July 13, 2009

If you have read anything I have said about this country you know I have little respect for the system of government that we have. In case you haven’t just let me say this, “This Country was formed in rebellion to God”.

I didn’t always have this view, but I read Romans 13:1&2 and applied it to the formation of this Government and it changed my understanding of democracy. I have since repented and no longer believe in this Democracy. It came down to who do I really put my trust in and I realized that first my loyalty must rest in God and anything and everything else must agree with that loyalty. You can see that anything else would be a sin.

As I said, I have repented. Since I understand that this Nation was formed in rebellion to God I have not participated in politics at all. I am no longer a registered voter and do not endorse any candidate or political party. I believe God when He says He appoints the authorities and I believe that is the only way it should be.

The problem stems from our sin. God does not stop sin and when our forefathers decided the people could do a better job of appointing authorities He did not stop them. Nor does He stop us as we try to elect a man.

I know that if every Christian does as I have that there is no hope for our country. I do not want this as it can only result in Satan winning this part of the battle. So I have devoted some thought to the problem, or I should say I have wrestled with God over an answer to our plight. As you know I am only a student and I don’t always understand what the Spirit is trying to teach me so I am going to post what seems right to me and maybe someone who understands more clearly can straighten me out and maybe we can begin to work toward a real solution to our problem.

First even though the system is basically flawed we must work within it. We can not rebel. Even though it was not God’s idea that we should choose authorities He has appointed the authorities that we wanted. To rebel against those authorities is to rebel against God as Romans 13:1&2 make clear.

The first thing that we must do is we must all repent. (2 Chr 7:14 NIV) “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We must humble ourselves and admit it is wrong to attempt to choose our own authorities. We must ask God to honor His word and again choose authorities for us. That is the way it should be, because we do not know what is in another man’s heart and we do not know what someone will do in the future, but God knows both.

Perhaps we should form another political party: the Christian political party. The other two parties have already determined which candidates will do as they want and if they do not then the next time they will not receive money for their campaign. This action would result in every church that participated losing its tax exempt status, but we can really serve only one master and money is not the one we should be serving.

You may say that this is only my idea, but Scripture clearly states the way we can extract ourselves from this mess (2 Chr 7:14). It should be clear that we can not govern ourselves. We need God for that task and only God. We have sinned by not accepting God’s word that He will choose our authorities and attempting to do it ourselves. We need to heed our own words and really put our trust in God.

Will this come about? No! I don’t believe most of my brothers and sisters have the faith that is required for the cure!


July 4, 2009

Many times many prophets in the Old Testament would tell God’s people their Country was corrupt to the core and the people would say, “This is God’s country. We have nothing to fear: God will protect us.”

It is the same today! This Country is corrupt to the core and you say, “This is a Christian Country and we have nothing to fear: God will protect us.”   Really?!!!!

Does no one understand that every time we vote we are rebelling against God? God says that He appoints the authorities, but we are saying that we do! By our actions every time we vote we are saying “God is incompetent and a liar!” We claim to know more than God and we should choose who will rule over us. You may think that you do not say “God is incompetent and a liar” but your actions speak louder than your words.

Is God too weak to choose the authorities? Is that why He needs our help? We either put our trust in God to do as He said, or we put our trust in ourselves to choose our own leaders.

We have swallowed the lies of Satan and put our trust in ourselves! We say ask God who we should vote for, but it is like asking God which bank to rob! The action is wrong and there can be no answer from God, because there is no answer to which sin should I commit. The only proper answer is “Commit no sin”.

Wake up Christians! Stop celebrating the Fourth of July. Don’t you understand that you are celebrating rebellion against God? Put your trust in the one that is qualified to choose leaders. He has already appointed a King to rule us! Obey the real authority and let the world do as it pleases. Recognize the power of God, not the power of the people.

Just like Pilate was given the power to condemn Jesus we have the power to choose leaders because God has granted it. However because God will grant our wish it doesn’t make the wish right. God gave Israel a king to rule them, because they wanted one and God lets us choose our own leaders, because that is what we want, but it is a great sin.

I feel like an Old Testament prophet, because I am treated the same way. I have the same message today as the prophets in the Old Testament and the answer from those who claim to be God’s people is the same: “We don’t want to hear that. You are a false prophet”.

We read what the prophets of the Old Testament said and we say to ourselves, “If I were living in that time I wouldn’t be like them”. Well we don’t live in that time period, but we are just as faithless as them.


Don’t you see that God has given us enough rope to hang ourselves and we have already tied it around our own necks and jumped?