March 29, 2010


First I must say that this country is basically a Christian country so any Muslim candidate would probably have to come from outside the USA. Though it is illegal to become president unless one is born a citizen, if enough bribes are paid, and the importance downplayed sufficiently it might be possible to circumnavigate the law.

It would be vitally necessary to hide the fact that he was a Muslim, both before the election and also after it. Before, because he would not stand a chance of being elected, and after to hide the motive for all of the damage he would do to the country. The USA is said to be an enemy to Islam and there would be no reason for a Muslim to attempt to become president other than to destroy this country.

One way to hide his religion would be to attend a Christian church before the election. There would be no reason or gain to continue after the election, unless it was becoming too obvious that he was Muslim. He could even justify lying about being a Christian, because Islam allows lies to further its goal of world dominance.

As president he could not pardon his fellow Muslims who have been imprisoned, but if he could close the prison, which would cause them to be moved to a less secure facility then perhaps they could escape. Even if they were not successful they would have a chance to kill more Americans before they were recaptured.

Perhaps he and those who help him could change the way the enemies of this country are tried for their crimes. If foreigners are given the same rights as natives and are not read their rights there is no way they can be found guilty. The truth is we can not even convict our own criminals and even if we could there is no room in prisons for them.

Those who do not understand that the president was a Muslim would not see clearly what was transpiring and would be clueless as to what was happening. Those that do understand the ways of Muslims would understand if the president bowed to a Muslim king and made statements such as Islam is a peaceful religion. That is if we would ever elect a Muslim president.

The president would believe that he would go down in history as the greatest president of the USA; because Muslims would write U.S. history after he destroyed it and he would be the one mainly responsible for the fall of the great Satan.

Anything that the president could do to weaken this country he would do. If he could weaken the economy, or cause civil unrest he would do so. It would be a wise move to make it seem as though it was an attempt to socialize the country instead of the real goal which would be to destroy it.

It would be a real feather in his cap when he belittled the leader of Israel and you can be sure he would. One of the very important things he would strive to do is to destroy the bond between Israel and the USA. That could be easily accomplished by demanding the ridiculous.

You might ask yourself if God would allow this to happen and the answer is not difficult to ascertain. We have decided to choose our own leaders, not relying on God and God lets man sin. How else can a stiff-necked people like us learn if He doesn’t let us make mistakes? If we elected a Muslim for our leader God would know it even before the man was born!

It seems to me to be a necessary step toward the end of time. You see Israel will not depend on God to protect them. In the past they have made alliances with many foreign countries instead of relying on God alone. That does not please God. It seems that the whole world will turn on Israel in the end times and so this country must also turn.

If we ever elect a Muslim for president he will think he is having great success, but he would only be doing God’s bidding. That is the one true God’s bidding. Israel will finally have to put their trust in the one true God, because there will be no one else to turn to. Once again God will rise up and defeat the enemies of Israel, but this time it will be the last time.

That is, if we ever elect a Muslim president.


March 16, 2010


The world seems to think God invented Hell for anyone that will not obey Him, but the world does not know or understand God. Hell is not designed as a punishment.

God will ultimately grant the desires of everyone’s heart. Those who love God and want to live with Him forever will get their wish. Those who hate God and do not want to live with Him forever will also get their wish.

This life is the time of decision. God has granted every one the right to decide where they wish to spend eternity, but the choice will be permanent.

It helps to understand everything if you know that death is only separation. The first death is physical. It is separation from the earth and everything in it. The second death that is spoken of in the Bible is separation from God.

God does not want to be separated from anyone, but He has given us the power to decide for ourselves if we want to live with Him or not. Love is not one sided. No one can make another love them, not even God. God can make one obey Him, but not love Him. No one, not even God wants to live with an enemy. There can be no peace if you live with your enemy and the life after the first death is forever, so living with your enemy forever would mean there would be no peace forever.

Bearing this in mind, we can see the Hell is not basically a punishment, but a separation. It is described as burning sulfur, but how can Hell be described? We do not even have an idea of what it would be like to be separated from God. We have been given life in God’s universe. We breathe God’s air, drink His water, live in His country, think with the mind He gave us, and work with the hands He gave us. If I tried to list everything God has given us, I could not.

I think the fire of Hell is a spiritual fire. Notice Isaiah 6:6&7 where the live coal does not burn, but removes guilt. Those in Hell will always be reminding themselves of their guilt with no chance of it being removed.

To say God is love, as the Bible does, and then say He will punish those who do not return His love, with an everlasting punishment, for not returning that love does not make any sense to me. However, it does make sense that at some point in time those who do not want to love God will be rejected by Him. It truly would be hell, to be separated from God forever, with no hope of reconciliation.

Bare in mind that Satan himself along with the worst of the worst men will be in hell and God will not intervene. Could there ever be any rest in Hell? Would anyone want to have to watch his or her back forever? Will not Satan be the king of Hell? Will he take out his frustration on his subjects? Who would stop him?

Having said all of this Hell actually would be a punishment, if only viewed from one angle, even though it was not designed by God to be so. The people of this world cannot understand spiritual things, so to them it seems only punishment. That is the only view they can see.

No one in Hell will blame God for his or her plight. They will know and understand it and say to themselves ‘It was my own damn fault’ (sorry that was just words from a song that got stuck in my mind).


March 8, 2010

If you have read my last post, you can see that there has to be a God. Something or someone had to create this universe.

Therefore, you ask why I made the statement that the only God that is possible is the God of the Bible. Well, not being a scholar of other religions I can only make that statement based on what I understand about what a God would have to be and then apply it to Christian and other religions.

A religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. (Religion – Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

First, just so you understand what I mean when I use the word God, let me quote the first definition of the word “God” in the American Heritage Dictionary. “God”, a being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions.

It is only logical to say that any religion that claims man can become God is flawed from the very start. Because the universe has to have been here before a man could have materialized, therefore man could not have made the universe. That includes any religion that claims reincarnation as there would have to be man, animals, or bugs before the universe.

As I pointed out in my last post, the universe is finite and therefore had to be created. That brings to mind the old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. The answer depends on ones beliefs. If you believe in the God of the Bible, the answer is the chicken because God made it, but if you believe in evolution, your answer is the egg, because what ever laid it was not a chicken.

Any religion that promotes more than one God cannot be correct in their beliefs. If there were more than one that was the originator and ruler of the universe and if there were more than one who was perfect, omnipotent, and omniscient how would anyone know? They would be indistinguishable. They would always do the same thing, always say the same thing, and always do so perfectly. If any one of them did anything differently, they would prove themselves not perfect and therefore not God. It makes no difference if the gods were two or a thousand. The Bible says man is made in the image of God. I have many parts, but all of my parts are me. God may have many parts also, but if so, they are all parts of one God.

I had intended to group the religions of the world into those that worship many gods and those who think man could reach some form of enlightenment, along with atheism; which is a religion (A cause, a principle, or an activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion. (American Heritage Dictionary)), but that information is easily found and it would only serve to lengthen and maybe confuse some.

Personally, I have to laugh at anyone who believes one can reach a plateau of spiritual enlightenment and not even understand there is one God! But then I also have to laugh at those who believe in science and not in God. Science has really found the evidence of God and yet will not admit it. Scientists call it “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” when it really is “Light” and should be proclaimed physical evidence of God!

Intelligence is wonderful until it confuses instead of enlightens.

Anyway, it only takes a basic understanding of science to understand that the matter that makes up the universe is slowly (our concept of time) being dissolved and therefore is finite. Therefore, it had to be made and man could not have made it if there were no men. It does not take a lot of intelligence to see that God came before the universe, but one can use the gift of intelligence to deny it!

I do not think anyone believes in an idol or carved figure anymore, though I could be wrong. Usually an image is used to represent a god or system of belief and even Christians make that mistake. We often have paintings that represent Jesus and then there is the cross that is used to mark Christian Churches.

That leaves Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity is really only Judaism that is taken to completion, so the two are really the same religion.

So what is left? Only Islam and Islam has some problems that stop me from believing in it. It is not logical to require a follower to murder someone if they do not say Allah is God.

First, anyone who believes there is no God would have no problem with saying anything to save his or her life. The words would mean nothing. If Allah is God then he would know what a man believes in his heart and again the words would mean nothing. Because no one knows what another really believes the words again would mean nothing.

The words would only mean something to someone that believes Allah is not God and that would be Jews and Christians. The words were only coined to give license to murder those who know the real God.

If Allah is God, he should be able to do his own killing and if he really is God then he would be the only one that truly knows who believes and therefore the only one that is qualified to take the life of an unbeliever, if that is he believes it is necessary in the first place.

If you are a Muslim and you believe someone should be murdered for not repeating Allah is God then don’t you see that you have to murder everyone? There is no way that you can be sure that anyone that says Allah is God truly believes it, and if someone does not truly believe it then what good is it? You cannot be sure that even your own brothers are truly Muslim! Anyone can mouth the words!

Then one has to seriously question a god that would require someone to carry out a command that is not possible to accomplish in truth. Could that god really be God?

Islam is truly a religion of submission, but it is a submission to men and not God. It is a religion where men murder in the name of a god. Moreover, they do so for personal gain, for what good is it to a God that already knows what is in some one’s heart?

If you believe me to be wrong then tell me how I am wrong, but do not brother trying to explain to everyone that I am not intelligent. I will not argue that. One because it isn’t relative and to do so will only show the lack of thought to what I said and prove the insulter foolish, and two because you just might be right!