When I first read Psalms 19:1 ((NIV) for the director of music. A psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.) I thought it meant the vastness and beauty of the universe was what declared the glory of God. After thinking about it I see that the heavens declare that there is an end to everything and therefore has to be a beginning, so there has to be a maker and of course anyone who could make a universe has to be a God and so that is the way the heavens declare the glory of God. (That was a rather long sentence, wasn’t it?)


It doesn’t take a mental heavyweight to understand that the universe is decaying and there is no way it can be recreated by natural means. Though even a mental heavyweight can not see it if he does not want to.


Stars are visible because they are producing light or energy. Energy is produced by destroying matter or releasing the bond that holds energy into the state of matter, converting it into pure energy. So stars are destroying themselves. Even a rock that is floating in space has a higher temperature than the space that surrounds it and the only way that can happen is it is decaying into energy; just not fast enough to produce light.


It is said that matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but if the bond that holds energy together as matter is constantly being broken and never rebound then it not only can be destroyed, but is being destroyed; in massive amounts.


Science in general says that everything was formed by a large explosion of compacted matter, but that raises the question “Where did the matter come from?”


At some point it is obvious that something must always exist: either God, matter, or energy. If matter were everlasting then there would have to be a way to restore energy to matter. Well there is no way.


Matter is a form of energy that is held together by some force and energy is “The capacity of a physical system to do work (American Heritage Dictionary)”. At the risk of repeating myself, if that bond is broken and never recreated then matter is destroyed.


If science were correct then the “Big Bang” would have to be a recurring event in a cycle of everlasting matter. There is a major flaw in that theory. If matter is being converted into energy and not being returned to the state of matter anywhere in this universe, then eventually there will be no matter to compact for the next “Big Bang”.


Energy that is not bonded into matter is only the capacity to do work and without matter to apply the energy too there is no work. So what really is energy? If all of the matter in the universe is converted to energy, then what would energy do with no matter to act upon? Matter is attracted to matter by gravity, but there is no attraction of energy to energy, so it would not gather together as matter can.


If light is directed onto a surface of matter it will cause the temperature of the surface to increase and when the light is removed the temperature of the surface will return to the temperature it was before light was directed onto it. Here is a fundamental question “How will that energy be converted to matter?” or “What happened to that energy?” some would say that it was radiated into space, but the temperature of space doesn’t change.


My answer is the matter is no more as the bond has been converted into energy and the energy of the bond is no more because it has been used up to raise the temperature of the surface of the matter.


Now I realize that some will say that the matter has increased by absorbing that energy, but if that were true wouldn’t all planets be increasing in size; especially Mercury? Hummmmm


Yes I am aware there are those who say the earth is increasing in size and one way is light being converted into matter by photosynthesis. I would argue that view, but in this case it means nothing as there is very little photosynthesis in the universe.


It would be kind of funny, if it weren’t so serious. The best minds in the world can not, no matter how intelligent, understand what even the dullest Christian does and because they rely on their own understanding they view Christians as lunatics. It seems like I was once accused of having the brain of a grapefruit by someone that was more intelligent than I: but then he did accuse me of having a brain. Well, don’t be too hard on those who do not understand because they can not. God says (Through the Bible) that they can not understand spiritual things and realizing, or admitting that the universe is finite is a spiritual revelation: even though it is also logical.


I use to think there is a difference between worldly wisdom and Spiritual wisdom and there are some differences, but no one could learn anything about either if they do not even believe in the existence of that class of wisdom.


As for me, I find no pleasure in understanding something others do not. I wish everyone could understand spiritual things and in the end they will. However it will be too late for them then and that bothers me.


If you are an unbeliever and you have managed to read this far, I challenge you to truthfully look for the existence of God. If you look in truth you will find the answer, just as I did. There is no other question more important to any man than to know truth.

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