January 16, 2013

This is basically an open letter to all my atheist friends. I just want to put your mind at ease. Let me say it a bit more accurately HELL IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Notice that I did not say that there is no Hell, only that Hell is nothing. Well, you shouldn’t have any fear of nothing; should you?

Suppose, just for arguments sake, there is a God. That is not to say that there is, only that there could be.

If there is a God, then one could assume that He has complete control, because if He did not, or does not, then He cannot be God. I don’t know if you can grasp this or not, but it seems to me that in order to have complete control, He would have had to make everything. I have control over many things, but I do not have complete control over anything, not even the things that I make, because I did not make the materials from which I make things. Perhaps you are different from me. Have you ever created something from nothing? If you think deeply, you must admit that you did not create yourself, so it would be absolutely impossible for you to create something from nothing because you exist and you did not create yourself.

Now, if that God was absolutely fair and just, and He would have to be, because not to be would mean that He was not perfect and therefore could not be God. In order to be God one must be perfect. Any flaw would be proof that being was not, is not, God.

Sorry if I am boring you with all of this God talk, but the idea of Hell comes from God talk, so one must understand, at least a little God before one can understand Hell.

The Bible seems to say that Hell is a place where no one would want to go, but think about it. The atheist will no longer be bothered by any God talk! As a matter of fact, those who are thrown into Hell are thrown out of Heaven and God will not even think about them ever again.

Because the wicked did not care about the maker of all things, not even enough to recognize the existence of their maker, God will respond in kind. That is fair: isn’t it?

Because you do not recognize Him and do not want Him to rule over you, He will grant your desire. God lives by His own laws and the second most important law is ‘do to others, as you would have them do to you’. God does not want to live with you just as much as you do not want to live with Him. Therefore, He will honor your wishes and cast you out of His presence. That is fair, isn’t it?

Because God would not want anyone to kill Him, He will not kill anyone. Your life is permanent, not your physical life, but you will always be conscious. You will always know who you are and where you are.

Now, everything that you have enjoyed on this earth really belongs to God and because you do not want anything to do with God, you will not be able to enjoy anything that is His.

God has given you a body to enjoy everything that belongs to Him, so you will no longer have a body, because you do not want anything from Him. You will no longer hear anything, taste anything, smell anything, or feel anything. That is what you wanted: to be rid of God and all that He is and does: isn’t it?

If you are using the mind that, God gave you, you might have noticed that I said you would feel no pain and yet Scripture says you will be thrown into the lake of fire! You are also thinking that Scripture says that you will be tormented forever and you are thinking that a God of love would not, or could not torture anyone forever and you are correct. The torment that you will suffer will come from your own mind. Not physical pain, after all you have no body, or nerves to feel physical pain. You could have had everything, but because you did not appreciate anything, you have NOTHING (Hell) and you will have it forever.

So really, you have nothing to fear from Hell, unless of course, you are wise enough to fear nothing!


January 14, 2013

First, God made iron and God gave it the properties that He wanted it to have. It is not possible to sharpen iron with iron. God made it possible to sharpen iron with a stone and then He had written in His Word, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”.

God made man and just as God gave the properties to iron that He wanted it to have, He also gave man the properties that He wanted man to have. Just as it is not possible to sharpen iron with iron, it is not possible for one man to sharpen another. It is written in His Word.

Now, because we have grown up in a world that does not study God’s Word for themselves, letting the Stone sharpen them, almost everyone believes that a man can sharpen another. After all, it seems to make sense, that if God would grant some understanding to someone that they should share it and I think that is right. However, because the verse has been interpreted wrong, it has lead to many mistakes.

Do you know the story of Cyrano de Bergerac? If you do not, it is a story about a man that loved a woman with all that he had. He thought the woman would not love him and he thought that the woman loved another. He wanted the woman to be happy and the suitor that she fancied was lacking in romanticism. So he spoke for the other man. He put his words in the other man’s mouth and the woman fell in love with the other man: not with Cyrano. Actually, she did fall in love with Cyrano and his words, but she thought they came from another, so her love was misdirected.

Do you see that is what happens when a mere man speaks the Word’s of God? People tend to fall in love with the man, not God.

If you have come to your senses and have been baptized, then you have the Holy Spirit. He is given to you so that you can understand the Word of God. Go to a place where no one can bother you, read, and think about Scripture and God will reveal Himself to you. Then you will fall in love with Him, not with someone that speaks His Words.