I have been searching Revelation lately. It is the only book that guarantees a blessing, though I am quite sure they all are a blessing.

These are just some of the thoughts that I had as I read Revelation.

All of the horses and horsemen are symbolic of curses that men have brought on ourselves. One who does not understand might think that the curses were devised by God against man, but God usually just gives man what we want: even if it opposes Him.

The first horse represents all governments. The horse is white because God appoints the authorities (Rom 13:1&2). The rider is said to have a bow and one immediately thinks of a bow that is part of archery equipment, but I think it means that the rider has the ability to make men bow to him. He was given a crown, which means God gives him the authority to rule. He rode out as a conqueror, bent on conquest. That is what all rulers and governments do. They oppress the people for their own gain.

The second horse represents war. The horse is red which is the color of blood. It was given power to take peace from the earth. It is given a large sword. Armies have much more powerful weapons than civilians. It is the second horse, because without the first horse there would be no wars. Of course, there would be murders, but without governments there would be no wars.

The third horse represents money. The horse is black, because it is the opposite of white: totally against God and His ways. Money seems to offer everything that God does. Happiness, security, everything that is good, but it is not God and cannot, does not, deliver anything that is permanent. It also comes after the first horse, because without governments there would be no money. It is not given power to damage the oil and wine. Oil is symbolic of wisdom, and wine the blood of our Savior.

The fourth horse is plainly identified as Death and Hades. The horse is pale, because Death and Hades is not clearly marked. Satan is permitted to deceive and therefore the horse is pale. This horse follows all of the other horses, because they all lead to Death and Hades.

When I think of governments, it seems to me that Cain was perhaps the first to form a government.

He could no longer farm for a living, so it would seem logical that he would form a government in order to live off his people. He was the first to build a city, which seems to me, the logical place to form a government. It would be very difficult to form a government when the people are spread out.


  1. Liferestored says:

    I am really enjoying your thoughts on this book. Thank you. I look forward to the next post!

  2. Jerome E. Goodwin Sr. says:

    Revelation was a revelation to john of who Jesus was. In the Revelation it says about the Apocalypse “Except those days be shortened for the Elects sake” Short can be zero. So don’t let go of your faith.

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