June 12, 2007

We really have a problem with the government. The Mexican people that have come here came for jobs that paid better than the jobs available in their home country. These are basically honest people that only want to work for a living.

We have laws against hiring illegal aliens, but the government is not enforcing them. If the government enforced the law then there would be no jobs available for illegal aliens and they would go home of their own accord.

Those who are in power are all well to do. They have investments in business in this country and when those businesses make more money the stock holders make more.

If the cost of labor is reduced and the cost of the product, or service is kept the same the profit is increased. Not only will the illegal work for less, but because he, or she is illegal they pay no tax, which further lowers the cost of labor.

The average American worker does not realize that income tax is about 19% of his wages. Then another 11% is taken out of his pay for social security, and then another 11% is taken by requiring the employer to pay it. That 11% is hidden because the worker never even sees it. That is a total of approximately 41% (Boy we really came a long way sense the founders of this country wouldn’t pay tax on tea. There wasn’t any tax at all on what a man made back then)

Big business owners are smart enough to third party the hiring of illegal aliens. This is accomplished by using another company to supply the work force. That way when any action is taken for breaking the law some poor dumb slob takes the fall and then the business just finds another slob to supply workers.

Then we have imports of goods with no import duty. No American company can compete with a foreign company that has lower labor costs and does not have to obey all the restrictions that are imposed on American business. Because of this most American manufacturing companies are either out of business or have had to have their products made in another country. In all fairness it is either have the product made and imported or go out of business altogether.

The end result is Americans no longer have jobs in manufacturing. Jobs in manufacturing pay much more than service jobs. They also create other well paying jobs (truck drivers, other manufacturing jobs, etc).

Now you are wondering if what I said is correct. Let me ask you a question. Can someone who is working at a fast food restaurant buy a house, or a new car? Is the housing industry selling new houses or many houses at all? Are the auto manufacturers able to sell their cars?

Let me ask you another question. If only a few people are paying income tax and there is no tax collected from imports how the heck are we going to pay for all of the military actions that we are taking?

If China was trying to ruin our economy they could not have found a better way and it only works because of greed. I believe that it is obvious that those who are in power do not care about the citizens.

I’m including this in religious tags so you can see this is not a Christian Country. The God this Country trusts has “In God we trust” printed right on it.