If you follow all of the comments, on all of my posts, then you know that I called a man a fool. The post was “HELL IS NOT A PUNISHMENT FROM GOD” and the comments were from “aperson”.

I study the Bible a little and it says (Mat 5:22 NIV) But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca, ‘ is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.

If I thought that I was defendable, one might think that I was trying to justify myself. So let me explain myself and then ask yourself, if it were you, would you feel guilty for calling this man a fool.

First, I was not the first to call him a fool; God was. I am certainly guilty of agreeing with God, but did I call him a fool, or did God? In Psalms 14:1 & 53:1 Scripture says, “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God. That was written thousands of years before the man that I called a fool was born.

It was clear from the man’s comments that he has said in his heart there is no God. The man doesn’t think himself a fool, but God does and because I believe God knows and understands everything then I also believe the man a fool.

I was not, and am not, angry with the man. I didn’t call him a fool out of anger. I did so to explain to him that God did, because it was apparent that he did not read God’s Word and therefore did not know what God thought of him.

It truly amazes me when I realize how many in this world are fools! Some of the most intelligent men and women are some of the biggest fools! Truth is not in them and they will not deal with it.

They say life just happened when it is not possible for it to just happen. The first cell that life happened too would have to know that it had to consume something in order to continue to exist. It would have to be able to find that food, have a system that would permit that food to enter itself. Then it would have to be able to digest or use that food to produce energy and then know how to get rid of the waste. It would also have to know how to procreate; a whole other set of instructions. Life without all of the instructions that are necessary in order to sustain it is impossible. To say it just happened is to admit there was no thought of the matter and to continue to proclaim life just happened, without a God, is just foolish. God calls them fools, because they are.

That is just evolution. It is apparent that the universe is constructed of energy. Einstein’s equation was proved correct when the first atom bomb exploded, but even though fools use this knowledge to destroy, they do not admit the universe is made from nothing!

Well, when I look in the mirror, I see a man that certainly shares in foolishness. I have attempted to explain to fools, with truth and logic, that there has to be a God. I know that it is not possible to understand anything without applying truth and logic to the subject and it is so obvious that I thought everyone understood those basic principles, but I was wrong.

The fool loads his spiritual shotgun with all kinds of questions and fires it at the Christian. It is a wise Christian that has his armor on, but not so wise a Christian that would try to pick up one of those questions and attempt to answer the fool. All the time that the Christian is preparing to answer, the fool is reloading. He has no intention of really considering “any” answer. His goal is to destroy the Christian’s understanding and thereby his faith: showing himself to be superior the Christian: to all Christians. When he cannot he just says to himself ‘Those Christians sure are stupid’ and goes his merry way. He doesn’t even know that he is a fool and if the Christian tells him, he just gets mad.

(1 Cor 14:16&17 NIV)  If you are praising God with your spirit, how can one who finds himself among those who do not understand say “Amen” to your thanksgiving, since he does not know what you are saying? You may be giving thanks well enough, but the other man is not edified.

The fool cannot understand and “will” not understand. I have heard the phrase ‘suffer a fool’ before and I didn’t understand it, but I do now and though in the future I will answer a fool I will not continue beyond two or three tries.

When ever I do something wrong the Spirit within me lets me know and I feel bad and I repent. I may make the same mistake again, but again the Spirit will let me know. But I did not and do not feel remorse for attempting to enlighten the fool and I do not feel bad about calling him a fool. I do not feel that I have grieved the Holy Spirit.

What do you think? Was I more wrong than I confessed too? Is there some way that I do not know or some wisdom that I did not apply to the problem?


2 Responses to I CALLED A MAN A FOOL!

  1. Stargate says:

    Does that mean that a simple blood cell needs to know how to take in oxygen and discard carbon dioxide? No.

    The development of any cell, and its function, does not need a creator. It needs evolution. It starts out in the most simplest form, and it does so because the conditions for its ability to exist are in place. Those support systems are in place because prior to the cells development, evolution of a chemical environment became available prior to the cells development.

    Just like a simple blood cell, it doesn’t take a “brain” or any thought for a blood cell to reproduce or to function. A blood cell works as a blood cell does because of millions of years of evolutionary development, and no god was needed for a blood cell to exist, or to function.

    There are many, many things in nature that have come into existence without the need for any supernatural creator. The universe and evolution does not need a creator to exist, no matter how attractive and comforting such a belief might feel.

  2. astudent says:


    When I had time to read your comment, I burst out laughing. Is this an attempt to trick me into making the same mistake again (Calling a man a fool)?

    To Know, “To have experience of :”( The American Heritage Dictionary)
    You “know” how to breathe, but that doesn’t mean that you understand how, why, or even the procedure. That is the context, or definition of the word that I meant and most everyone understands what I meant. That is everyone that read the post with an open mind.

    You say that a cell (The first cell?) started out in the most simplest form, and it does so because the conditions for its ability to exist are already in place.

    But a cell must first live! What are the conditions that bring about life? Can you see that life is not just a matter of the proper chemicals? A dead cell can still have the same chemicals as a live cell.

    Scientist claim that they have created the first synthetic unicellular life form, but as usual it is not exactly true. They removed the DNA from a live cell and before it died, injected it with DNA that they created. Does no one realize they had to use a live cell, because they cannot create life? They merely altered a cell that God made and I might add that they used yeast in the process. Yeast is a unicellular life form that God made. They did not just use the proper chemicals.

    How much have you studied unicellular life forms? Do you know that the genome in the simplest single cell bacteria has about 400,000 base pairs? That is a pretty complicated set of instructions, isn’t it? A cell, even the simplest of cells, has to know (excuse me) has to “be able” to ingest some form of food. It must have the instructions to know, (“O” what the heck “know”) how, what type, and how to break it down, in order to convert it to energy. If the genome doesn’t have every bit of instructions, for every operation required for life, the cell dies: even the simplest of cells must know or die. A cell without DNA can not live and DNA is complicated.

    Young man, you must know the questions, before you can know the answers.

    You say everything started in its simplest form and evolved into complicated forms. Have you studied cell division? Take a minute and Google it. Do you see how complicated the process is? Tell me how could an original simple cell be able to divide, when it is a complicated operation? How could it perform a complicated operation if hasn’t evolved to a point where it can? A unicellular life form, without the ability to reproduce would only die of old age. The cell that could evolve would have to be the cell that already evolved. Evolution is an oxymoron!

    Evolution is a myth, created by those that want to appear intelligent and perpetuated for monetary gain. (Pay the professor, cause he is soooo smart.)

    You do right and well, when you question what I say and you would do even better to question what your teachers say also. While you’re at it, question yourself as well.

    Truth is, you probably haven’t considered anything that I said, because you have been too busy reloading.

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