We have elected a new president, but have we thought, with truth, about what we have done?


The Bible says over and over that we should put our trust in God and not man. Haven’t we put our trust in man when we vote? Don’t we trust our own judgment as to who should be president? Or perhaps you would feel better if I said we trust the people to choose rightly. Either way we have put our trust in man; not God.


The truth is God knows the heart of everyone on this earth and only God is capable of choosing the best man for the job.


The candidate that would tell the truth is the candidate that stands no chance of being elected. You know that is true, so you know the very quality demanded for success is to be untruthful. Have you realized that only two men in the world claimed to know how to save the economy? Both just happened to be running for president and both claimed the other was wrong!


You may say that you prayed to God for guidance when you voted, but why would God answer a prayer about which man should someone put their trust in when He said do not put your trust in man? Would it be right for a bank robber to ask God which bank to rob? Could he really expect an answer?


Democracy is a system where the people choose the authorities, not a system where God does. God has chosen our authority and that is Jesus who is a King not a president. It is a shame that those who lead God’s people do not, or will not understand.


Does no one understand that the founding fathers of this country rebelled against the authorities that God established? God says that is rebelling against what He instituted and yet many churches exalt this system of government. Does no one realize that we are exalting rebellion against God?


I feel no joy or excitement because we have a new president. I still have a King and though I am sure the president will fail in many ways I am equally sure my King will not.


When you calm down and stop thinking about how much you dislike me for saying this, instead of continuing to think about me, think about what I said.


  1. M. Patterson says:

    …because God was sovereign enough to establish monarchies, but he just isn’t powerful enough to establish authority in a democratic government. Therefore, the only government that you can rebel against is a democratic one, because what God really meant is that there is no authority on earth EXCEPT DEMOCRACY which has not been established by God.

    You can’t take that one to the bank.

  2. astudent says:

    M. Patterson,

    Ha, ha, that’s funny. I had not thought of that angle! I mean the only authority that we could rebel against.

    Seriously though God lets us have our way. If He didn’t let us make mistakes we would swear He was wrong about us. He let Israel have a King and He let us have a president.
    Surely everyone can see that it has led to disaster.

    If I follow your reasoning you are saying God is responsible for Democracy. I don’t see why He would do such a thing. I do understand why those who founded this country would. They wanted the land for themselves and didn’t want to pay anything to the king. God can do anything, but with a little thought it is apparent that He wouldn’t just do just anything. Why do you think he would overthrow the king that He chose? Especially when he said not too. Using your brand of humor I suppose HE MADE A MISTAKE AND JUST COULDN’T THINK OF ANY OTHER WAY TO CORRECT IT! I would agree that God allowed it, but that is quite different than saying God did it. God allowed Israel to have a king, but anyone that reads the account of the event can see that it was not His plan.

    If God wanted to establish a democracy all He had to do was put it in the mind of the king. There would have been no rebellion and no one made in the image of God would have been killed in a rebellion, also God’s commands (Rom 13:1&2) would not have been disobeyed. If one no wiser than me can see this wouldn’t God? (Yes I admit it. I am not too smart) Perhaps you have been given more understanding than I have, so why do you think God would establish a democracy and if it was His idea why would He do it in the way it was done?

    I don’t have anything left to take to the bank anyway. This government has already taken everything that I had and just gave it to the bank. Ain’t democracy great?

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