December 8, 2010

First, let me say that I am not judging anyone that is a leader in the Church. I must say this, but it brings me no joy. I know that I will step on some toes and cause some spiritual pain, but I believe that I must say this, because no one else is.

Scripture says, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” (Mat 6:24 NIV)

Has the Church become a system that demands serving two masters? If someone makes a career of preaching then aren’t they trying to serve both money and God?

If a preacher’s livelihood is tied together with his desire to preach the Bible then doesn’t it create problems that lead to a separation of interests?

Suppose the minister learns from Scripture that the Founding Fathers were rebels against God, tenants that took the land from the legal owner; law breakers that would not pay their taxes. Therefore this Country was not a gift from God, but formed in rebellion to God. (Romans 13:1, 2, 6&7) Now if that minister hated money and loved God then he would want to tell the congregation what he has learned. However, because of the worldly view the people of this country have, and want to maintain, that minister would probably be looking for a new job the next day.

I have never heard a sermon about the United States that was based on Romans 13:1&2 and I have never heard one that quoted Romans 13:6&7 either! Why not?

Nor have I heard a sermon on money that quoted Matthew 6:24 or Luke 16:13. Every sermon that I have heard on money did not correctly convey that money is a master that opposes God. When money is preached The New International Version of the Bible is used because it says money is the root of all “kinds” of evil. The King James Version is not used because it says money is the root of all evil. The word “kinds” is not in the original text. The preacher can not explain that money is another master, because most of the congregations serve money and it would alienate them. It is also hard to tell others that money is another master while earning more than half of those who are listening.

The position of leaders of the Church has become the position of “The” leader of the Church. “The” leader of the Church is Jesus Christ; not a man.

The leader of a branch of the Church today is the “nice guy”. He has to be in order to keep his job. He will teach you to be a “nice guy” also and if you swallow that line then there will be no one to wake up the congregation.

The whole system has become corrupted and is attempting to serve both money and God. I know a young man that wants to serve God and thinks the best way is to become a minister, but the seminary demands thousands of dollars every semester to attend. In other words, they demand that he first serve money and then they will teach him to serve God! In my humble opinion, he is better off, because he doesn’t have the money.

Scripture says that we should be meek and so we should, but no one should try to use that command to muzzle those who understand something that is not being taught. You may think that I am not being meek, because I am saying this, but meekness means showing patience and humility. It does not mean to be weak. Weakness is an antonym of patience.

If you are a leader of a congregation, do you make more money than the average person that attends? Do you go on mission trips that are thinly disguised vacations? Have you ever turned down a raise? Do you take more than two Sundays off per year? Have you hired an assistant minister to cover the days you are absent? The bottom line is “Do you lead by example or do you attempt to lead with words”?