creationwitnes and I have been exchanging views and comments about the Sabbath and it seems that, to understand the Sabbath, leads to questions about light, darkness, day and night.

This led me to the very first five verses of Scripture. It seems right to me, that one must build his or her understanding of anything on the most basic of truth. Too many times a man’s understanding is built on sand, but sand is not solid ground. The solid ground is under the sand and it takes some digging and effort to reach it. Building on sand is easer at first, but it leads to disaster.

It is recorded that light was made in the third verse of Genesis. We, as men, leap to the understanding that the light created is the light that we see by. However, as we dig deeper, it is clear that God is not speaking about light from the sun, as He has yet to create the sun. Nor is it light created so that He might see, as He has already created the heavens and the earth before He created light.

It seems to me that the light created, spoken of in the third verse of Genesis, chapter 1, is Spiritual light: the understanding of God.

Scripture does not say that God created night, but only that darkness was on the face of the deep (over the surface of the deep (NIV)). God created light that we might see and understand Him.

There is no night that separates the seven days of Genesis, because God is always with us and there no spiritual darkness for anyone that wants to see. Scripture says, “And there was evening, and there was morning”, it does not say evening, night, and morning, because there is no night for those who want to see.

If anyone stands in the sun and does not want to see, they must purposely close their eyes. If they want to see, they will not close their eyes: the choice is theirs. The same thing can be said of the person that does not want to see spiritually: the choice is theirs.

God gives eyes to see the world to most people, but God will give eyes, to see spiritually, to anyone that will ask. The blind men, that we are told about in Scripture, are examples of this.

Search the word “blind” and think about what I said, I think that you will understand what I am trying to say.

Perhaps, I should have said, light, darkness, day, night, and blindness! Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and it seems impossible to try to explain something without drawing something else into the mix.

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