March 30, 2011

The story in the eighth chapter of John is well known and quoted by many, but it is always said that we do not know what Jesus wrote.

I think that with a little logic and what we already know about men and God, that we can determine the general gist of the words. That is not to say that we can know the exact words.

The Pharisees and the teachers of the law brought the woman to Jesus in order to trap him: as verse six states. They must have known that Jesus would show mercy to her and that would be a violation of the law.

If Jesus would have said, do not stone her, the Pharisees would have accused him of disobeying the law and they were pretty sure Jesus would say, show her mercy.

Knowing this it was quite a test, but one cannot trick God and Jesus said and did only what his Father told him.

Suppose you were in the crowd and you had slept with another’s wife. And suppose Jesus knelt down and wrote your name, the woman’s name, and her husband’s name on the ground. You would be reminded that you, as well as the woman, were guilty of sin and by the same law that the woman was being judged, you should also be stoned to death.

Or suppose you had stolen, lets say an axe, from your neighbor. And Jesus wrote the word “axe” and your neighbor’s name: you would be reminded of your sin and you would also know that the one who wrote on the ground also knows your sin.

They, even knowing this, still kept on trying to trap him, until he had enough and stood up to say, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Then just to remind them again that they were not without sin, he kneeled and wrote again.

The older ones left first, because they had more sin than the younger, but eventually they all left, because they all had sin.

The lesson for me is that I cannot condemn anyone, because I am not without sin and the good news for me is that Jesus does not condemn the guilty.


March 23, 2011

Those that read my blog know that I usually write about spiritual topics, but this is an exception. My Goal with this post is to help the poor and afflicted.

First, let me explain what started me thinking about bed bugs.

One day last summer I returned to my house and noticed two complete mattresses and box springs thrown out of the apartment building next door. One of them was leaning on the fence that separates the two properties. Now, it don’t take no mental heavyweight to figger out they had a bed bug problem. (Yes, I know its bad English, but I just like the sound of it) The next day there appeared a third set.

So, I got some bug spray and just about soaked the grass between the mattresses and my building (don’t bother telling me I shouldn’t). Anyway, I was not invaded and had no problem. However, it did start me thinking about just how I would approach the problem if my house were to be infected.

As I studied bed bugs, I found them to be quite tough. My first thought was to soak the house down with poison, but that might be almost as hard on me as the bugs.

My second thought was to poison the bugs by poisoning their food supply. WAIT A MINUTE, THAT WOULD BE ME!!! Yes, I know the regular readers of my spiel wonder at this bit of sanity, but I really did think of it.

Anyway, I realized that the secret to eradicating bed bugs was (are you ready for this) I AM THE BAIT!          

So, if I surround myself with a trap that would kill or capture the bugs, I would not only sleep well while defeating the bugs, but I also would not have to destroy any of my possessions. I am not a rich man, so the thought of replacing my bedding (adjustable air mattress, which by the way, I highly recommend) and anything else, was not appealing to me.

My first idea, and still the best, was to remove the covers from my mattress, throw a sheet or type of covering over it. On the bottom edge of the covering, sew a grid all the way around it. Connect the grid to a bug zapper, so that any bug that wanted dinner (me) would have to crawl over the grid and be electrocuted.

There is a need for such a product and I think one could acquire some worldly wealth by designing and manufacturing it. It should be no giant task for someone, but more of a task than I want. I do not need another career, nor do I want wealth. I wouldn’t bother even writing this post, except the world, in my opinion, would be better off without bed bugs pestering people. I might add that it should be easy to sell the product to hotels and motels. I give up any rights to the idea. As a matter of fact, I think it was your idea first.

Well, that product is not yet on the market and so my mind would not rest. I thought about those who are pestered by those pesky varmints now and cannot wait on someone to design and make a cure.

Then I thought that if I had bed bugs right now, I would not want to wait until I made the best way to rid me of the problem either. At my speed, it would be months before the trap was complete.

Then I thought of another trap: not as good and clean as the first, but still effective. If I were to throw a sheet over the bed, so any bugs in the mattress would have to crawl under the sheet and then around the edge and up the outside of the sheet in order to get to me (dinner) and I placed a barrier of flypaper completely around the sheet any bug would be, shall we say, stopped in its tracks.

The second method would require carefully protecting the flypaper, as it must be in place long enough to trap any bugs that gorged them selves just before the trap was put in place and any bugs that are a result of eggs.

If you have any questions about how any of this would be accomplished, please ask someone else. I already said I do not want another career. If you see a problem that would cause the system not to work, then post a comment. It is not my intention to cause anyone to work on a project that is flawed from the start.


March 12, 2011

That is not natural. I know because I was once only a natural man. I did what natural men do and the love of money is natural. Money has the power to grant worldly wishes and desires. So I had a love of money.

Let me explain how I got this way. Let me warn you though because if and when you understand how I got this way, you will also begin to hate money.

If you read only a little of what I write you know that I read and attempt to understand the Bible. I don’t just read it. I doubt it! If one doesn’t doubt then one doesn’t give God the opportunity to explain. He will not hate you for doubting any more than He hated Gideon or Thomas.

God wants truth and there is no truth in just reading and believing. I found that I could not really just read and believe. I had to question everything so that I could truthfully say that I believed it. I had to ask God to explain and He has always done so: usually not as fast as I wanted, but then I am not in charge.

I read Matthew 6:24 (NIV) “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” And when I began to think about the verse a little voice, way back, deep in my mind, asked “Astudent, do you hate money?” and my truthful answer was “Well, no, I don’t hate money. Then that same small voice said, “Well, you better learn to”.

That made sense to me, because I know which Master I wanted to love, so that would dictate which one I must hate. There was no third choice. Only love God and hate money, or love money and hate God.

Now, I have to point out that there are degrees of love and hate. After one or two dates with the perfect mate you do not love him or her with the same passion as when you ask or accept a wedding proposal. I did not hate money with a great passion at first.

The more I think about money the stronger my hate becomes. At first I only viewed money from a selfish prospective. I thought of everything that money could do for me as good things, but then I thought that if money was the best thing for me then God would have already made me rich. It was His call as to how rich a family that I would be born into and I was not born into a wealthy family. I know that He only does what is good for me, so I know it was and is a blessing not to be rich. After thinking a little more on it, I know that much money (the other master) would have led me away from Him.

I began to think of money as the Bible portrays it, as another master and a master that opposes God. When I began to view it from that angle or from God’s prospective, I see the evil that has been, is, and will be caused by it. And then I began to hate money for what it has done to man.

Money is only a tool. That is something that I have understood for a long time because I operated my own business. You have to have money to stock your shelves and pay the help. Also to pay all of the taxes that the government can invent which of course is impossible, because they take what is demanded and hire another employee to sit in the corner of an office and invent another tax! Well, first they invent another reason for a tax!

Anyway, after some thought I realized that it is Satan’s best tool and all of the problems that men face today is the result of money. If the government speaks of solving a problem it is always with money. If we speak of solving a problem it is the same. Money is a false master and is not going to solve any problems: only make them worse.

Money has power and there is no power without it. The funny thing about money is it demands faith in itself, just as God demands faith. If everyone lost confidence in money it would cease to exist. That is what is happening to the dollar. The world is losing confidence in it and it is losing value. If the world would completely loose confidence in the dollar it would cease to exist.

If everyone lost confidence in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, He would not cease to exist. Which is the true Master?

Now that I have learned to hate money it really bothers me when money is defended or spoken of and not condemned in church.

If you do not hate money, then I would give you the same advice that the small voice in my mind gave me “Well, you better learn to”.