December 31, 2013

I have written about my views of the United States and I know that I have alienated many of my Christian brothers, so I thought it right that I explain myself.

I was born in the United States and I was a patriot. I believed everything that you hear about this Country. Everything that you hear today was spoken yesterday as well. Things such as “This country was founded on Christian principles”, “The land of the free”, “If those who are currently in power do wrong then you can vote them out of office and change things” and all the rest of those patriotic statements.

However, at some point, I realized that I should study God and the things that I had heard in Sunday school when I was a child. I was/am just smart enough to know that I am not smart and that is a great blessing. I could see that if God was real then there would be nothing more important than understanding everything about Him. I reached a point where I believed there was a God and that He wanted me to be baptized into Jesus and that started my slow retreat from patriotism. It might be better to say, a slow transition from patriotism to a belief in God. Now I understand that one cannot truly believe in both.

Those who understand baptism know that in the ritual I died, was buried with Christ, and was raised a new being: reborn, if you will. I am now a citizen of Heaven and as such an ambassador to this world. An ambassador that is worth his salt does not interfere with the Country that he has been assigned to, but if asked, would explain the benefits of his own Country. I say, “If asked” because I am not wise enough to explain God to someone that does not want to hear about Him.

I now live under a monarchy and believe that to be the best form of government. That does not mean a monarchy under any king, but only one King and that is Jesus Christ, the only King appointed by God, to save us. The only King that gave everything that he had for his subjects. No other king has done anything but take from his subjects, instead of give to his subjects. The same can be said of a democracy: that it takes and does not give.

This form of government (democracy) claims that the people can rule themselves, but with only a little thought, it is apparent that we cannot. I do not know what a man will do if he is elected, so how can I choose one? Actually, the choice has already been narrowed to only two, as only democrat or republican candidates have any chance of being elected.

Here are some of the verses that have led me to this understanding.

Psa 116:11(NIV) “And in my dismay I said, “All men are liars.””
Do not all politicians prove this verse? Could any be elected if they campaigned with only the truth? (I am not sure that I can make things better for the citizens, but I will try.)

Rom 3:23(NIV) “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.
Only Jesus did not sin, so what king, other than him, would I want to follow?

Pro 28:2(NIV) “When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order.”
Count the rulers that rule over you. If you live in a city, start with the mayor and if you live in the county, start with the county commissioner. Do not leave out Senators and Representatives.

(Psa 49:13&14 NIV) “This is the fate of those who trust in themselves, and of their followers, who approve their sayings. Selah Like sheep they are destined for the grave, and death will feed on them. The upright will rule over them in the morning; their forms will decay in the grave, far from their princely mansions.”
This democratic system demands that man trust man. You must trust the candidate (man) that you vote for and you must trust your own judgment to choose the right candidate for the position.

This Country was not founded on Christian principles. It was founded on the god of this world and that god is money. The colonist wanted to keep their money and therefore would not pay the taxes they owed to the King of England. “Taxation without representation”, that was the cry of those that founded this Country, but the Bible says, “Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue” (Rom 13:7 NIV).

Not only did the colonist want to keep their money, they wanted to steal the land which did not belong to them: and they did! That is not a Christian principle. Does no one think about these things? They had the same New Testament that we have and they disregarded it the same as those who would call themselves Christians disregard it today.

I attend Christian meetings close to the 4th of July and hear hymns about this country and my blood boils. Those who call themselves leaders and teachers are too busy teaching too learn and so they teach that this Country was founded on Christian principles, because it sounds good to the congregation.

(2 Tim 4:3&4 NIV) “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

Do you see that the congregation is just as guilty as the teachers they gather around themselves? This time has come: “This country was founded on Christian principles” is just a myth, but many have itching ears and want to hear it. Wake up brothers and turn back to truth and sound doctrine.

None of these things happen in my Country, because the King of my Country is Jesus and everyone in my Country trusts the King; not themselves. My King does not demand taxes from me. If you think about it, He paid taxes for me, because he gave everything that he possessed for me: and you.


December 18, 2013

The sins of others are easier to see than one’s own, so let me explain some of mine.

When I first became a Christian I thought that God knew everything and that He was in control. Well, I told myself that He did, but I did not know as much as I thought I did.

I was and am right about God, but I did not know or understand myself very well. I had not spent much time thinking about what God says in His Word, so I did not know much about either one of us.

I, like most new Christians, began to think that God chose me to change the world and make it a better place. It seems that way, because if everyone was a Christian the world “would” be a better place. However, as I gained a bit more understanding I came to the realization that if God wanted something changed He would change it and He certainly did not need my help.

So, you ask, what is it, that is my fault? If you live in the United States and you are aware of what the government is doing to the citizens and have thought about it, you can see that we have a Muslim President and it is his plan to destroy this Country.

Now, you may disagree with me about the President’s faith, because he claims to be a Christian. However, he has made the statement that Islam is a beautiful religion! No Christian could say that. Islam is a religion that denies the Son of God: A religion of death that has no Savior. There is nothing beautiful about that and anyone that makes that claim doesn’t know the first thing about Christianity.

So, again, you ask, what is it that is my fault? Well, as I thought about what God said, I see that He says, “The authorities that exist have been established by God.” (Rom 13:1), but I have always been told that the people chose the president (authority). So because I did not understand I voted! I put my trust in man (the candidate) and myself (to have the ability to choose the right candidate). God says that we should not trust men. (Psa 146:3 Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.) Now, I might have asked God to guide me, but the truth is that, if He did, I would have always voted for the winner, because that is the one God chose. That is if He had truly guided me, but I usually voted for the loser!

You see, if you believe what the world believes, then we have a Muslim President, because I did not vote and it is my fault! However, the truth is that we have a Muslim President, because the people wanted a man to guide them and wanted to choose that man themselves, therefore they deny the power of God to choose. I do not mean that they can stop God from choosing, but they show their lack of faith that God would choose the right man. Because of our lack of faith, we got what we deserved.

God calls us children and we act like children. Children that think we know more than our Father.


December 10, 2013

I was going to write on a different subject. However, as I was going to use the word “pious” and I have heard it used in different ways, I thought it wise to research the definition of the word before I used it.

I found the word to be the best example of Genesis 11:9 that I have encountered.

I have written on this subject before, so if you have not read my post, let me briefly explain. God confused language. He did not just command that there be different languages, such as English, German, etc, but even though people speak the same language, that language is confused.

Almost all words in the dictionary have more than one meaning and the listener must apply the meaning of the word, which they understand it to be, to the word that they hear. It may or may not be the meaning that the speaker is applying to it.

The American Heritage Dictionary, “pi•ous (pº“…s) adj. 1. Having or exhibiting religious reverence; earnestly compliant in the observance of religion; devout. See Synonyms at religious. 2.a. Marked by conspicuous devoutness: a pious and holy observation. b. Marked by false devoutness; solemnly hypocritical: a pious fraud.

The word pious illustrates this as plainly as any word that I have found. Notice the second definition (2a & 2b). 2a states, “Marked by conspicuous devoutness” and 2b conveys just the opposite definition of the very same word (Marked by false devoutness)!

What good is the word pious if it means either genuine or false?

I have three dictionaries on my computer and all three have the same definitions however, they use different words to define “pious”.

So, friend, what am I, pious or pious?

Your answer may be different than mine. But either way it is safe to say that I am pious.