We hear a phrase that sounds good to us and we just grab it and run with it.

I have found it profitable not to accept anything that any man or woman says without a bit of contemplation. The phrase “Life begins at conception” is a good example of one that is not quite right.

The problem with using a phrase when it is not perfectly right is that it cannot be fully defended.

Now, think about it for just a second. Life does not begin at conception. Life is passed on at conception. Both the egg and sperm must be alive for conception to occur. If either is without life there can be no conception.

As Christians, who are privileged to have the Word of God, we know that human life began with Adam (Gen 2:7) and if you think about it, passed on to all who have it. Life was passed on to Eve from Adam (Gen 2:23) and then from Adam and Eve to all who have now, will have, or ever had it (Gen 3:20).

Even those who do not believe in God would have to admit that life had to have a beginning with only one person.

It seems to me that the phrase should be “A human being begins with conception”. The new being is human, not some other form of life, and did not exist before conception.

Abortion is taking the life of a defenseless, innocent human being. We all started this life as one cell. Does it make it any less of a crime, in God’s eyes, at what age anyone is when they are killed? I say in God’s eyes because man has made it legal. So, by definition it is not murder.

By definition murder is unlawful killing and the government has passed laws that make it lawful, but only in the eyes of man. Think about it: it is lawful, in this Country, to kill an innocent human being! Can there be a more clear proof of perversion of justice?

Abortion was legalized, for money, by those that have no fear of dieing of it themselves.

(Deu 27:25 NIV) “Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person.” Then all the people shall say, “Amen!”

That is what God says about killing an innocent person. Those who take money for abortion are all guilty of accepting a bribe to kill an innocent person, from doctors to judges. If no one paid there would be no abortions.

If you think about it, abortion is the taking of an innocent life to just make the life of the guilty easier.

The scientific community has feigned the creation of life. If someone wants to believe they have been successful they are not corrected, but the truth is scientist have only manipulated organisms. They have removed part of the DNA from a living cell and replaced it with DNA that they artificially created. That is not creating life. One would have to place life, in a cell that they made, to honestly claim they created life.

I find it funny that those who state life began without God, cannot even define what life is! How intelligent is that? What began? The Word of God says that it is the breath of God and of course, the breath of God cannot be defined.


  1. creationwitness says:

    The scripture that immediately came to mind while reading this is Malachi 2.

  2. Jerome E. Goodwin Sr. says:

    God is known to have said ” I knew you before you were in your Mother’s womb”.

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