I use to attend a large Church where most of the congregation were happy to be Christians. I have moved to a different area and I have been attending a smaller Church where it is hard to be happy. They ought to rename it the “O Woe Is Me Church”!

Now basically I am a happy person. You may have gotten a different idea of my personality because I seem to be disagreeing with everyone, but I freely admit that I do not know everything and even when I am right from my view others may be also right from their view.

Yes, that is possible! If there are two men standing on opposite sides of the road, facing each other and a car goes by, to one man it appeared on his right and as it passed by it went to his left. The other man viewed it as coming from his left and it went to his right. Same car, same instance, and both men right, just a different point of view.

So why do you ask is it hard to be happy here? Well most of the congregation do not know enough to enjoy their salvation. Their eyes are on what they do not have instead of what they do have. They pray and contemplate continually about physical healing. There is a prayer list a mile long for physically ill people. Anyone can be added to the list even if they are just a friend of a member!

They do not really understand that they have received the gift of life already! And they continually dwell on the physical aspects of this world! How the heck can you be happy that way?

Now, I don’t want anyone to be sick. Especially me! But that is part of life. Some people must think God doesn’t know who is sick, or will not heal the sick unless we ask. The truth is God already knows who is sick and even who will become sick tomorrow. Yes, we should ask God to heal the sick, but those who are really sick unto death are those who have no Savior. It is clear that God has the power to heal both those who are physically ill and those who are spiritually ill as well. If He does not then we should ask Him why. And He does not, because everyone dies the first death.

As I have said before the key to happiness is to keep your eyes on what you have and do not spend time looking at what you do not have. God has been good to me. I have not gone without anything for very long. I can look at my place in life and be very happy, but if I dwell on the richness that God has not given me I would be miserable. Actually as I understand more and more about our Heavenly Father and myself I can see that I could not handle the problems that come with wealth.

Some day I will become sick and I will die. That is a fact and when it happens I will ask God for physical healing, but He will not heal me. I know enough now to understand it will be the best thing that could happen to me at that time. God will heal me through my physical death!

When I hear people pray for a physical healing I think about Hezekiah. He also prayed about physical healing, but he didn’t understand that it was the best thing for him and those around him for him to leave this earth.

The most wonderful thing about God is that He will grant you the desires of your heart. The most dangerous thing about God is that He will grant you the desires of your heart.

Hezekiah, though there was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him, did not have enough faith in God to understand that He would rescue him from true death and that it was the best thing for everyone for him to go.

Read the account of Hezekiah, before and after his healing and decide for yourself if it was the best thing for him to be healed. Then when sickness enters your life remember the problems that Judah faced because of the weak faith of Hezekiah. In the mean time dwell on what God has given you and do not look for what you do not have.

“Don’t worry, be happy”.

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