Most of those who are well versed in worldly understanding seem to think that it is not logical to believe in God, but just the opposite is true. Not only is it logical to believe in God, but the only God that is possible is the God of the Bible.

I have found that in order to understand anything it is necessary to start with the very basics. When I question something, and I question everything, usually I must work toward simplifying the question and not accept what is said. In other words I must first determine if what I think I know is true before I can build on it; I work backwards instead of forward.

Take the universe as an example. Working backwards it seems to me that there must be something that has and will always exist. The Bible says that something is God. If I did not believe in God wouldn’t I believe that it is the universe that always existed and will always exists? If the universe didn’t always exist then something or someone would have to have created it and if it was someone it would have to be a God because no man could do such an awesome thing, nor could there even be a man before there was a universe.

Those who do not want to believe in God have invented the Big Bang theory to explain the existence of the universe. It really doesn’t make much sense to think an explosion could take place in such a great field of gravity that would exist when all of the matter in the universe was gathered together, but just to keep from auguring the possibility suppose it could.

If the Big Bang theory were true then in order for the universe to always exist at some point all of the matter in the universe would have to be re-gathered to one place. That creates a problem that we can see is not possible. We can not see into the past clearly, but we can see what is happening today and the cause of the end of the universe is clear.

Looking into the sky at night we can see the destruction of the universe. The light from the stars is mass being destroyed. The only way energy is produced is by the destruction of matter. Matter is made of energy locked into a matrix. Once that matrix is broken it is not possible to reestablish it. Einstein was proved right when the Atomic Bomb worked, matter is made of energy, but matter is Humpty Dumpty it can not be reassembled. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can not put matter together again: nor does nature.

There are some scientist that claim it is done in a cyclotron, but if matter must be used in the process and more matter is destroyed than produced then one can not claim matter was created. It is only a residue of the process.

Something or Someone must have created matter by locking energy into the various matrixes that we know as matter. Massive amounts of matter are being destroyed to produce energy, but no where in the universe is energy being reformed into matter and it would have to if the universe were never ending. Understanding this one can discern the universe is fading away.

Then one who is questioning in truth would have to contemplate where energy came from, for without energy there could be no matter.

Those that have read much of what I have said already know this and they have probably have read this far just to see why I said the only God that is possible is the God of the Bible. Well this post has become too long, so I will explain my conclusion in my next post. Don’t you just hate that?


  1. noreligion says:

    Do you know who originated big bang theory?

  2. scaryreasoner says:

    Looking forward to your next post. If it’s as logical as this one, it will unconvince even more people.

  3. noreligion says:

    Was a question but by your answer I can tell you neither know nor care. Ok, go on in your ignorance and your idiotic assumption that it was originated by someone who didn’t want to believe in god.

  4. astudent says:


    Georges Lemaite

  5. astudent says:


    What is not logical? Where in the universe is energy being returned to matter?

  6. noreligion says:

    I know who originated the big bang.Apparently scarydude doesnt know nor does he know that he was a priest.

  7. astudent says:


    You do not know what I know. No man knows the thoughts of another.

    If you study Georges Lemaite, you will see that he was a scientist that was ordained. There is a difference between someone who is a priest and someone who is a scientist that calls himself a priest. Anyone can call himself or herself a priest, but a true priest spends his time helping the poor and trying to help those who refuse to believe.

    If you cannot address the important points of a post then just pick out something that is trivial and harp on that. Or you could just call me names. Is that intelligent?

    How do you think the universe came about and how do you think it can survive?

  8. noreligion says:

    Did I call you names? Did I pick on a trivial point? Your the one who said the big bang was thought up by those that don’t want to believe in god. That is wrong.

  9. astudent says:


    Don’t take offense, but are you on dope? You called me ignorant, idiotic, and scarydude! If you cannot remember what you wrote then read your comments before you comment again.

    Yes, you picked a trivial point.

    The Bible says God made everything out of what was not. That means He made everything out of nothing. To theorize otherwise is not to believe God. Lemaite did just that. Therefore, I am not wrong.

    As far as being a priest, even you are a priest. You are just a priest on the wrong team.

  10. noreligion says:

    No i called scaryreasoner scarydude. Thanks for your immature and idiotic insult. Go to hell.

  11. astudent says:


    What do you mean by “Go to Hell”? Do you not believe in God and yet believe in hell?
    It makes as much sense as saying ‘Go to Mordor’, coming from you!
    I can see that you think I was insulting you, but if you think about what I said without trying to defend your pride, you might learn something.

    If you read your last comment, as if you were someone else, you might wonder who really is immature!

  12. Steve says:

    The Big Bang hypothesis is quite possibly the greatest scientific aid to Christian theology coming out of the 20th century. It gives creation a starting point that makes observable and rational sense and since the earth is only 4.5 billion years old there is not enough time for random evolution to work.

  13. astudent says:


    Well, it does not seem rational to me. Science explains black holes as matter so compressed that even light cannot escape and yet I am supposed to believe that all of the matter in the universe was compressed into one place and there was some force that not only allowed or made light escape, but even matter!

    However, I agree that there wasn’t enough time for evolution to work. As we know, evolution is a figment of imagination and there really could not be enough time for it to work even if time was immortal.

    If the Big Bang hypothesis is a great scientific aid to Christian theology, then what about the discovery of Dark Matter and Dark Energy? Could it be that math reaches a point that it is no longer valid? Or could it indicate a God that is still in control?

  14. Steve says:


    You’re not supposed to believe that all the matter was compressed into one place. You’re supposed to believe nothing existed until God said let there be light and the Big Bang happened. I am not sure of exactly how the interrelation happens but light and matter are somehow interchangeable. Someone familiar with quantum mechanics knows this is true. I don’t know about matter/antimatter. The laws of creation don’t extent to eternity where God’s transcendent reality rules. Check out Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe and you will come away blessed.

    Just in Jesus,

  15. astudent says:


    I did visit Hugh Ross’s web site and it is interesting.

    I would argue with anyone who says matter and light are interchangeable. Light is energy and matter is made of energy so it would seem they are interchangeable. However though the atom bomb proved matter equals energy and can be converted to energy, no one knows how to convert energy into mass. Only God can create matter and only God can give life.

    Science has a bad habit of explaining what happened when it does not even understand the basics; such as evolution when there is no idea of what life is and creation when there is no idea of how energy is converted into mass.

    It really does not take a scientist to explain something that is not understood: just an imagination

  16. Samsara says:

    The earth was flat at one time, too;-)
    Keep up the fun discourse non-teacher, student guy! What a blast!

  17. astudent says:


    I am amused that you are amused!

  18. Ken says:

    Why can’t you just accept that mankind has not advanced far enough to be able to answer these questions? In another 2,000 years our understanding may have developed so very fast that we are now in a position to answer and prove what our origins are. Don’t take the easy way out and say GOD DID IT. By the way, when you end your writings with DON’T YOU JUST HATE THAT, you sound like an uninformed 12 year old.

  19. astudent says:

    Well Ken, it isn’t necessary to wait 2,000 years. One can see that the universe is mortal right now. I had to laugh because your remark reminded me of my son. He would not know an answer to some question that I would ask him and he would say, “I am only in the third grade. I’ll know when I am in the forth grade”.
    I didn’t take the easy way out. I have spent a lot of time contemplating God and what He has and will do. If you ask me, you took the easy way out. You will never have to spend any effort to determine our origins, because you will not last 2,000 years on this earth.
    Truth is you will know our origins with in 100 years. That is if you are at least 20 years old now.
    As far as sounding like an uniformed 12 year old, I don’t care. I don’t write to impress anyone or to make friends, although I do call anyone friend that enjoys God and His Word. So if you were trying to insult me I just don’t care. DON’T YOU JUST HATE THAT? (How is your sense of humor?)

  20. Student,

    You clearly do not have an understanding of the BBt and of matter.

    Matter and energy are the same thing. Smh. Matter is not destroyed or created. It is always there in the form of energy and vice versa. What is this matrix crap your talking about?

    Talk about a total argument from ignorance. “I don’t know how it’s done…GAWD did it!! You had a partial intelligent answer before you went crazy again. “If I did not believe in God would’t I believe that it is the universe that always existed and will always exists?”

    You started correctly. We have proof an an existing universe. Big Crunch models can show a universe that lasts infinite. You then jumped into special pleading. Who created your god? If you say no one because he is the Uncaused Cause, you’ve just broken your own rule. Special pleading. And if there is an uncaused cause, why can it not be an eternal universe?

    You’ve killed your own argument with your own words and probably do not even realize it.

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