’t always vote for the winner, so God does not use me to elect a president. Actually when I voted for the loser I stood in the way of God.

    If you can not see the spiritual side of the issue then consider the worldly side. Democracy is not working. The rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer and it is because the elected leaders have put their and their friend’s interests ahead of the peoples. They borrowed money from China and made us servants to them (Prov 22:7), they would help the banks but not the people. I could go on and on, but I tire of this. Perhaps I will write a post about why democracy does not work. This country is a good example of it.

    I am running out of ways to say Democracy is against God’s will without repeating myself. It would be irresponsible for me to participate in this system understanding God’s Word as I do. If you think that I am wrong then show me from the Bible where I error.

  3. Bill says:

    God ordained government. Obey the government unless it goes against the Bible. In America, we have a say. At the Judgement Seat of Christ one will give an account on why they did not vote to suppress abortion. therefore, we have more than a right to vote, we have a responsability! ~ Bill

  4. astudent says:


    That is the common thinking of most Christians in this country. It seems that most Christians in this country believe in God, but they do not believe God.

    Romans 13:1 (NIV) “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

    Look closely and see that it is God that establishes the authorities. Nowhere in the Bible does He delegate this authority to man.

    God did not ordain this government. Romans 13:2 (NIV) “Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” The Founding Fathers had a king and 13:1 says God established his rule. They rebelled against that king and in doing so rebelled against God. He let it happen, but He did not cause it. To believe that He caused rebellion against Himself is ludicrous.

    After much thought on the matter, I have reached the conclusion that God should choose the authorities and I am quite sure that He doesn’t need any help from me. So, I believe that it is my responsibility as a Christian “not to vote”.

    When you vote you are choosing a man and putting our trust in him to be your leader. You are not choosing God.

    Psalm 146:3&4 (NIV) “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.

    Psalm 146:5-10 (NIV) Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God, the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them— the LORD, who remains faithful forever. He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The LORD sets prisoners free, the LORD gives sight to the blind, the LORD lifts up those who are bowed down, the LORD loves the righteous. The LORD watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked. The LORD reigns forever, your God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the LORD.

    Put your trust in God not man. When you vote are you not trusting your own understanding? Or does God wake you in the night and whisper in your ear, “Vote for Mr.—— so that I can make him president?

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