Though it seems preposterous, I am not kidding. The Maker of everything wants to talk to you, one on one, face-to-face, up close and personal.

This is the most important post that I have made and probably the most important one that I can make. It is also the reason that I cannot get along with preachers and teachers.

I understand the desire to share understanding of God’s Word. That is why I write these posts. However, I do not want anyone to call me a teacher (Mat 23:10). I only understand what God has let me understand: no more and no less. My understanding is not something that I earned through any study or effort and not because I wanted to help someone else. I started with a very selfish desire to understand everything about God and His Word. That is what I asked of Him. I did not ask so that I could help anyone else understand, however I began to feel guilty for hording, or not sharing, the understanding that God gave me.

The unsaved need a teacher, but after one realizes, or admits to themselves that there is a God and that they have sinned against that God, and they allow themselves to be buried with Christ and raised a new being, then they no longer need any one to teach them (1John2:27).

We do not need anyone to teach us, because we have an anointing from God (1John2:20) and that anointing is the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). We have the mind of Christ (1Cor 2:16) to instruct us.

Both teachers and students become accustom to the system that produced the new Christian. The teacher taught and the student listened. However, after the new Christian has received the mind of Christ and no longer needs a teacher, the teacher begins to stand in the way of the new Christian. It is usually not the desire of the teacher, but never the less, it does happen. God gets third-partied. The student thinks that the teacher knows more than he does, or she does, and they must still listen to the teacher. They become dependant on the teacher, instead of dependant on God.

This attitude, or way of thinking, has led the Church to rely on teachers instead of on God. The church has become lukewarm, just as we are told the last church will become (Rev 3:16).

Do you understand the lesion of Acts 20:7-9? It is used by preachers to get a laugh about preaching too long, but it is not in God’s Word just for a laugh.

Eutychus (the young man) was a new Christian and he was listening directly to the apostle sent to the gentiles. There could be no greater preacher among men, to gentiles, and yet he went to sleep and fell to his death.

Does no one else understand that too much listening to man, instead of God, leads to death?

2 Responses to GOD WANTS TO TALK TO YOU.

  1. Liferestored says:

    Great post astudent.

  2. astudent says:


    Thanks for the comment.

    Though I am the one at the keyboard, I believe that it is the Spirit that guides my hands.

    Well, most of the time. I have not removed any post that came from me, but I have had to concede from time to time that I have been wrong.

    I don’t always understand what the Spirit is trying to tell me, but I am improving.

    Well, it seems that way to me.

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