As I understand our current problems it seems only a natural or worldly process. We have been a democracy for over two hundred years. For all of this time we have been choosing other men to serve as our masters. Think about that: servants that are masters of those who they are supposed to be servants of!

This is a dichotomy that is only one when viewed from a detached or spiritual position. Citizens who are voting for the man of their choice never think that they are making a man their master. But they are granting that man the power to make decisions that will not only greatly affect their own lives, but as we can see now, greatly affect the lives of their children as well.

The politician never thinks of himself as a servant, but as a master. It is politically correct to claim to be a servant, but politicians serve themselves first and when they absolutely have too they may do something for the people.

As time goes on those things that are done against the people as a result of what is done by the politicians for themselves add together until there is nothing left for the people to give. The taxes that are piled on our backs are never taken off. If a tax has a set time to end it will be put on the ballot again and if it doesn’t pass there will be a special election, time after time, until it does pass.

Christians know that all men are bound over to disobedience (Rom 11:32 NIV) and yet we choose one to lead us! Actually we choose many masters. And we even tell each other that we should all choose (vote)! Doesn’t anyone realize that to choose a man to reign over us is to reject God?

We can see that Israel made a mistake by wanting a king to lead them because we are detached from the situation, but we are in the middle of this democracy and we can not see the trees for the forest.

After much thought on the matter I have reached a conclusion. Government is a matter of faith. If I believed in democracy I would have to believe in the goodness of man and I do not. God has let us have this democracy to show us beyond a doubt that we are not qualified to lead or reign over ourselves. If you do not understand this yet just wait a little while, because I believe everyone will understand before God ends or lets this mess end.

If you do not understand then read 1 Sam 8:7-22 and when the word king is used substitute the word authority for it. That is if you are reading the NIV. There is no real need to substitute if you read the KJV, because it makes clear that it is the one who reigns that is the difference: man or God.

We chose a man to reign over us. Actually we chose and choose many men when you consider all of the legislators and they do worse things to us than the king that God chose for Israel. God said the king would take ten percent for himself, but this government takes half and gives it to whomever they choose. The truth is that by borrowing from other countries they have taken everything we have and everything our children could have had and given it to those who are not even citizens of this Country.

Those who defend this type of government by saying we can vote this man out of office and replace him with a man that will govern fairly do not yet understand. The man that we vote into office does even worse things than the man we voted out and we are still left with the taxes, restrictions, and debts that the first man obligated us to.

The truth as I see it is only God could save us and He might, but He told Israel that he would not help them. (1 Sam 8:18 NIV)  When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day.” If He wouldn’t answer Israel will He answer us?

I am sorry if I sound so negative, but we have and are sinning greatly and no one seems to understand. Can we ask God to rescue us when we do not even admit that it is our actions that got us here?

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