The American Heritage Dictionary. 

Wisdom 1.Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment. 3. The sum of scholarly learning through the ages; knowledge.

Intelligence 1.The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. 2. The faculty of thought and reason. 3. Superior powers of mind.

I am afraid that I have been confusing wisdom and intelligence most of my life. I always lumped them together. I assumed that if one were intelligent then one would be wise, but lately I have thought about it and I realize that one can be intelligent and yet lack wisdom.

Atheists like Mr. Dawkins are prime examples of those who are intelligent and yet lack wisdom. Most atheists that I have met are intelligent, but they do not use their intelligence to gain wisdom. Both atheists and believers, if being honest, would have to agree that in order to determine if God exists one has to examine the universe and everything in it.

The Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork and I use to think that was because it was so immense. But now I understand it means the universe is wasting away to its end. The light of the stars originates from matter being destroyed and matter is not being restored. If the universe has an end then logically speaking it must have had a beginning! Something has to have existed and will exist forever: either God or the universe. Its not rocket science.

Those who do not want to believe there is a God lump all religions together, but there are major differences and though all religions believe in some type of god the differences are too great to allow them to be grouped together.

The Christian religion commands followers to treat others as they want to be treated. No other religion has such a command. If all men obeyed such a command there would be world peace, because there would be no more transgressions between men. Even the leaders of the world would not war against other nations!

Atheists, if they had wisdom, would understand that world peace could result if everyone obeyed that royal law and they would encourage everyone to be a Christian. If there truly is no God then what does it matter what one believes? If I want to believe, even in Santa Clause, what is that to others?

Well it does seem to matter. Christians want all to believe, because they want all to be saved (you know ‘do unto others’), and the atheists want all not to believe because it makes the atheists look intelligent (and they are intelligent).

The problem between Christians and atheists, as I understand it, originates because atheists seem to lack confidence in their intelligence. They seem to believe that to make others seem stupid they will appear even more intelligent. They draw the less intelligent into discussions about science and other subjects, about which they have more knowledge than most Christians, and never mention that the universe is slowly coming to an end. It seems that it is not truth they desire, but admiration.

Then there is money as a reward for not seeking truth. One can receive royalties from books that are written to make their intelligent brothers feel good. And they feel good because it makes them seem more intelligent than the masses. There is also opportunities for advancement by agreeing with the other intelligent people as those who are intelligent usually have more power and influence than those who are not as gifted.

After saying all of this it is clear that I am still confused about wisdom and intelligence. How could someone be intelligent and yet not be wise? It is not wise to oppose a religion that would assure world peace and yet the intelligent do! At the very least it is a selfish and self-centered attitude.


  1. Chris Barnes says:

    I believe The confusion isn’t as much between Wisdom and Intelligence, but Earthly Wisdom vs. Heavenly Wisdom (or Wisdom from God). The Atheists are intelligent and Wise with the wisdom that is of the Earth (See James Chapter 3). James (starting at Verse 13) differentiates between earthly wisdom and Heavenly wisdom. The Atheists believe out of Selfish desire, and “bitter Jealousy”(Contemporary English); whereas, Wisdom that comes from God reveals itself through purity, Friendliness, gentleness, sensibility, kindness, helpfulness, etc. True Wisdom reveals the Fruit of the Spirit as True wisdom only comes from the Holy Spirit and, therefore, MUST take on His attributes. To put it differently, Earthly wisdom is based in the Knowledge of Man; Godly wisdom is based in the knowlege of God. It is only when we put off the wisdom of the earth, that we can truly obtain the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God is NOT the sum of Scholarly Learning as the World believes, but the Sum of the Knowlege of God.

  2. astudent says:

    Chris Barnes,

    You are correct. The problem does originate with belief in God.
    I was trying to explain the errors of atheists from a worldly perspective.
    Intelligent atheists will not accept the Bible as true and yet even using worldly wisdom it is proved true: unless one denies truth, then proof means nothing.
    The sum of scholarly learning doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.
    The universe is wasting away! That is an undeniable fact. But of course it will be denied! If anyone does not want to see all they have to do is close their eyes.
    The efforts of worldly wisdom are really quite funny when you think about it. Using the methods of the world, if I wanted to find out how a Ford was made, I would drive two of them in a large circle and smash them together. Then I would examine the pieces and that would tell me where, who, and how they were made! That is if I could get the experiment to work in the first place! O well, I think it is funny! Perhaps there is just something wrong with me.
    Just as an after thought: if I didn’t believe the Fords were made then why would I devise an experiment designed to determine what they were made of? Hummmmmm

  3. LMFAO. Really guys? First of all astudent. This “law or rule” did not start with christianity. Check out Code of Hammurabi. Not only that but China, Egypt and many other older civilizations had this rule before Christ. Hell, Christ didn’t even invent it. It came from the Torah. Hebrew: “ואהבת לרעך כמוך” ca.1300 BCE):

    You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.

    So your Christ did not invent this. It is a simple understanding us that for us to live together in large societies, there are certain things that are good for the whole.

  4. Ernest E. Musgrave says:

    Why can’t you love humanity if you don’t believe there is a fatherly God. What you are implying is that why be good if there is no one to reward you. I have met many religious and atheistic fanatics and they should all try to help mankind and forget their personal beliefs. Loving is all that matters in a universe or universes full of star dust and different types of energy.

  5. astudent says:

    Ernest E. Musgrave,

    I know it isn’t considered right to answer a question with a question, however it seems that I am always wrong, so I will be wrong again.

    What is your understanding of humanity and do you love it?

    Do you love those who break into a school and kill the children? How about those who love money so much that they do not leave enough for others to even have enough to eat. Are not these human? Can you help them?

    These are the things that humanity does when they do not believe there is a Heaven or Hell. You do not have to take my word for anything, but it is difficult to deny reality.

    It is all about personal gain or loss. The man that does not believe in the God of love has no reason to do what is right. He only does what is beneficial to him at the time he is given the choice. Again, look around, it is undeniable.

    There are other gods. The god of death is very powerful now and he has power, because mankind, as a whole, does not believe in the God of love.

    Let me ask you the same question you ask others ‘Why don’t you forget your personal beliefs?’ At the very least think about what you said.

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