I keep hearing that the government is going to get this 700 billion dollars from the tax payers, but it should be obvious that we can not come up with that kind of money. So the government will borrow it from some foreign government; if they can.


Can you see the grand scheme? The rich politicians that have borrowed us into bankruptcy already, are going to (If they can) borrow enough to get themselves out of trouble; knowing all of the time that we can not repay such a debt. They get the money and we get foreclosed: what a deal for the American people that they keep saying they must protect!


If all of the banks fail before the rich can get their money out they will loose it. But if they can supply the banks with 700 billion dollars they can reclaim their wealth. What goes in the front doors of the banks will flow right out the back and into their hands. Then they can invest it in foreign nations and remain rich at our expense. Not only will we have to pay the 700 billion (If we could), but we must pay interest on top of it. After the rich remove their money the banks will be broke again and the crash (for us) can continue.


In my opinion any foreign Country that would loan us a dime is “Nuts”. We are already broke and with no manufacturing jobs there is no way that we can pay the debts that we already have. Politicians have given all of the high paying jobs to any foreign country that wants them and that is what has destroyed our economy. There is no tax base when there are no jobs so we can not repay any loans. They did this so that the companies which they owned could generate higher profits by having the products manufactured cheaper; with no regard for the American worker. If the rich politicians can not get the loan it would not surprise me if they do not just sell us to China: if they haven’t already.


You are not going to hear this any place else, because those who control the news also understand this situation. They know the banks must be temporally shored up in order for them to remove their money also. That is what they all mean when they say something must be done and done quickly. It really is their own money that they want protected.


This is not a plan to help the common man. Without jobs we are all going broke and our elected officials are doing nothing about that.


Before you start throwing rocks at politicians you have to remember that you supported the system that put them in power. Our Heavenly Father has told us not to put our trust in man and that is what Democracy is. Don’t blame God or other men: it’s our fault.



  1. Nadia Marie says:

    Thank you so much for your commentary on the current situation. I totally and whole-heartedly agree with you! Just last night I was hi-lighting these very same points to my younger cousin who is from another country and somehow believes that especially the republican right wing is so incredibly wonderful and formiddable and are only trying to help the tax-payers by relieving the market on Wall Street. My cousin is quite recently out of high school and knows nothing about real politics and especially american politics and I will be sending him this article so that he further understands what is truly going on. Thank you so much and may the Lord bless you always!

  2. M. Patterson says:

    Well…they did it. It’s official. What a waste of money. Still beats having to pay for a monarch, though.

  3. astudent says:

    Nadia Marie,

    Please forgive the slow response to your comment.

    I was also once like your cousin and when someone tried to explain something to me I only thought of how to defend my position, so don’t be discouraged if your cousin “will” not understand.

    The decline in the stock market right after the so called “Bail Out” proves that we are correct. Others can see that those who have sworn to protect us have given our means of producing wealth to any country that cares to take it and they know it really is no “Bail Out”. Be sure and try to explain that to your cousin.

    As I said the Government might not be able to acquire the loan. It would not be a good investment if interest were the only consideration, however many Countries hate us and they just might loan us the money to insure our down fall.

    I wish I could say something that was not so depressing, but if I did it would come at the cost of truth.

    The truth for me is that I had some cash that I could have invested in foreign stock and I knew I should in order to protect it. However every time I started to do so something would happen to stop the process. I finally realized that I was only trying to avoid my punishment, so I stopped trying and resigned myself to accept what ever my Heavenly Father has for me. I put my trust in man and I must suffer the consequences along with all of the others that also did.

    Even in these times the Lord is blessing me. He has not changed and He said not to put my trust in man and I did. He punishes us for not doing what He said, because His advice is for our own good. Because we are disciplined we are not apt to do it again. This is just like an earthly father who punishes his children for their own good.

    May the Lord bless you even more than He blesses me. Perhaps your punishment will be lighter than mine. I hope so.

  4. astudent says:

    M. Patterson,

    Well, we can not say that for sure. There were monarchy’s that were great. Think about Solomon and his rule. You might want to consider that a monarchy is God’s chosen form of government. Jesus is not a president, but a King. The ultimate King; the King of Kings.

    As I understand the Old Testament, Jewish monarchies were defined by the character of the king. If he was a good king then the nation followed his lead and vice versa. We follow Jesus.

    Do you see the difference between our system and God’s? We choose a man to rule over us, but God has chosen Jesus to be our ruler. In a way we chose Jesus to rule us, but actually we are choosing a country and the ruler of that country God has already chosen. We are only agreeing with God that He chose the perfect ruler.

    If you do not embrace a monarchy you are not going to be very unhappy in Haven. “O” wait a minute it is not possible to be unhappy in Heaven! I think it is hilarious, because I think you will agree with me; it’s only a matter of time.

    Maybe that mean old Government will try to tax our tea, like that mean old king tried.

    You have made me think more on the subject and I think I see a basic difference between a monarchy and a democracy that is not easily seen.

    In a monarchy the king owns everything and his first concern is his own interest. Because he owns all of the wealth of the Country, if the things that happened in the world today happened to his rule he would be sure to punish the guilty. In a democracy the politicians do not own everything. They must get theirs, because all of the other politicians are taking theirs and eventually there will be nothing left.

    In this system the guilty are rewarded and the innocent are punished. The king of a rich country would never allow NAFTA or any treaty that removes import tariff, but politicians must get theirs and NAFTA served that purpose and when things went wrong the country has to pay for it, because the interests of the politicians are first and foremost their own.

    Maybe I should say the kings interest is really only one, the country and a politicians interest are “divided” between their own and the countries.

  5. Joy says:

    I’ve only read a few of your blogs. I’m very impressed and love that you’re writing based on scripture. Trust God and not man…that’s what christians need to meditate and pray on daily–no matter how the situation looks, or what the circumstance is. Trusting God is activating your faith in God. Knowing that God has everything in control–especially for his Chosen ones.
    I believe the politicians and government officials are confused about what’s happening, and what will happen regarding the the economy and the 700 billion dollars. They’re just not letting us know. (Why would they). But as you stated in one of your blogs, as I mentioned earlier in the passage, and most importantly as we’ve read in the bible–not to put our trust in man. So, guess what? I don’t trust man. I trust God and know that those who trust in Him will be lead and guided by him. We just have to pray and seek God daily so that He will speak to us.

  6. astudent says:


    What a great name: anyway I agree almost 100% with you.

    I don’t think all of our politicians do not understand. Some do and because of their own interests, or perhaps fear, they are not doing anything to help the situation. How could anyone be so stupid as to demand taxes from the people when they no longer have a job? And they no longer have a job because of the actions of the very people that demand the taxes. It is the people that are suffering and the people that need help. Businesses have no business because the people have no jobs. To give business money is to take from the poor and suffering and give to the rich. It does not create business; it only makes things worse.

    The root cause of the problem is us! We put our trust in ourselves to choose our own authorities and then we put our trust in those we chose to govern honestly! God is never on the ballet and God is not a registered voter! It is our fault as Christians for accepting democracy and what the world says and not comparing it with Scripture!

    We have decided that we should choose our own leaders and God should help us. Do you see how easily we become confused? That would make God the servant to do our bidding and of course by default that would make us His master.

    I certainly agree with you when you say “We just have to pray and seek God daily so that He will speak to us”. As I understand the situation in the world today He is saying that we should repent, remove any trust in democracy (Which is really only trust in man) and put our trust back where it should be. At least that is what He is saying to me.

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