March 25, 2015

I have found that almost no one knows what I am talking about when I use the phrase “Tithing Feast”!

All my Christian brothers seem to think that God gave everything to Israel and then demanded 10% back and, if you are a good Christian, you will give back to God 10% of any increase of wealth you acquire, because that is what He demanded of Israel. Is that what you think about Tithing?

Scripture says that God gave Israel Tithing so that they would learn to revere Him. (Deu 14:23 NIV) “Eat the tithe of your grain, new wine and oil, and the firstborn of your herds and flocks in the presence of the LORD your God at the place he will choose as a dwelling for his Name, so that you may learn to revere the LORD your God always.”

Knowing this, because Scripture says it, I ask myself; “How does God, withholding 10% of what He has given to me, teach me to revere Him?” Well, it doesn’t. Because the Bible is true and man is not, it was apparent to me that I did not understand Tithing.

Tithing has been mixed up with “tenth”. The Tithe was really an example of how good God is to His children. It is a ritual not a ratio. Tithe is a proper name for a ritual and should be capitalized. You cannot understand the basic lesson of Tithing if you view Tithing as it is taught by man. The amount that God specified was only to determine what was His. He did not give it to Israel in the first place. It was His and they were only to take care of it.

We, because we are only human, and therefore self-centered and greedy, tend to look at the Tithe as God wanting 10% back from what He had given us. That is not at all what Tithing is about.

Because we have the Mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16) and therefore can know what He thinks, let us consider Tithing from His point of view.

Christ looks at Israel and says (to anyone who will listen), “My father gave Israel 9 times more than He kept for Himself and they still stole from Him!” Nine times wasn’t enough to those who wanted everything.

What is even more amazing is that God did not keep anything for Himself. Two out of three years God gave His part to Israel to enjoy with a feast and the third year He gave it to the poor. Think about that, God gave His children twice as much as He gave the poor: a double portion! And two out of three years, His Children were to splurge all of His wealth on a feast in His honor! They were to enjoy His share!

If you view Tithing as the world views it, it is all about money and obligation. However, if you view Tithing as God meant it, it is all about how wonderful our Father really is.

If you have never heard this view, or understanding, of the Tithe, then understand this. You have only yourself to blame. You have considered men as your teachers and listened to them without question. You have not been Bereans and checked with Scripture to see if what was said is true.

Even though that is true, it does not release those who call themselves teachers, from guilt. Those who claim to teach Scripture should be teaching all of it, and if they taught all about Tithing everyone would know about the Tithing Feast and they would understand what a blessing it was, instead of viewing it as an obligation.

Because men believe in money, more than they believe in God, the true meaning of the Tithe has been twisted and almost lost to understanding. Leaders think money is the key to spread the Gospel, when it is really faith that is the key.

If you study and think about Tithing and reach a proper understanding of it, you will realize that no one can Tithe today. You may well give ten percent to the Church, but where will you eat the Tithe?

If I have not stepped on everyone’s toes yet, then consider this. Israel was only to take the Tithe to the storehouse the third year. If you give your tenth every year, then you are giving two to three times the amount that God asked of His children for the Tithe. Could too much money have helped corrupt the Church?

Don’t take my word for anything. Be a Berean and test what I say, using Scripture as the standard. Stop sitting in the pews like a knot on a log, not questioning what is said or taught. Take your questions to the Spirit, which lives within you and find His answer, in His Word (Scripture).


March 24, 2015

I have been writing this blog for many years now and I have learned that there is more than one correct view or understanding of almost everything in the Bible.

Yes, I said “more than one correct understanding”. I have learned that when I try to explain my understanding, which is correct, to someone else, and they have a correct, but different understanding of the same subject, it only leads to frustration. That is frustration for both.

If that seems illogical, and I am sure it does, then let me pass on a parable that I am quite sure God has given me when I have been frustrated with the attempt to explain what I am sure of.

I have divulged this parable in other posts and comments, so if you already heard it please bear with me.

A man stands 50 feet directly in front of a stop sign. He looks intently at the sign and sees very clearly the size, shape, and the word stop printed on the sign. There is another man standing 50 feet directly behind the sign also looking intently at the sign. He also clearly sees the sign. That is he sees the size and shape, but of course he does not see the word stop printed on the sign, because it is not printed on the back side. Both men see clearly, and their view of the sign is unobstructed, and what they understand is correct: from their point of view.

Both men are curious about the sign and want to know all about it. Therefore they shout to each other, explaining what they see. They agree with the parts about the size and shape, but when one says the sign has the word “stop” printed on it, the man standing behind the sign, who from his view can clearly see it does not, begins to argue with the other man. Both men think the other does not understand what they are saying about the sign and that the other man is wrong! But the truth is neither man is wrong about what they see, but both are wrong about the lack of understanding of the other man.

The only way that the two can honestly agree is for both of them to circle the sign and thereby see it from all angles. Then and only then can either man totally understand everything about the sign.

Scripture is like the sign in that there are many ways to view it and it cannot be completely understood until it is viewed from all possible points.

I have viewed Scripture from the normally accepted ways and I see that there is a lack of understanding among my brothers. I have tried to explain many of my views to my brothers and, because they see Scripture from a different angle, and they are correct from their angle, it has created problems that we should not have.

The Bible says “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” and everyone seems to think that iron can sharpen iron, but it cannot. I have pointed this out, but no Christian will accept it. I say no Christian, because the people of this world certainly do not attempt to sharpen a knife with a knife. They use a stone, because that is what works and they have no vested interest in proving that it does not.

I have found that people believe what they want to believe and the facts do not matter. However, facts do matter. Water does not flow up hill and no matter if one thinks it can, it cannot. Iron does not sharpen iron and no matter if one wants to believe it can, it cannot.

Now if you have a vested interest in wanting to believe it is possible for iron to sharpen iron, then in order to be honest with yourself, you must physically attempt it. When you find that it will not, and you want to understand Scripture that speaks of teaching, then you must view it from a different angle. Until then you have blocked your own path of understanding.

Ask yourself a question. Can you see through someone else’s eyes?

No one can see through my eyes. Everyone must see through their own eyes. Because my brothers and sisters accept what mere men say about Scripture, without actually using their own eyes, much of understanding has been twisted and then lost.

I have discovered that if I stand still and try to get others to see from the angle that I see from, it only blocks them from viewing from my point. I must move so that others can see from the point that I am viewing from.

If you stand next to someone and try to view something from their point, your point of view is always a little to the right or left of the view of the other person: never exactly the same.

Now, I spent seven years trying to prove God wrong. I tried to teach others the meaning of the very verse that says I cannot teach! I suffered from the same problem that I see in others. I wanted to believe that I could teach this basic understanding and I have to admit that I still would like to. However, God gave everyone that has been baptized into the Holy Spirit, their own spiritual eyes and He stands ready to light the path to understanding, so they can see with their own eyes. Not my eyes, or anyone else’s eyes, for that matter. You can no more see through my eyes than iron can sharpen iron.

So, you are saying (to yourself) then why am I even posting my views, if I can not teach you. That is a good question and of course I will attempt to answer.

If you have read much of what I have written, you can see that I very seldom write anything that agrees with the normally accepted views of Scripture. Almost all Christians write about the normal view of Scripture and their view, from their point of view, is usually correct. It is only when one stands on the other side of the stop sign, viewing it from a different angle, that it is clear there is a different view, which is also correct.

I am going to stop attempting to answer comments. I have always tried to answer everyone. There may have been a few that, for some reason or other have “fell through the cracks” and I missed them, but it has been my policy to answer everyone.

At this point in time I am not going to stop anyone from commenting. Other’s views, from their view point, are usually correct and it only seems as if I am saying they are not correct when I am only trying to explain my point of view. I must move from my point of view, so others can stand where I stood and see as I saw.

God is pleased to teach everyone, that wants to know, all things (John 14:26). I do not teach, because I am only iron, but I can, and must, raise questions. If I could teach anything it is that everyone should raise all questions, so that the Spirit has them to answer. Without questions there would be no answers.

Consider my posts as questions to take to the Lord: not questions to bring to me. I am only iron and do not know how to say that you are right and yet you do not understand.

Well, actually you cannot bring your questions to me. I’m not standing there any more. I am off to learn more.