In some of my posts I have tried to explain why I think man has free will to either accept salvation or reject it and I have been verbally assaulted for my efforts. That doesn’t bother me until it becomes the goal of those who do so. If that is their goal then Bible study is not. No man can honestly defend himself from slander because all men sin. I am somewhat guilty of anything said about me, so if that is your goal I concede.

Those who believe Calvin seem to forget Christ. By that I mean they do not obey the second greatest commandment. (Mat 22:39 NIV)  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Which is accomplished when you (Luke 6:31 NIV) Do to others as you would have them do to you. I am quite sure you do not want to be called the things that I have been called and it would help the study if everyone refrained from name calling.

Perhaps not all Calvinist forget the second commandment, but it seems as though all who have commented on my posts have. I even had to explain to one that he was not welcome on my blog. I don’t know if that bothered him, but it really bothered me and it still does.

If there are any Calvinist out there that would like to present their views without a condescending attitude I have a few questions that if I take a Calvinist view I either have no answer or do not like the answer that I come up with.

First and foremost is that if I believe Calvin then, “How would or could I be sure of my own salvation”?

Perhaps someone that believes in a Calvinist type of doctrine could tell me how.

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