The sins of others are easier to see than one’s own, so let me explain some of mine.

When I first became a Christian I thought that God knew everything and that He was in control. Well, I told myself that He did, but I did not know as much as I thought I did.

I was and am right about God, but I did not know or understand myself very well. I had not spent much time thinking about what God says in His Word, so I did not know much about either one of us.

I, like most new Christians, began to think that God chose me to change the world and make it a better place. It seems that way, because if everyone was a Christian the world “would” be a better place. However, as I gained a bit more understanding I came to the realization that if God wanted something changed He would change it and He certainly did not need my help.

So, you ask, what is it, that is my fault? If you live in the United States and you are aware of what the government is doing to the citizens and have thought about it, you can see that we have a Muslim President and it is his plan to destroy this Country.

Now, you may disagree with me about the President’s faith, because he claims to be a Christian. However, he has made the statement that Islam is a beautiful religion! No Christian could say that. Islam is a religion that denies the Son of God: A religion of death that has no Savior. There is nothing beautiful about that and anyone that makes that claim doesn’t know the first thing about Christianity.

So, again, you ask, what is it that is my fault? Well, as I thought about what God said, I see that He says, “The authorities that exist have been established by God.” (Rom 13:1), but I have always been told that the people chose the president (authority). So because I did not understand I voted! I put my trust in man (the candidate) and myself (to have the ability to choose the right candidate). God says that we should not trust men. (Psa 146:3 Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.) Now, I might have asked God to guide me, but the truth is that, if He did, I would have always voted for the winner, because that is the one God chose. That is if He had truly guided me, but I usually voted for the loser!

You see, if you believe what the world believes, then we have a Muslim President, because I did not vote and it is my fault! However, the truth is that we have a Muslim President, because the people wanted a man to guide them and wanted to choose that man themselves, therefore they deny the power of God to choose. I do not mean that they can stop God from choosing, but they show their lack of faith that God would choose the right man. Because of our lack of faith, we got what we deserved.

God calls us children and we act like children. Children that think we know more than our Father.

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  1. creationwitness says:

    astudent I wonder how many people believe or disbelieve what you’re saying? I hope everyone does not just blindly believe you and instead follow I Thes. 5:21 “Prove all things” and Jer. 17:5 “Cursed be the man that trusteth in man”.

    Search “list of obama lies” and it all becomes very clear. If you already have heard his lies, then you already know and don’t have to search. A devout Christian has no need to lie. A Muslim is taught that they can lie if it protects the Muslim agenda and that agenda is world domination under Allah whom says Christ was only a prophet, did not die on the cross and certainly is not the Son of God. This is all prophesied in Revelation.

    So if you have any doubt about Obama or others, just ask yourself if they tell lies.

    Some hint is the picture of Obama dressed in traditional Muslim clothing complete with the head cap and statements about how beautiful the Muslim call to prayer is. My person resides in a predominately Muslim population and I can tell you there is nothing beautiful about it. It wakes a person before the sun rises every morning to remind Muslims to come to prayer and to remind all of the Christians who controls this country. A devout Christian does not need to be reminded to pray because we pray always. If you are Christian and do not understand what I have written then we need to read and study more, but if you have devoted yourself to God then you do that always too. That is part of “pray always”. We always have God on our mind. I wonder if Obama can do that while dressed in Muslim clothing.

    Please note that Obama is not the first antiChrist president, but in my opinion he is doing a fantastic job of making himself one of the best so far. All bible prophesy will come true.

    Hurt no man. Love your enemy. They will condemn themselves. Vengeance is not ours to take.

    If anyone should find error in my comments, please point them out.

  2. creationwitness says:

    To all that read: I have just read what I wrote earlier and found some error, so I am going to point them out. I should have said I wonder if Obama can do that while getting dressed in Muslim clothing. As a Christian if he had God in mind, he would have never gotten dressed in the first place. It’s also here to note that Obama may have realized his error after and asked forgiveness so this one small event in his past doesn’t hold him in error today. Lying though does and here we have to ask ourselves if God being holy would he ever lie to us? Of course not! So, why would we in our desire to become more like our Father ever want to lie to any other person? It’s quite apparent Obama doesn’t care about other people.

    Muslims are also taught to kill Allah’s enemies if they do not submit. Can we being good Christians ever kill a man for any reason other than that of protecting our person or persons? Of course not. If we are being threatened by death does this make killing another man in self protection the correct thing to do? I highly doubt it because in that self protection we may not need to kill our attacker. We can also choose to turn the other cheek and this does not entirely mean what we think it means. It also means we don’t need to attack our attacker, but submit to his threats until we are actually under attack. Now we need to be careful here because submitting doesn’t mean we can submit in acknowledgement of Allah or any other god. We need to be fully prepared to die in our Lord’s name instead of ever doing that.

    I am not against or in any fear of Muslims or any other religion or creed. I accept that I am to come under attack even by our own claimant Christians in John 16:2 “whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service” and we have much proof of the fulfillment of this prophecy in our Christian history and no, this prophecy is not yet completed. Study more or ask for guidance if you do not understand.

    I should have also pointed out that I don’t think Obama is the AntiChrist or the Beast. I believe he is just another antiChrist at least until he proves error in my belief and he hasn’t done that yet.

    You bring much to light for us astudent. That which you bring to light lets me really sit down, study and think more. I thank God for leading me to your work and thank you for having no fear in writing down the thoughts you have.

  3. astudent says:


    Thank you for the kind words.

    You understand what I am trying to do and that is to get everyone to sit down and contemplate everything about God and His Word.

    I believe that Obama is the first Muslim president and I believe his aim is to totally destroy this Country. Not only that but I believe he will be successful.

    The Koran teaches Muslims to lie to us and this president certainly does. (If you like, your plan you can keep your plan-period etc.)

    A person with great faith would not even defend himself, because God said do not kill and to die is to begin real life. That is what Jesus did.

    Having said that, I do not consider myself to have great faith. The proof of that is I have a carry permit and the funny part about that is I have not carried a gun since I got it!

    O, by the way, it is not work, but a great privilege and a pleasure.

  4. creationwitness says:

    I understand your great pleasure because I can feel it too. It is a happiness so fulfilling that it takes up all of my time and time seems to vanish when I don’t need to focus on it in the pursuit of material wealth. Now that pursuit has vanished too. I understand money as a necessity or one of the tools I need to focus on the contemplation. That pursuit has vanished because every time I need it, it is given to me and not by contribution, but by doing my pleasure. I think you understand this.

    I don’t understand what you mean by the proof. If I didn’t have faith, I would carry the gun not the opposite. Am I missing something in your words?

  5. creationwitness says:

    P.S: Indeed the word “work” is erroneous and so is the statement that I made above somewhat wrong “Study more or ask for guidance if you do not understand.” That sounds like I want a person to ask me and that was not my intended meaning. The intention being ask God. Pray for guidance. It may come in a very surprising revelation.

  6. astudent says:


    Looking at it from my point of view, acquiring the permit, in the first place, was an act of unfaith.

    I do not believe that God would blame me if I used the gun to protect myself, but the fact that I was depending on it, instead of completely depending on God, is an act of unfaith.

    Perhaps God would see fit to use my death to glorify His name and by protecting myself, I would spoil the plan.

    So, you do see correctly, I would carry the gun if my faith was weak and I proved my faith weak by getting the permit in the first place. Perhaps God used it to show me that I was weak.

    I see Bible study as students talking over the meaning of Scripture. I may see things from a different angle than others and they different from me. Sometimes both are true and sometimes not, but it is good that all is considered. I have said this many times before, “If we all have the same teacher (the Holy Spirit) then all we need are the questions”. There are just so many questions that one can think of themselves. So, we get more questions from the thoughts of others.

    The only time this seems not to work is when someone decides they are the teacher, instead of a student.

    Then there are situations where one student is viewing a question from a different angle, trying to explain it from his or her view and the other student cannot grasp what the first student means. This can sometimes turn into an argument and it happens to me quite often, because my view is often a new and therefore a different view that others have not considered. I know that I may sound like someone trying to teach, but I am only trying to explain my view, the way I see it.

    I knew that you meant ask God. I believe that you do right by explaining that you meant ask God. The Holy Spirit lives inside of all baptized believers and He is there to answer all of our questions (John 14:16-18 & 26), we just need the questions.

  7. creationwitness says:

    May you always be with the gift of insight and without the curse of the fear of any other than God himself.

    I knew that you may know, but my fear is of God and that anybody reading this may have taken my statement about asking for guidance wrong. After reading what I said, I could see how this could easily happen.

    You have also brought me to more questions and I would like to ask you these questions, but some of these questions can only be answered by God as that would be my only acceptable source for them.

    May we step back a bit now about Obama. Yes, I agree with you. He is probably the first Muslim president, but that is not my concern. I believe he is Muslim and that is my concern because I also believe the world population does not know this, but that most Muslims do, at least in hope they do.

    In order to protect Obama, Satan has cleverly devised many pit falls. First Obama is a man of color so any man of other color saying anything against him is quickly criticized as being racist. That stops most of the criticism but does not stop a person from searching for the truth about him being Muslim. Here the pit fall is that anybody calling him a Muslim is quickly labeled as a conspiracy theorist and this conspiracy is labeled as urban myth. My concern here is not for myself, because I like you do not let these traps stop me from seeking the truth. I see the trap and when I do, I continue my searches knowing that the truth has been covered over.

    Will Obama succeed in destroying America? Not on his own he won’t because the destruction has been taking place very slowly over decades. He may be the final straw though.

    We are going to know the answer to this very soon. I don’t know if too many are aware of the 555 days of prayer, but there are some interesting things to note here. The first I noticed is that it was initiated at the Washington Monument and the significance of that is the idolatry (tower of Babylon). Second the 555 days ends on September 11, 2014. Third, the Washington Monument has a base extending into the ground that is 111 feet and is 555 feet tall. This tower was planted many decades ago. I am sure there is more to this, but I have no need to read about this further. I will however search to find where the 111 days of prayer is buried. I think I have already found it, but I am not sure because it has been buried well. Not being covered over lightly, it is hard to discern. Anyone searching the same can search “when was the 555 days of prayer initiated” on google.

    You see this prayer is in the name of saving America. It will be prayed for by Christians and Messianic Jews world wide and it is a prayer not to God to save America, but to Satan to destroy it. The term Messianic Jews is taken as a direct quote from the article I am sure you will find on google. Of course it is the first google result that you will get making it easy for lazy people to find and participate in. But also easy for the diligent that know what they are looking for. I laugh at Satan’s tricks.

    I am going to post this now with all of it’s error which I will correct later when I find them. I think I may have more to add as well. I am a bit tired and require a short nap.

  8. creationwitness says:

    I cannot nap yet without sending a warning to all. The article I pointed out is full of the gospel truth and literally laced with lies. It is easy to discern them both and I point out a few. It is is promoting a book and they are asking donations. I also point out the article is attempting to make a Christian feel guilty and to allay this guilt many will join with at least a donation in their laziness. Also note it’s conclusion ends with “a great wave offering”. This is a wave goodbye and not a wave of greeting.

  9. creationwitness says:


    First let me apologize for using your venue and posting the above on it. I knew no other way of communication with you at the time.

    If you have found any truth in what I have posted thus far, I will let you know more by means of a more private venue.

  10. astudent says:


    You have nothing to apologize for. As I understand, this is not my venue. It is a Bible study and as such belongs to only God. So, you or anyone are free to post anything relating to God’s word. I do not limit anyone unless I think that they have become totally ridiculous. That has happened when an atheist makes up his own god, in his own head, and compares that god to the real God. I have found it to be impossible (for me) to defend or explain the one true God to someone that makes up their own god and will not face truth.

    Because I do not consider myself as very important, I do not answer anyone privately. Anything that is worthy really should be said to everyone, so that everyone can consider the truth.

    I googled 555 and I agree with your understanding. It seems to be an attempt to “Take the money and run”, or perhaps “Make the money and run”.

    Many Christians, that do not contemplate the Word, believe that one has to have money to promote the Word and therefore are easy to con. When they read “In God we trust”, they think it means the one true God, because the word that explains the god that is declared is left out. It should read, “In “this” god we trust”.

    Luke 16:14&15 (NIV) The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus. He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.

    As far as I know, nothing is valued higher to man than money. Writing “In God we trust” on money and meaning the one true God, is to me, akin to writing it on dung.

    I believe that you know and understand money, but I said this for those who have not studied the Word enough to understand.

    Be careful about the tricks of Satan. You may well laugh, because you understand much, but they are often successful for leading others away from God.

  11. creationwitness says:

    I have been praying you would answer so, because I didn’t want to presume I know your thoughts and especially about a more private venue. I felt this was wrong to ask, but also felt I should ask.

    All of your reply holds truth, but the last paragraph especially so. I do however implore that further research is done on everyone’s part. There are other prayers interlaced with this one and one of these prayers will end in the second month of this coming new year.


    Although I am not the one to judge, I do want to tell you my thoughts. I find no error for anyone wishing to have the tools of survival. It is how we choose to use those tools that will be judged. All of Luke 22 has peculiar meaning. They only had two of these and that was sufficient. Luke 22:50

  12. astudent says:


    I seem to always take a different view than others. So, please do not think that I am judging you, or saying that you are wrong, or even disagreeing with you. It is just that my view is different from others and that is why I find blogging interesting.

    There seems to always be at least two different ways to view any subject.

    We have been lightly discussing self-defense. I have been against it, for myself, and you do not see it the same. Actually, though it seems an oxymoron, I believe both views right!

    There are situations where two seemingly different stands are right in God’s eyes. As I read Romans 14, to explain two views can be right, I see that I must be careful about what I approve or disapprove. Therefore, I can neither approve nor disapprove self-defense.

    Having said that, I believe that if someone were to kick my door down, I would probably reach for my gun instead of my Bible and I do not believe God would judge me for protecting myself. I would not judge it wrong to protect one’s self and I do not think God would either.

    A gun is an instrument of deadly force, but it doesn’t have to cause death. I often thought that if I had to protect myself, I would do my best to perform a sex change operation on the person that was trying to take my life. I understand that it would complicate my life, because if the perpetrator is allowed to live they will sue, but I believe it a great sin to remove any chance of salvation from anyone.

    I believe that I view Luke 22.50 a bit different from you. Simon Peter (John 18:10) was not protecting himself. He was trying to protect Jesus and that was not necessary, as Jesus said (Matthew 26:53&54). It seems as if Peter was thinking of the things of men again (Matthew 16:23).

    Because you made me contemplate Peter slicing off the ear of the high priest, I noticed that the event was reported in all four Gospels. Very few events are reported in all four Gospels and it seems to me to add importance to them. I have another question to ponder, because we trade comments. Or perhaps better to say, “Ask God about”. Thanks.

    I realize that I am somewhat confused as to judging others also. We are told not to judge, but then we are told to judge those in the church. It seems that the word judge has more than one meaning: to discern right and wrong and also to condemn. And it is sometimes difficult to apply the correct meaning to the word that is spoken, or heard.

  13. creationwitness says:


    All are good points. One thing I have often pondered is why John 18:10 mentions the man’s name that was wounded. I take this as significant as the mentioning of this event four times. Do you have any insight on that?

    I would like to add here that I would personally hesitate hurting anyone in any way. If someone were to break down my door, I may pull the gun to show it. If that did not stop them, I may fire it into the floor. After that I wouldn’t have any solution left but to wound the perpetrator if he continued his advance.

    On the other hand, I have been in life threatening situations and did some very strange things. One event a man pulled a knife on me in the hope of taking some money. I said “That is a beautiful knife. May I see it?”. He immediately put it away and later left after having a short chat with me about nothing. Another time I angered a very good Buddhist friend of mine by quoting him a movie line “Sitting still and doing nothing are not the same thing”. He pulled a sword off the wall, unsheathed it and threatened to cut off my head. I did something very strange here. I laid my head on the office table and told him if he wished to kill me to proceed and do so. He then re-sheathed the sword laughing and hung it back on the wall. I was taken aback that a man could be turned from red anger to smiling in almost an instant, but that was not the first time I had seen that happen. The first time I had seen that happen is when I was proving to myself “turn the other cheek” after being struck.

    I really have no true solution to tell you except you may find yourself one day doing what other people think is idiotic.

    There may be more to judgement and condemnation, but I am at a loss this moment to give any clear response. There is condemnation used in the church though and that is banishment. The problem with that is the threat of being banished for something the church has judged to be wrong. Many people fear banishment not because of the fear of God, but peer pressure. That is as much as I have learned so far.

  14. astudent says:


    I had to laugh aloud when I read your first paragraph. That was the very question that popped into my head, when I read the name of the servant.

    I do not know why his name is declared. That is the only place in the Bible that the name Malchus is used. That will not stop me from speculating though.

    The phrase “Ears to hear” is used 6 times in the NIV and 10 times in the KJV. Luke 22:51 says (In part)” he touched the man’s ear and healed him.” When Jesus heals I believe it means heals completely, physically and spiritually, so I think the man used that ear to hear spiritually and is saved. There is no need of a name for a dead man, as no one may speak with him anyway, but someone who is alive would need a name.

    I cannot say if that comes from my own imagination or from the Spirit that lives in us. There is some truth in it, as the phrase is indeed in the Bible, as is the information that Jesus came to heal spiritually, because there would be no point in healing someone physically only to have them die at judgment.

    Mat 13:15&16 (NIV) For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’ But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.

    This idea may not ring a bell for you, but it sounds good to me anyway.

    I don’t know where you attend church, but I do not know of anyone being banished from church in the last 20 years. It certainly does not happen in the Catholic Church (I am not a Catholic) and though it probably does happen, I have neither seen nor heard of it.

    I see the peer pressure from the other angle. Most of those that are church members are afraid to accuse others, because everyone will accuse them of judging others.

    Because no one is being banished, the church is weak. It is easer to see the sins of others, so I point out the Catholic Church. It has protected those who should have been banished and then been tossed into jail. The name of God was dishonored by the Catholic Church, instead of honored.

    Rom 2:23&24 (NIV) You who brag about the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

    The Catholic Church, protecting child molesters, proves those words.

  15. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    All very good points.

    I think you may have already answered earlier by pointing out this incident occurs in each of the four gospels. The name may be a kind of fifth time of telling us that this is a very significant event.

    What you have said about spiritual and physical healing, I have to totally agree. We have many people running around healing and even in Christ’s name, but I doubt anyone can be healed without healing the spirit first. It seems when Jesus was healing in a personal way, he always asked if the person believed, except in two cases that I know of off hand. One being the blind man from birth John 9:1 (whom he asked later in the day) the other the deaf man who of course he could not ask and the man could not answer him Mark 7:32.

    I think the words ear and hear are also significant, but have no clear answer except for their word value. Ear being inside of the word hear.

    The blind man from birth also has a peculiar thought involved.

    John 9:2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?

    Note Christ’s answer in John 9:3

    How could it be this man’s sin if he was born blind? I know what I believe and I know what other Christians believe, so I am careful with my thoughts here. To me it is very much related to another belief I have however erroneous it may be; when we are born, we are born baptized, but need to reaffirm this with a proper water baptism.

    I attend church with people like yourself. Physical church occurs for me in other places, but only when we are gathered for that purpose. I also live in a predominately Muslim country as I have mentioned, but reside in a pocket that is predominately Catholic. I hear much fear in the people of banishment and much peer pressure. A known sinner cannot even take communion. I think these are the blessed ones because I believe taking communion once per week is in error. These people are also very judgmental especially against me. Because I only follow Christ, and do not attend their churches, I have been accused of starting a new religion.

    Now three words ear, hear and fear.

    Many of the pieces of the puzzle seem to be fitting together. I believe the mystery is presently being revealed to many people and I also believe you to be one of these people. I don’t believe I am in error here, but I could be found wrong. There is just too much to learn.

    P.S. A thought: a student and a teacher, neither being true, one without the other both being one.

  16. creationwitness says:

    I am sorry, I forgot. I was going to mention a safer alternative defense. Melalueca or tea tree oil in the directed at the eyes.

    I have had this in my eyes by accident. Each time I tried to open my eyes, I was in pain. This lasted for about 5 minutes after which my eyes felt quite wonderful. I suggest loading a squirt gun with some and imagine that alone may have your attacker in tears.

    If rubbed on the hands and then applied lightly with the fingers, it is a relieving remedy for sore eyes. My eyesight also seems to temporarily improve, but I haven’t proven this yet. Strange words again. Improve contains prove. This is not intentional on my part.

  17. astudent says:


    It sounds like you live in a dangerous place! I suppose that we all live in a dangerous place though, because we all live in this world. There are some areas more dangerous than others, because Satan has a better foothold in those areas.

    You have made me think about how harsh I am about the Catholic Church. I am sure there are true Christians that are Catholic and I hope they do not think that I mean to be harsh with them. Actually, it is the leaders that are creating havoc. At times I think that I am not obeying 1Co 8:11 (NIV) So this weak brother, for whom Christ died, is destroyed by your knowledge

    I look at communion in a slightly different way. Communion is for the remembrance of our Lord. I would take communion (remember Jesus) everyday if it were offered. That is not to say that you are wrong in any way. What ever you feel in your heart that is right, is right for you.

    If sinners were not allowed to take communion, there would be no communion. Jesus came for sinners. Those who do not sin need no Savior. Having said that, the Bible does say, (1Co 5:11)”But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.” I think it means someone who purposely sins.

    As for baptism, I understand baptism as a one-time ceremony. We are born with a conscience that alerts us when we do something that is wrong, so it may seem like we have the Holy Spirit in us. However, I do not believe that God will become one with a sinner and that is why baptism is necessary. We are dead in our sins and admitting that we accept burial with Jesus and we are then raised a new being. For just an instant, we are without sin, because we are new and at that point, in time God can become one with us, without becoming one with someone that is impure. From that point on we must depend on the grace of God, because though the Spirit is pure, we have not reached that plateau.

  18. creationwitness says:


    Some of those dangerous events occurred in a different country not the one I live in now. Few own guns here, but I consider them to be just as dangerous. I hear this in their words regarding others. In their talebearing much hatred is revealed. Yes, this is a dangerous country too. John 16:2 is always in my thoughts.

    In my eyes, what you have said about the Catholic church is correct and I when I read 1 Cor. 8:11 , I ask myself is it your knowledge or the knowledge of it’s leaders that place the stumbling block before the weak brothers? Reading the entire chapter answers that question for me because they use their knowledge without any guilt and use that very thing to keep the congregation doing their desire instead of following God’s word. Any bible reading Catholic will find many contradictions between the two, but yet still follow the wrong doing. I know very few that study though so many are left in the dark. Some know things like the Sabbath day, but follow the teaching’s of men on Sunday for only one example. I have to state right here that the Catholics I know best are the ones in this country. They may have different teaching here.

    Your thoughts on communion are very similar to mine only differing in the word itself. I admonish myself every time I forget to remember where my food comes from and the sacrifice made on our behalf. I don’t believe I need to show “communion” to anyone besides Christ and myself unless it is in remembrance of the very day in which it was first given. Hence I am in partial disagreement with Herbert Armstrong’s commentary on this subject (to be found at the Berean website (ccg dot org) of which I can point out if anyone would like to find the exact document. I am also reading your comment of “I would take communion (remember Jesus) everyday if it were offered.” I would say it is offered by Christ always. I have certain sorry when watching anyone cross their chest before a meal for a similar reason. I watch them cross their chest, then watch them wolf their food much like swine. I feel sorry for them because I was like them 1 Cor 11:25-30 regarding communion and health.

    Your fourth paragraph; Yes, knowingly sin with total disregard thinking they can ask forgiveness and knowing they are going to turn right back and do it again. Absolutely no fear. A frightening thought.

    Regarding baptism I believe it to be a very important ceremony. Although I stated I believe we are born baptized, I don’t mean this to say this is a life long understanding. It just helps me to explain why we don’t need to baptize those that don’t understand the meaning yet. Many are fearful that if a child should perish without baptism, they have no chance at salvation. I have to disagree with them. Ezekiel 16 and Jeremiah 1 come to mind, but are not conclusive.

    Jeremiah 1 also gives us some deep thought on abortion.

    Your thoughts are always well received.

  19. astudent says:


    Trading comments with you has helped me see even better.

    Satan has invaded the Catholic Church and managed to nullify baptism. As you said, (in part), “we don’t need to baptize those that don’t understand the meaning yet”.

    As I understand baptism, no one receives the Holy Spirit, until they are baptized. The Holy Spirit comes to teach all things (John 14:26), no one else is qualified to teach, because no one, but God, really knows God.

    That is why it is said that Elijah must come and restore all things. Sin separated God’s children from Him and Elijah (John) brought baptism that we might be reunited with Him. That would restore all things for us: and God.

    That also explains why Jesus said, “Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist”. John was greater than Moses, Abraham, David, or anybody, other than Jesus, so that is truly an amazing statement.

    One who does not have the Teacher cannot understand the Bible. So, we must truly feel sorry for those who believe they have been baptized, when they have not. But then, perhaps God will accept that they (Catholics) have been baptized and then they do have the Teacher. Then the laugh is on Satan!

    Having said all of that, I agree with you that many will be saved without baptism. No one was baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit before John. So, if it were a requirement, written in stone, then no one before John could be saved and we know that is not the case.

    There are those that receive the Word, but have no root and they fall away. It takes time to grow roots. One grows spiritual roots by studying God’s Word, but without the Teacher, it is not possible to understand and grow roots. So, I believe it is very important to be baptized. We do not live in the times before Christ. Baptism is important and offered and so, I believe, it is also important to tell this to others.

    Your thoughts are also well received by me, not because we agree so much, but because you think about God’s Word.

  20. creationwitness says:


    Yes, me as well. When seeing things from a different point of view it can be eye opening and having an open mind with additional study is always beneficial. Too many times people just don’t want to do that.

    I can’t comment too much about baptism. It is currently part of my study. I do agree with you on the importance of baptism. I feel very sad for all of the people that have been tricked. I myself was almost baptized Mormon. My father disallowed it until we were of an age that we could understand what it meant. A confessed Agnostic, he did have an understanding of God.

    Malachi 4:5 has always been a curiosity “before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord”. Is he to come yet again? I always keep Elisha in mind having received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit and that Christ confirmed his return in John the Baptist even though John denied being him. This may also be related to the two witnesses in Rev. 11. At this point, I don’t know, but keep it all in mind hoping to find more.

    I have been very blessed in that I have much of my day to study. Most other people see this as a curse, but I think you have a better idea of what it means. It is rare these days to find any dedication. There certainly is a famine of the word and so it is always a pleasure to hear from you astudent. Always a pleasure.

  21. astudent says:


    We have something in common, besides being Christians. As a child, I was told that I should wait, until I understood what I was doing, before baptism. My father did not attend church and my mother stayed home so that she would prepare breakfast for him. My brother and I were sent, but only to Sunday school. As I got older, I stopped attending. It took a long time before I came to my senses and started to attend again.

    I think Malachi 4:5 is referring to both days of the coming of Jesus. The first one was great and the second dreadful. The first was a blessing to the whole world and therefore “great”, but the second will be dreadful to all who have rejected him.

    For me, it helps to think of Elijah as “The Elijah”. John was indeed not Elijah, but he was “The Elijah” that brought baptism and baptism is what makes straight paths for the Lord. John was calling in the desert for all to be baptized. No one before called others to baptism.

    I have studied baptism until it runs out of my ears and as you can see, it also runs out of my mouth. I think it is funny that I feel so compelled to speak about it. Some times I feel like Elihu when he said, (Job 32:17-22 NIV) “I too will have my say; I too will tell what I know. For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me; inside I am like bottled-up wine, like new wineskins ready to burst. I must speak and find relief; I must open my lips and reply. I will show partiality to no one, nor will I flatter any man; for if I were skilled in flattery, my Maker would soon take me away.”

    Having said all of that, I do not want anyone to just accept what I say. I am only a man and therefore only a student. Perhaps I am right and perhaps I am not, but the Spirit that is in you will teach you all things and that is the one to whom we should listen.

    It is a pleasure to hear from you as well. However, please do not become angry if I say something that you consider harsh. I will not flatter anyone (including myself, as some do) and it has led to others becoming angry with me.

    O by the way, I think the two witnesses are Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  22. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    Yes, very much in common. Our childhood stories are very similar.

    Your comment on Malachi gives one something to think about. I never read it like that before.

    John the Baptist making straight the path. Certainly one of the trailblazers.

    Faith shows there is much more to be revealed. It is a good time for study, dialog and especially prayer. I have great disappointment with people that refuse to open their eyes and ears. We can read throughout the bible that these people do exist. Careful consideration, lots of study and prayer always reveal truth through the Spirit.

    Anger was one of my youthful downfalls. It is a feeling that no longer controls me. A difficult learning is that we cannot fight evil with evil. We only need prove what we are taught and all things become clear. Stepping away from our old selves is the proof. You may know that we have been running a very deceitful program. One that starts in our youth and with most, controls thought and action. Quitting Sunday school is a major setback, although not detrimental to all. I did the same and it took a very heartfelt prayer to bring me back out of the delusion.

    Anger is a telltale sign of a person’s disposition. Disposition being an interesting word to use. Study of the word “tongue” brings things to more light. Anger is normally noticed in a person’s appearance and then expressed by words followed by violence. I think what I am trying to say is we are surrounded by it and as I have stated before it is mostly a threat, but if we act out of the ordinary it quickly goes away. Love without fear is an extremely effective defense and our voice conveys both. That may not make any sense to a person until put into practice.

    My own thoughts on the two witnesses have been Elijah and John. I say Elijah because of Malachi and John because of the last verse in Revelation 10 and the two witnesses appearance being in the very next chapter. Of course that is only speculation, but it struck me like a brick when first noticed it. Christ himself and the Holy Spirit never even crossed my mind until now.

  23. astudent says:


    I agree that we should study, dialog, and pray. However, I place the importance on study. Actually, I mean reading the Bible and thinking about what has been read. We can dialog with God. God’s side of the conversation is written and is the most important part. Our side is prayer, but we are always asking for something and I have found that He has always, already answered me. That is not to minimize the importance of prayer, or to say that you are wrong. It is just my thoughts.

    I am not sure if quitting Sunday school was a major setback. Learning about God has to be desired and if it is not then quitting is probably the right thing to do at that time. I was given a good parable and I attempted to pass it on through a post (The Story of the Chinese Farmer). It is not in the Bible, but God has blessed me with it.

    Living in this world one cannot help but absorb some of it. I find myself wanting to punish the sins of others, in my mind. These are thoughts of violence and God hates them (Mal 2:16). I have been clothed with Christ and yet I seem to attempt to also clothe myself with violence. I understand it as wrong and I am working on it.

    It seems to me that the two witnesses must also be the two High Priests. Melchizedek, the High Priest of the law (Do to others), or Old Testament, and Jesus, the High Priest of mercy (Heb7:12). These are the two that have all of the truth, unlike any mere man (especially me).

  24. creationwitness says:

    Hi astudent,

    I agree with your statement about study. Personally I must study all things. That is difficult to explain without telling long stories that are doubted or mocked and so I don’t. I can say however that I have been shown answers in real life situations that have let me understand certain questions in a very clear light. I don’t believe that I am being shown anything that anybody else cannot see, but by prayer I have opened my eyes to it.

    I can’t use the phrase “a major setback” with any true conviction. I wouldn’t know where I would be had I stayed the course.

    Jer. 2:19 Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the LORD thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord GOD of hosts.

    I have never heard the story of the Chinese Farmer. Is it posted here?

    In wanting to punish others, I always keep in mind Romans 12:16-21. Vengeance is an interesting study as are the two witnesses.

  25. astudent says:


    I had to laugh when you ask if the story of the Chinese farmer was posted here. There is no search engine on this cite and I did not know when I wrote the post, so I googled it, using Chinese Farmer-Wordpress-astudent, and that worked. I posted it July 17, 2007. I had not thought about how long I have been writing! “Time flies, when you are having fun”.

    When I was writing my last comment to you, I was thinking about Rom 12:19, but I could not remember the key word that would have assisted me. I was fixed on the word violence, but the word that I need was revenge. Search engines can be great aids, but one must know the words and how to phrase them. Thanks for citing Romans; it helped me.

    All sins are against God. That seems like a false statement, until one considers that God made everything that exists and therefore owns everything. If someone steals from me, they have taken nothing that I owned. They have only taken what God owned and placed in my care, so the sin is against God and only an inconvenience to me. Therefore, I have no right to avenge anything.

    God has also used real life situations to teach me. A lesson is a lot clearer when it is up close and personal and not easily forgotten, I might add.

  26. creationwitness says:


    The Chinese farmer is a very useful reminder. It is however written in the bible, but in a different form. Hebrews 12 specifically verse 11 to name only one. Many other stories we commonly use are also to be found in the bible only re-written. There is one difference though. The teaching in the bible does have a final outcome.

    A story I commonly use is the man that prophesied the water becoming poisonous one day. He told everyone, but none listened and so he went on his own to store up clean water. Then one day walking through his village he noticed everyone had gone insane and knew it was because the water had become poisonous. He continued drinking his clean water, but found the villagers were all calling him insane because he was different and so he drank the poisonous water and became sane again. Jeremiah 51:7 comes to mind, but that is not the only one. This story ties in very well with what is happening today especially when going against the norm. Use homosexuality and how it is becoming normal to cite one example.

    Indeed, you have been writing for quite some time.

    I also have similar difficulty in finding scripture at times. Notations in my topical guide and bible pdf downloads help me with this.

    What you have said about all sin being against God is very correct. One that I point out is lying. I tell friends they can lie to me, but cannot lie to God. Most don’t care, but it helps a few to understand what they are doing. Lying is also becoming a normal. The real shocker to any Christian is pointing out who their father is when they do this John 8:44. It is a terrible thing when we celebrate Christmas and the such knowing them to be lies, but continue in this deception because it is normal. The traditions of men are hard to be broken.

    White lies are the worst because there is no such thing. A lie cannot be clean. If someone should ask “Do you think I am fat?”, we can always respond “Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?” This will stop them from asking to be flattered, but it is better to ask them if they think they should lose some weight. Your blip of July 2007 on criticizing others made me smile having once thought I was a perfect liar. It took little practice being a good liar because I had been taught to lie. It takes diligence telling the truth.

  27. astudent says:


    I had not thought about the farmer parable as being written differently in the Bible, but it does, kind of, seem right. The farmer keeps telling others that he does not know, but the Bible leaves that for us to discover. The story of Jephthah comes to mind.

    There is always a point where a parable breaks down. If there was not, then it would be truth and not a parable.

    You are correct: the world is becoming normal, by their own standards (water).

    Like your parable, the world is trying to get us to drink the water and be like them. Isn’t it great, that we have eyes to see?

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