January 12, 2010

I use to attend a large Church where most of the congregation were happy to be Christians. I have moved to a different area and I have been attending a smaller Church where it is hard to be happy. They ought to rename it the “O Woe Is Me Church”!

Now basically I am a happy person. You may have gotten a different idea of my personality because I seem to be disagreeing with everyone, but I freely admit that I do not know everything and even when I am right from my view others may be also right from their view.

Yes, that is possible! If there are two men standing on opposite sides of the road, facing each other and a car goes by, to one man it appeared on his right and as it passed by it went to his left. The other man viewed it as coming from his left and it went to his right. Same car, same instance, and both men right, just a different point of view.

So why do you ask is it hard to be happy here? Well most of the congregation do not know enough to enjoy their salvation. Their eyes are on what they do not have instead of what they do have. They pray and contemplate continually about physical healing. There is a prayer list a mile long for physically ill people. Anyone can be added to the list even if they are just a friend of a member!

They do not really understand that they have received the gift of life already! And they continually dwell on the physical aspects of this world! How the heck can you be happy that way?

Now, I don’t want anyone to be sick. Especially me! But that is part of life. Some people must think God doesn’t know who is sick, or will not heal the sick unless we ask. The truth is God already knows who is sick and even who will become sick tomorrow. Yes, we should ask God to heal the sick, but those who are really sick unto death are those who have no Savior. It is clear that God has the power to heal both those who are physically ill and those who are spiritually ill as well. If He does not then we should ask Him why. And He does not, because everyone dies the first death.

As I have said before the key to happiness is to keep your eyes on what you have and do not spend time looking at what you do not have. God has been good to me. I have not gone without anything for very long. I can look at my place in life and be very happy, but if I dwell on the richness that God has not given me I would be miserable. Actually as I understand more and more about our Heavenly Father and myself I can see that I could not handle the problems that come with wealth.

Some day I will become sick and I will die. That is a fact and when it happens I will ask God for physical healing, but He will not heal me. I know enough now to understand it will be the best thing that could happen to me at that time. God will heal me through my physical death!

When I hear people pray for a physical healing I think about Hezekiah. He also prayed about physical healing, but he didn’t understand that it was the best thing for him and those around him for him to leave this earth.

The most wonderful thing about God is that He will grant you the desires of your heart. The most dangerous thing about God is that He will grant you the desires of your heart.

Hezekiah, though there was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him, did not have enough faith in God to understand that He would rescue him from true death and that it was the best thing for everyone for him to go.

Read the account of Hezekiah, before and after his healing and decide for yourself if it was the best thing for him to be healed. Then when sickness enters your life remember the problems that Judah faced because of the weak faith of Hezekiah. In the mean time dwell on what God has given you and do not look for what you do not have.

“Don’t worry, be happy”.


January 9, 2010


If you are confused about current events just think about the game of Monopoly. If you have ever played the game you know that compassion for your fellow competitors is not part of a strategy that would lead to success. If your competitor lands on your property he must pay the rent that is defined in the rules of the game. If you were to forgive the debt you could not win the game.

We all play the game in this life today. You have no choice but to play. The big problem originated when some began to play to win. In order to win the game of Monopoly one must accumulate all of the money and to do this one must bankrupt everyone else.

It is not possible to accumulate all of the wealth of the world. There is just too much of it and a person’s life is too short to allow it.

When the game of Monopoly is over everyone goes their separate ways and no one is really hurt, but in life the game never ends. The one who seems to be winning will leave the game before it ends and those whom he or she has bankrupted are truly hurt.

That is what is happening today. The whole world is playing the game as if they could win and the entity they revere the most is the money of the game. The money of the game seems to have been given power to solve all problems from health care to world peace but it is only an illusion. There is no room for the true Master of the game in their hearts and no compassion either. The game belongs to the Master and always has. It truly is just a game!

The rules of life are different from the rules of Monopoly. The game of life has many winners and losers. Everyone can win and everyone can lose as there is no “one” winner.

In order to win the real game one must take the time to consider where the game came from and what the rules are. It seems that most players are too busy trying to accumulate the false wealth of the game than to spend any time contemplating the rules.  

If you know the rules and the Master then do not hate those that do not understand. It really makes no difference if you are bankrupt in this world if you play by the Masters rules. Have compassion on those that only play the game using the rules of the world as they will lose the real game even though they seem to be winning.

Do not be like Jonah and hate those who are made in the image of God. Jonah only thought about himself and judged others instead of himself. Judge yourself and let God judge everyone else. Perhaps some of the people in this world that cannot tell their right hand from their left will stop and consider their ways and turn and God will heal them. It happened in Nineveh and it can happen in America also.

Our command is the same as that given to Jonah. It was not to stop anyone from practicing their ways, but to preach against them. If they listen and believe they will stop their ways by themselves: overcome evil with good. You will have accomplished both goals. They will stop trying to bankrupt others and they will leave the game as winners. And that is what the Master of the game wants for everyone. Align your objectives with those of God’s and overcome evil with good.

Do not be discouraged if they refuse to understand. Everyone is free to play the game as they desire. They are even free to cheat if they so desire. Do not think and act as losers. When everyone that will win the game has left then the Master will end it.

Mourn for those that are losing. Mourn and do not hate them.


January 5, 2010

If you have read much of what I have written you can see that I like to understand the basics. It is not possible to understand complicated issues if you do not understand the very bases from which they came. It is like building a house on sand. If the foundation shifts the house will fall. I spend most of my time digging around to find solid ground and the most solid of ground is stone. God is like a stone. He is solid ground and He doesn’t change.

Those that follow Islam believe in law and that in itself is not wrong, however they seem to spend all of their time examining others. They see others disobeying the law and they condemn them for doing so. It is not wrong to examine the errors of others, because if you know their mistakes you are less likely to make the same mistakes. However it is wrong to condemn others.

Consider Jonah. He hated the people of Nineveh and when God told him to go to that city and preach against it he tried not to. He knew that God would have compassion on the people if they turned form their wickedness and because he hated them he did not want God to show mercy on them.

After he was unsuccessful in avoiding the commands of God he did as God wanted, but his heart was not in it. The Ninevites did believe God, and they did turn from their evil ways, and God did have compassion on them, and He did not destroy them.

This infuriated Jonah so much he asked God to take his life. The man was full of hate and not love. He went to a place where he could view the city in hopes he could witness their destruction. Even though Jonah was full of hate God provided a vine to shade Jonah from the hot sun while he waited to see if God would destroy the city!

Jonah was only judging others and did not consider his own sin. He was only interested in his own comfort and so to demonstrate that to Jonah God made a worm to destroy the vine that shaded Jonah.

God made it clear to Jonah and to us that He was concerned about the people of Nineveh, after all it was God that formed everyone of them in the womb, and it was God that placed them in that city, it was God that furnished food to eat, water to drink, and air to breath, and it was God that wanted them to turn from their evil ways so that He could have mercy on them. To put it in our worldly way, God had a large investment in the people of Nineveh and Jonah had nothing invested.

God only wanted the people of Nineveh to stop their evil. It is evil and wrong to take the life of anyone that God has made. If you did not give life then what evil idea would make anyone think it was God’s wish that you have the right to judge someone that God made and take their life? The only justification for taking someone else’s life is self-defense. When someone is going to take your life you have the right to stop them, after all you also are made in the image of God.

So the basic thing wrong with Islam is the followers are not taught to examine their own sin. Like Jonah their hate for their fellow man far outweighs the wishes of God. Do not be like Jonah. Consider the love of God for all men and do not judge others. Judge yourself and plead guilty, then change your ways and God will have compassion on you.

God gave us a Savior, but if one never considers their own sin then they do not know they need a Savior! God puts up with the sin of others, even though He hates sin and we should also.

The basic difference between Islam and Christianity is one who really believes in Islam wants to kill anyone who doesn’t and one who really believes as a Christian wants to give life to anyone who doesn’t.

I don’t think God has much compassion for anyone who doesn’t really believe. He has made a universe and everything in it for man. Then He made every man and worked a plan for their salvation so that we could live with Him forever. After all the effort and work God has done for us do you think He would be pleased if we didn’t even believe He exists?  Judge for yourself which religion is the one God wants man to follow.

May God send a worm to destroy your shade if you show no compassion for your fellow man. Perhaps as you sit in the hot sun you will understand that it is God that should judge and not you