I have been studying the Bible for myself for about 30 years now. I do not accept what someone else says about anything, unless I study what others claim for myself. That is true, not for just the Bible, but for almost everything that I encounter in this life. Because of this trait of mine, I see many things different from those around me. I was just going over, in my own mind, the differences between my understanding of Scripture and the generally accepted understanding of parts of it. I find that so much different that it amazed even me! Let me list some of the ways that seem different, even opposed to the commonly accepted views.

I know that most who read the posts that I write tend to disagree with my views, but if you test what I say, using the Word of God as the ultimate authority, I believe you will end up agreeing with me.

First, iron does not sharpen iron. This verse is quoted by those who want others to believe that man can sharpen man, but it is God that sharpens us, not man. The understanding of the verse is based on whether or not it is possible to sharpen iron with iron. If it is possible, then man can sharpen man, but if it is not possible, then man cannot sharpen man. Because, I am a man, I cannot teach you this. The best that I can do is to suggest that you try it and if you are not willing to actually attempt it, then please do not try to pass yourself off as an expert on something that you have not tried for yourself. Do not try to argue with me, as I have attempted it, so I know it cannot be done, and even knowing this I attempted to teach others this basic fact. Yes, I know it was not the brightest move on my part. I have never claimed to be a mental heavyweight.

Second, this Country is not a gift of God, but was formed in rebellion to Him. You only have to apply Romans 13:1 to the founding Fathers to understand this. This is a Country where men choose men to lead them. Does no one see that it is God that should lead us? Can we choose both God and man to lead us? Isn’t that being double minded? No man can see the future, so this is a Country where the blind lead the blind.

Third, it is not possible to Tithe. The Tithe that is taught in most churches is twisted, in order to fleece the flock. Those who do not study Scripture for themselves may believe that money strengthens the Church, when just the opposite is true. Scripture says that we cannot serve both money and God. Does it make any sense to believe we need money to serve God? That idea comes from the world, not from God. If you disagree then study Tithing for yourself and you will find that it was a wonderful party two out of three years and it demonstrated to the Israelites how much God had given to them and that He even gave His ten percent to them to enjoy.

Fourth, money is the God of this world. Many would agree with this statement and yet their actions do not agree. Most of the problems of this world can be traced back to money. Yet, we still seem to think that money can solve most of our problems! Think about it. What problem do you see and do you think it can be solved with enough money? Let’s consider the advancement of the Church. God says that you cannot serve both money and Him, but the Church, as it is today, cannot exist without money! Most would say that if the Church had more money it could build larger buildings, advertise itself more, feed the poor; well you name your favorite way that you think the Church can be advanced and consider money. If money is a god, an idol, and it is, because one cannot serve both god and God, then how could more of an idol better serve the real God? Does no one grasp that is declaring God has little power without money?

Fifth, is public prayer. God says do not pray in public (Mat 6:5&6), but we seem to think that He did not mean it, so we pray in public all the time. We pray in church services, before sports events, at the opening of meetings, and many other events and yet God said do not do this! Do we know more than God?

Sixth, women in church. Because Paul does not allow women to speak in church (1Cor 14:34) and he does not allow women to have authority over men (1Tim 2:12) we have the idea that God does not permit such things. God appointed Deborah as the leader of Israel (Jud 4:4 and Rom 13:1). So, it seems clear that God does not agree with Paul! I believe God is right and so I have no problem with women speaking in church, or having authority over me.

Well, I could go on and on, but I think you see that my view of many subjects is not the popular interpretations of them. Because I know that iron cannot sharpen iron, I know that you cannot understand my views by reading what I write. However, you can realize there might be a problem with much of what you have been taught. After all, you have been taught by men and iron cannot sharpen iron. I am not teaching (only because I really cannot), I am only trying to get others to search Scripture for themselves and see what God says, because it is not always what man says.

Sometimes I think that I am trying to circumvent Proverbs 27:17, because I know that if I could, I would. However, God is right, I would only taint Scripture. He reserves the right to teach for Himself and that is how it should be: who really knows God, but God? Therefore, who is really qualified to teach about God, but God?


  1. Liferestored says:

    Thank you for a great post. It is so nice to break the chains of deception from the pulpit yes!? It is liberating. It has also allowed God to bring me to a deeper relationship with Him. It is not easy though. God speed astudent.

  2. Jerome E. Goodwin Sr. says:

    I see everything different form others. Some things are merely expressed the same as others.

  3. Jerome E. Goodwin Sr. says:

    Not form but from .

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