March 23, 2011

Those that read my blog know that I usually write about spiritual topics, but this is an exception. My Goal with this post is to help the poor and afflicted.

First, let me explain what started me thinking about bed bugs.

One day last summer I returned to my house and noticed two complete mattresses and box springs thrown out of the apartment building next door. One of them was leaning on the fence that separates the two properties. Now, it don’t take no mental heavyweight to figger out they had a bed bug problem. (Yes, I know its bad English, but I just like the sound of it) The next day there appeared a third set.

So, I got some bug spray and just about soaked the grass between the mattresses and my building (don’t bother telling me I shouldn’t). Anyway, I was not invaded and had no problem. However, it did start me thinking about just how I would approach the problem if my house were to be infected.

As I studied bed bugs, I found them to be quite tough. My first thought was to soak the house down with poison, but that might be almost as hard on me as the bugs.

My second thought was to poison the bugs by poisoning their food supply. WAIT A MINUTE, THAT WOULD BE ME!!! Yes, I know the regular readers of my spiel wonder at this bit of sanity, but I really did think of it.

Anyway, I realized that the secret to eradicating bed bugs was (are you ready for this) I AM THE BAIT!          

So, if I surround myself with a trap that would kill or capture the bugs, I would not only sleep well while defeating the bugs, but I also would not have to destroy any of my possessions. I am not a rich man, so the thought of replacing my bedding (adjustable air mattress, which by the way, I highly recommend) and anything else, was not appealing to me.

My first idea, and still the best, was to remove the covers from my mattress, throw a sheet or type of covering over it. On the bottom edge of the covering, sew a grid all the way around it. Connect the grid to a bug zapper, so that any bug that wanted dinner (me) would have to crawl over the grid and be electrocuted.

There is a need for such a product and I think one could acquire some worldly wealth by designing and manufacturing it. It should be no giant task for someone, but more of a task than I want. I do not need another career, nor do I want wealth. I wouldn’t bother even writing this post, except the world, in my opinion, would be better off without bed bugs pestering people. I might add that it should be easy to sell the product to hotels and motels. I give up any rights to the idea. As a matter of fact, I think it was your idea first.

Well, that product is not yet on the market and so my mind would not rest. I thought about those who are pestered by those pesky varmints now and cannot wait on someone to design and make a cure.

Then I thought that if I had bed bugs right now, I would not want to wait until I made the best way to rid me of the problem either. At my speed, it would be months before the trap was complete.

Then I thought of another trap: not as good and clean as the first, but still effective. If I were to throw a sheet over the bed, so any bugs in the mattress would have to crawl under the sheet and then around the edge and up the outside of the sheet in order to get to me (dinner) and I placed a barrier of flypaper completely around the sheet any bug would be, shall we say, stopped in its tracks.

The second method would require carefully protecting the flypaper, as it must be in place long enough to trap any bugs that gorged them selves just before the trap was put in place and any bugs that are a result of eggs.

If you have any questions about how any of this would be accomplished, please ask someone else. I already said I do not want another career. If you see a problem that would cause the system not to work, then post a comment. It is not my intention to cause anyone to work on a project that is flawed from the start.


January 26, 2009

Does everyone think the American citizens lack any intelligence what so ever? You would think so if you pay any attention to the “NEWS”.


We hear the problems that we have with the economy is a “credit crunch”. Well there is some truth to that, because someone that has no job cannot get or use credit. They cannot acquire a loan to buy a home, or car, or TV, or anything else.


Without a job they cannot pay the loans that they already have which means they will lose their house, car; everything. They cannot support the rest of the economy so the businesses that depended on the American worker also cannot meet their finical obligations.


The Government decided that the American worker should compete with any worker in the world with no protection. An American worker must compete with a worker in China that may be making a tenth of what it would require just to exist in America! When we all began to lose our jobs they blamed it on us! The only responsibility the Government has is to protect the people and look what they have done to us! ARE THEY CRAZY?


The Government is supposed to fix the problem buy borrowing money when they say our problems stem from our misuse of credit!        ARE THEY CRAZY?


The Government is going to create jobs for us by using our money! Well actually our credit! Of course when someone makes a buck they have to spend it on a product made in China! You can not find much of anything that is made in America and when you do it cost 10 times more that the same thing made in China and when times are tight one has to get the best buy for their money.


Let me see if I understand this great plan. The government is going to borrow money, which they tell us not to do, from China so they can create virtual jobs and the result is we will buy something made in China; therefore strengthening the economy of China! ARE THEY CRAZY OR JUST PLAIN STUPID?







November 19, 2008

When we examine the very basics of the economy we find that it consists of workers, customers, venders, and manufactures and each one depends on the others. It seems that the government doesn’t even understand the very basics.


It makes no sense to give business money for nothing. The government has become the only entity large enough to solve the problem. The government can either give business money for nothing, which will only delay bankruptcy, or they can become the largest customer of their goods.


The auto manufacturing companies can manufacture all kinds of military equipment and we just happen to need to replace equipment. They would have a customer and we would have jobs: plus the country would get something for our money.


They could also be made to manufacture cheap, fuel efficient, and good autos like foreign manufacturers do. Having a customer as large as the government could insure that we get what we must pay for; though we aren’t now, so there is not much hope for that. The government would have enough clout to set fair prices as well as setting standards. Well, that is if graft were controlled and it isn’t now.


If this sounds like communism to you then it should be obvious that we are all ready communists or perhaps we do not even have a system. It is certain that this system is not working.


The government caused this recession by giving all of our manufacturing jobs to any foreign business that wanted them. It is not a credit problem. If you have no job then no one is going to loan you money, so the banks are just sitting on the money that was given to them; with no accountability to handle it properly I might add. Eventually, without customers, the money will all be spent on expenses and they will want more.


To recover from the last “Great Depression” the government spent money on roads, bridges and many other projects that ultimately benefited the people. This government needs to come to its senses (if it has any) and use the wealth as a business would.




The government could buy the vehicles that the auto companies can not sell, because no one can afford them. Then put the people back to work and have drawings for what they had no choice but to buy; at least we would have an income and some of the people would get something for all of the people’s money, and eventually the economy would recover.


Every time the politicians that we elect do not do as they promised we say that we will kick them out of office and elect someone that will do as they say. Well, we haven’t elected one yet. Those that we have just elected have the opportunity to produce, but by now I have no confidence in the system.


Anyway, if the people’s money (actually credit) were to be handled correctly the basics of economy would be fulfilled. The people would have income to pay for housing, food, and the taxes that will have to be paid, the businesses of the country would have a buyer for their goods and therefore could keep or hire employees, the venders would have something to vend, and the government would demonstrate some responsibility with the people’s money.


Of course these unfair “free trade” agreements have to be stopped. It is not fair when other countries subsidize trade and we do not. It is not fair when we must protect the environment and other countries do not. It is unfair when our living expenses are out of sight when compared to those in foreign countries. It is unfair and even illegal to pay an American worker the low wages that are paid in other countries; not to mention he can not exist on those wages.


If the government will not stop this then maybe dock workers or those who are responsible for berthing the ships could slow everything down. If they can’t unload the goods then they can not sell them and unfairly compete with the American worker. Somebody has to do something other than just giving our future to the rich.


If these agreements are not stopped there is no hope of recovery. Americans or anyone for that matter will buy at the lowest price. That is what got us here. It is not the American workers fault. It is the fault of those who allowed the unfair trade. If jobs are reinstated for the American worker and unfair trade continued to be allowed we will never recover, as we all buy at the lowest price; especially when we have no steady income. It is a shame that the government is not doing the very basic task for which it was formed. The basic job of government is to protect the people that it governs: not the whole world.





September 29, 2008

I keep hearing that the government is going to get this 700 billion dollars from the tax payers, but it should be obvious that we can not come up with that kind of money. So the government will borrow it from some foreign government; if they can.


Can you see the grand scheme? The rich politicians that have borrowed us into bankruptcy already, are going to (If they can) borrow enough to get themselves out of trouble; knowing all of the time that we can not repay such a debt. They get the money and we get foreclosed: what a deal for the American people that they keep saying they must protect!


If all of the banks fail before the rich can get their money out they will loose it. But if they can supply the banks with 700 billion dollars they can reclaim their wealth. What goes in the front doors of the banks will flow right out the back and into their hands. Then they can invest it in foreign nations and remain rich at our expense. Not only will we have to pay the 700 billion (If we could), but we must pay interest on top of it. After the rich remove their money the banks will be broke again and the crash (for us) can continue.


In my opinion any foreign Country that would loan us a dime is “Nuts”. We are already broke and with no manufacturing jobs there is no way that we can pay the debts that we already have. Politicians have given all of the high paying jobs to any foreign country that wants them and that is what has destroyed our economy. There is no tax base when there are no jobs so we can not repay any loans. They did this so that the companies which they owned could generate higher profits by having the products manufactured cheaper; with no regard for the American worker. If the rich politicians can not get the loan it would not surprise me if they do not just sell us to China: if they haven’t already.


You are not going to hear this any place else, because those who control the news also understand this situation. They know the banks must be temporally shored up in order for them to remove their money also. That is what they all mean when they say something must be done and done quickly. It really is their own money that they want protected.


This is not a plan to help the common man. Without jobs we are all going broke and our elected officials are doing nothing about that.


Before you start throwing rocks at politicians you have to remember that you supported the system that put them in power. Our Heavenly Father has told us not to put our trust in man and that is what Democracy is. Don’t blame God or other men: it’s our fault.



September 29, 2008

All my life I have heard how great democracy is. Well, as I got more mature (That sounds better than I got older) I began to contemplate the virtues of the system and to my surprise I found problems with it that I could not reconcile.


First it was founded by rebels that would not pay the taxes that were imposed on them. They were rich men that would not pay any tax imposed by England and after not paying for some time they came up with the slogan “Taxation without representation” in order to recruit the common man.


Now no one wants to pay taxes; then or now, but to refuse to pay taxes and form a rebellion against the government would not be viewed as correct today and it should not have been back then either. However the Founding Fathers are held as heroes for just that.


England only wanted taxes on a few things and when the colonist would not pay them every one of them was rescinded except the tax on tea and the colonist used that tax to start a war. It is common to say England was repressing the colonists, but a little study using truth as a guide will refute that idea. Just as a side bar, the middle class pay 41% of wages as income tax and then we have property tax, and sales tax, and even hidden taxes. Boy we really showed them didn’t we!!!!


Well, to continue, the second thing wrong, as I see it, is those who are unqualified to be in a position are supposed to be able to determine the ability of someone else to do the job!!! That just doesn’t make any sense. If a business let those who worked on the assembly line choose the president of the company they would choose someone that paid the most and demanded the least and that company would be history in no time.


Then we have the election process where the candidate makes all kinds of promises that he or she will not have the power to fulfill if they are elected. We call them “Campaign Promises” and the truth is the liar that you believe, knowing that he is lying about some of the things he says, if not all, is the one you vote for. It’s no secret that we all know that    if a politician told the truth he wouldn’t have a chance of being elected. That also does not make sense.


All most all elected politicians are rich and they make decisions that benefit themselves and their friends. Their answer to everything is money and their means of generating money is raising taxes. They have shot themselves in the foot this time as they have given most of the manufacturing jobs away and there is no longer the tax base that we had. The goods that are imported from countries that do not have to worry about clean air or any of the regulations that U. S. companies must keep are not taxed. So the Country basically receives none of the taxes that were the major supplier of income. Not only the man that used to have a good paying union job is out of work, but all of those who supplied him with food, clothing, and housing also no longer have a job. Kind of makes you wonder how we are going to repay all of the loans from foreign countries doesn’t it! Maybe one of them will loan us the money, like using one credit card to pay another. The bottom line is “The goose that laid the golden egg is dead”.


The rich have realized that they can use the system to get the taxpayer to fund their private enterprises. If a sports business wants a venue in which to manufacture their product (Read stadium), because it is worth millions to them they can afford to spend what ever it takes in advertisements, bribes, or anything else to trick the poor taxpayer into paying for it. The poor taxpayer does not have the resources nor can he justify spending a great amount to stop such a tax, because it is only a few dollars out of his pocket if the tax passes. The more taxes imposed on the taxpayer the harder it is to make a living and the less time he has to protect himself. Just as a case in point look at the school system and your property taxes. If money produced educated people we would be a country of geniuses and yet there is no end of new school tax bills! If they do not pass the first time they just try again until they do.


When an elected politician passes a bill that we can plainly see is not in the best interest of the people we say “I will not vote for him again”, but the damage is done to the people and it is never rectified. The next politician comes with his own wants and desires and when he takes advantage of us we say “I will not vote for him again”, but the damage is done and it is never rectified. Well, I could go on and on but the truth is we have run out of resources to fulfill their wants and desires.


It has been a great system for politicians. If anything happened to go right they took credit for it and if anything went wrong it was the voters fault for electing the wrong man! Ah, but there is always the next election!!!!


Just as another side bar, housing is not what brought the economy to its knees. NAFTA and the “Most favored Nation” status of China along with the great amount of money our government (Read politicians) borrowed to fight wars we should never have started is what caused the problems. China and Mexico were given the opportunity to import anything with no import tax because we borrowed so much from them. Import duties were there to protect American jobs and when they were removed so was all of the protection. If we still had jobs then those who got such ridiculous housing loans could still be paying them.


Now if I haven’t been clear enough let me say this, this system was invented by criminals that would not pay their taxes. They destroyed property that belonged to a German company in order to start a war where many were killed. It is a system controlled by those who lie to get power and are chosen by those who were unqualified to do so and they have put their own interest first; not the interests of the people. How could you possibly expect such a system to last?


Sorry, I have no earthly remedy for our predicament. The only thing that I see that we can do is pray, but if God does not answer we can not really complain about it. We (Man) set this system up and we participated in it, so we are guilty; not God. Having said that, it still is right to admit our sins and ask for forgiveness. If He will not save us from this mess that we created then we are lost indeed, because no one else can, or perhaps because of their own interests they will not.


God and His Word (The Bible) are proven right again (Psa 146:3 NIV) Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. (Jer 9:4 NIV) “Beware of your friends; do not trust your brothers. For every brother is a deceiver, and every friend a slanderer.

(Jer 12:6 NIV) Your brothers, your own family– even they have betrayed you; they have raised a loud cry against you. Do not trust them, though they speak well of you.

(Micah 7:5 NIV) Do not trust a neighbor; put no confidence in a friend. Even with her who lies in your embrace be careful of your words.


When all is said and done (John 14:1 NIV) “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God ; trust also in me (Jesus).


October 25, 2007

Go get a bullet to bite on because this is painful.

I am not a stock broker, politician, or anyone else that has a reason to pull the wool over your eyes. I am just a poor slob that can see what happened and I am disgusted enough to tell it.

Let’s say the problem started with NAFTA (North American Foolish Trade Agreement), after all we have to start somewhere and I don’t have enough time to go all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

When those in the government passed NAFTA they assured foreign workers an advantage over americans. They did this under the guise of free trade: that free trade was fair to all. However workers in South America do not have the same standard of living enjoyed in the US. So anything that is made in the US can be made cheaper in South America.

Just after NAFTA was passed our exports to Mexico and South America increased dramatically: they were buying machine tools and equipment in order to build manufacturing plants. These facilities, when complete would manufacture goods cheaper than plants in the US. In other words they were only buying from us what they needed to take our jobs.

You have to ask yourself why your own government would pass such a bill; at least I have to ask myself. Was it complete incompetence? Or was it because those who were suppose to protect Americans had investments in manufacturing business that could benefit from much lower labor costs. Whatever caused the government to pass the bill it is obvious that it was not in the interest of the people of the United States.

If that was not bad enough they gave China “Most favored Nation” status. China is a socialist government that is trying to become the largest super power in the world. China would like nothing more than to ruin our economy: and they have.

You see it is really very simple. There is nothing made that can not be made cheaper in China. So in passing just two bills our own government has totally destroyed the middle class of the US. If you work in any manufacturing job in the US and haven’t lost your job yet, you will; it is just a matter of time as anything made can be made cheaper in China. (I told you to bite a bullet, didn’t I?)

You want a laugh? We are supposed to compete with those who make a few dollars a day and yet manufactures in the US must pay minimum wages! The bottom line is, though we must compete, it is illegal!!! Well, it is a laugh, but a bitter one.

We are just beginning to see the result of what I would call a criminal act. The housing industry can not sell a house because no one can buy a house working at a fast food restaurant and those kinds of jobs are all that is left. Nor can the car manufactures sell cars, for the same reason. It should be apparent that interest rates mean nothing to someone who has no job. Who is going to loan money to someone with no job?

Is it any wonder the stock market is in turmoil? You don’t get something for nothing so the logical result of a stronger “world economy” is a weaker US economy.

My friends I don’t have a solution to the problem. Everyone keeps telling me that if I don’t like the government to vote, but we just get a new set of politicians and they do the same things the others did. This government is of the people, by the people, and for the people and those people would be the ones in charge, not poor slobs like me.


July 31, 2007

Well, in a nut shell, two things. The government did not enforce the law and when it didn’t the Housing Industry opted to make a quick buck instead of demanding that the government enforce the law.

There already were laws that prohibited hiring illegal aliens. These laws were enacted in order to protect the jobs of the American people. That is supposed to be the main interest of the government, but it is obvious that the main interest of the government is how much those who run the government can benefit by what the government does, or does not do.

When one company in any local job market hired illegal aliens the others in the same field of endeavor had two choices. One was to monitor the hiring practices of the rouge business and demand that the government enforce the law. The other choice was to copy the rouge businesses illegal practice.

It was obvious that they could get away with it because the government was not doing its sworn duty, and it was just as obvious that there was a quick buck in it. No one thought any farther than that, so no one realized that if American workers lost their jobs there would be no buyers for their houses.

The illegal workers were sending as much of their wages as they could to their home in Mexico, because that is where they intended to return to. They were not going to buy a house here and those who might have bought a house here no longer could (No job, you know).

Anyway the immigration problem is solving its self. The Housing Industry can not sell a house, so it can no longer afford to build them. If no houses are being built there are no more jobs, even for illegal workers. If there are no jobs most of the illegals will return home as that is where they always planed to go anyway. Maybe they can be hired to put wheels on all those houses, so they can take them to their own country; where all the money went.

Well, that is not the entire problem the North American Foolish Trade Act and the Most Favored Nation (over our own) are the main problems, but no one is doing anything about any of the problems. I mean no body, not the News Media, not the Government, not the economists,                   


By the way, I see that the Ford Motor Company made a profit last quarter, by selling cars in other countrys. WELL  DUH.