Many of my brothers disagree with much of what I say. I find it a great blessing, when they do. I do not claim to know everything, but I am trying. When I began to search God’s word for understanding, I asked Him to teach me everything. I believe that He will, because it would be a great blessing to me and God likes to bless His children. He certainly has taught me much, but not everything. The only thing that stands in the way of complete success is my limits. I am not a perfect student.

When I write something, I am pretty sure that I am right and I find that others are pretty sure that I am wrong! I have also found that after a long exchange of comments that we are often, both saying the same thing, but from a different perspective.

I believe that God has given me a parable to explain this to me. I have said this before, but I believe it is important enough to repeat, as it might help others. So here, it is again.

A man stands, facing a small lake. In the middle of the lake is a small island and in the middle of the island is a sign, much like a street sign. On one side of that sign is painted “God”.

There are many people around the perimeter of the lake, wanting to know more about this God. No one can wade out to the island as the water is too deep and no one can swim. So, they all must gain understanding by observing and contemplating the sign from a distance.

It should be obvious that a complete understanding, that would be possible under these circumstances, would result from viewing the sign from all angles. Not just from one place on the perimeter.

One man stands facing the front of the sign, calls to another, which stands directly across from him, facing the rear of the sign. He calls, “Do you see the sign?” and the other yells back “Yes”. The fist man then calls, “Do you see the word God on the sign?” and the second man calls back, “I see the sign, but it does not say “God”, it does not say anything.”

The sign represents Scripture and of course those that surround the lake are those who want to know Scripture.

Now, you see, both men are absolutely right about what they see and yet neither knows that the other is also right. Even though they have opposing views, they are both 100% correct views!

If they walk all the way around the lake, viewing the sign from all angles, then they will realize that the second man was correct and yet so was the first.

I have had, and probably will have, many arguments with those who see the sign from only one angle and refuse to walk on around to see it from my viewpoint. I pray that I also see, what they see, and usually I do, because I try to walk around and attempt to see as they do.

At times, it may seem that I am disagreeing when the truth is; I am only trying to explain what I see, from my perspective. It may seem like I am saying they are wrong when I am only saying, look at it from this angle.

So, if you are tempted to argue with me, then please do so. If we keep somewhat of a level head, we both may learn something. That is if we listen more to the Teacher, than we do to ourselves.

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