If you have a little faith and something happens that seems as though God is not protecting you, then think about what might have happened and you might see that though you may suffer some God has allowed the best thing in the circumstances.

Let me explain my recent small disaster and after some thought, how I understand it.

I do not often tell anyone my age. It surprises them and the younger men always think of me differently. God has blessed me with the health and look of a person half my age and that is how they perceive me.

I walk about six miles a day, but one of my rules is not to walk in the neighborhood after dark. It is not real dangerous, but the world is not what it was when I was young.

This morning I violated that rule. I started just before dawn and I thought it would get light quickly; and it did. However, a teen-age boy, coming from behind, rode past me and grabbed my favorite hat. At first I thought he just knocked it off my head and I yelled, “Good shot” after him, because I played pranks when I was young and I like a good joke, even when I am the butt of it.

Then I looked around for it and realized that he didn’t knock it off my head, but he stole it off my head. By then he was about a half a block from me. Well, in my mind I grew another two feet and became twenty years old again.

I started to run after him. Now I can still run about as good as I ever could, which isn’t all that fast, but I was gaining on him. My plan, if you would call it that, was to knock him off his bike and retrieve my hat.

I knew that I was not gaining fast enough to reach him before I ran out of wind, so I put that extra effort into it. Well, I am not twenty and I have not tried to run at top speed for quite some time.

I pulled the muscle in the back of my left leg and that threw my gate off a bit, which resulted in a loss of balance, and that resulted in a fall. I skinned both knees and both hands. That also ended my walk for the day.

After I took care of my wounds, I thought about what happened and I see that God was indeed watching over me!

First, God didn’t give me this health to enable me to knock teen-agers off their bikes. I would not want to be knocked off a bike and the Second Royal Law states “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, so it would have been wrong to knock him off the bike, even though he stole my hat.

Then, if I had succeeded, there would have been a fight between a small and very winded seventy one year old man and a fresh teenager. Now that I am calmed down, I can picture the result and that is even if the young man didn’t have a weapon. I am no champion when it comes to fighting, even when I am fresh.

Therefore, I can see that God was truly protecting me. I thank him every time I get up, walk, or climb steps, because the pain reminds me of His love.

Truth is, the hat was old and worn out and not worth anything that happened as a result of the theft. God has blessed me with enough wealth to buy a new hat. Then I can make it look old. The only thing I am sorry for is “I DON’T HAVE LICE”!

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