I was going to write on a different subject. However, as I was going to use the word “pious” and I have heard it used in different ways, I thought it wise to research the definition of the word before I used it.

I found the word to be the best example of Genesis 11:9 that I have encountered.

I have written on this subject before, so if you have not read my post, let me briefly explain. God confused language. He did not just command that there be different languages, such as English, German, etc, but even though people speak the same language, that language is confused.

Almost all words in the dictionary have more than one meaning and the listener must apply the meaning of the word, which they understand it to be, to the word that they hear. It may or may not be the meaning that the speaker is applying to it.

The American Heritage Dictionary, “pi•ous (pº“…s) adj. 1. Having or exhibiting religious reverence; earnestly compliant in the observance of religion; devout. See Synonyms at religious. 2.a. Marked by conspicuous devoutness: a pious and holy observation. b. Marked by false devoutness; solemnly hypocritical: a pious fraud.

The word pious illustrates this as plainly as any word that I have found. Notice the second definition (2a & 2b). 2a states, “Marked by conspicuous devoutness” and 2b conveys just the opposite definition of the very same word (Marked by false devoutness)!

What good is the word pious if it means either genuine or false?

I have three dictionaries on my computer and all three have the same definitions however, they use different words to define “pious”.

So, friend, what am I, pious or pious?

Your answer may be different than mine. But either way it is safe to say that I am pious.

2 Responses to PIOUS OR PIOUS?

  1. Liferestored says:

    Well, good post as always. I think that both are bad. First, of course the hypocrit pious is wrong I think most of us would agree so I will only comment on the other pious. . I consider pious a lie of the enemy. The most picture perfect example of “piousness” plotted to kill our savior. And Jesus was never pious. Pious is the result of believing something of yourself that is a lie. That you are like God. That you are worthy of a relationship with God. I say no we are not to both. I see pious as pride. I see humility, love, long suffering as one who is reconsiled to the Father.

  2. astudent says:


    I agree.

    It seems to me that because Satan cannot change the Word, he often changes or causes others to change the meanings of words.

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