September 6, 2015

I was gazing at the news the other day and an article caught my eye. It was titled ‘The ugliest woman in the world’. I looked at the photos that were part of the article and as I did so, and thought about it, I became appalled.

No, I was not appalled by the appearance of the young lady. I was appalled by my own thoughts. I had looked at the photos just as my Father said men do, “Man looks at the outward appearance”, not as God does: “but the LORD looks at the heart.”. (1 Sam 16:7)

As I read the article and looked at her heart, I realized that she was really quite pretty; and I was quite ugly.

When we reach Heaven and are given our heavenly bodies, they will be perfect. The man or woman that is missing an arm or leg on this earth will not be missing anything in Heaven. Those who are paralyzed here will leap and dance for joy in Heaven.

Now, I do not know if this young lady is saved, but if she is and if I know my God and Father, and I certainly do know my God and Father, this young lady who is called the ugliest woman in the world today; will be completely healed and in Heaven will be called ‘The most beautiful woman in Heaven’.