I stopped writing about belief in the first post when I got to governments. It seems that many people in this world believe in governments. Most of my Christian brothers in this country believe in this government. Just before the Forth of July every church that I have attended has a service devoted to this country. I have to stay home that Sunday because they exalt this country and those who founded it. If they would only apply Romans 13:1&2 to this country there would be no celebration!


This country was formed in rebellion to God and the Founding Fathers lead that rebellion!


I anger my brothers when I point this out! Shouldn’t they be glad they understand, instead of mad?


When I realized this country was formed in rebellion to God it freed me to think about and understand all governments. Here is something that can not be understood with out spending a lot of time with the Spirit that lives in all Christians. Those that do not have the Spirit can not even begin to understand this.


All governments are an abomination to God.


After spending much time trying to understand everything about God that is possible for me to understand I realized this. The God that made everything that there is wants to be the One that takes care of us. He wants to lead us and He wants to be the ultimate authority in each one of our lives. In other words God wants to be our government. That is what governments try to do, but the problem is governments are controlled by men and men have their own wants and desires and they put them first. God has no selfish motives (He already owns everything) so only God is able to govern in our best interest. When God chose a people to reveal Himself to the world He lead them through the desert, fed them with manna, and clothed them (their clothing did not wear out). And after all of that they wanted a “man” as their country’s ultimate authority: just like we do! Well there is one difference, Israel wanted God to choose their authority and we want to choose the authorities ourselves.


Think about this form of government with truth guiding your thoughts. We are told and we tell others that we are free and that the people control the government. Is that really true? As I understand Democracy the only power the people have is to vote some man or woman into an office of authority, after that we must live with that man’s decisions. To put it as Spiritually plain as I can we choose a “man” as our master. How do you think that makes our Heavenly Father feel?


I know that Christians say “Pray to God so He will guide you when you vote”, but does He? Do you hear a voice that says vote for Mr. Right? If you think that He guided your choice without an audible sign then did you always vote for the winner? Do you know who God will choose so that you can vote for them?


Surely you can see that you do not control what happens. After you choose a “man” to be your master you have no more say in the matter. You might say it is wrong to reward those who have stolen so much from the people that it has bankrupted the whole nation, but you can not really do anything about it. Legally you can only lament about it and tell each other to vote the “man” out of office, but you can not change a thing. The “man” you vote into office the next time will do worse things to you.


I will go no farther pointing out the flaws in this government. Instead let me say a few words about governments and the book of Revelation.


(Rev 12:3 NIV)  Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his heads.


We know that the Dragon is Satan (Verse 9) and we should also know that the seven heads are symbolic. The number seven is symbolic of something that is complete.

But in this case I believe it is also symbolic of governments.


There are seven basic forms of governments. What seems like other forms are mixtures of the seven (Boy I’m going to get augments on that statement).


Monarchy – rule or the power of government in the hands of an individual who has inherited the role and expects to bequeath it to the descendants.
Despotism – the form of rule wherein a single leader rules the entire population and all his or her subjects are considered to be his or her slaves.
Dictatorship – rule by an individual without hereditary succession, who has complete power over the country.
Oligarchy – the form of government where a small group has the power to govern or rule.
Plutocracy – a form of government, which is run by the rich.
Democracy – a form of government, which allows people to choose the representatives amongst themselves who are given the rights to govern.
Communist – a form of Government in which the state is governed by a one-party system.
Theocracy – a form of government, which implies rule by a religious elite.


There are also horns, and crowns that are spoken of and the beast that comes out of the sea has the same number of heads and horns, but three more crowns.


I think that I will stop here and let you think about what I have said so far and then I will write a post about what I think the horns, crowns and the two beasts mean.

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