April 30, 2015

Do you see what a basic change there has been instituted in the law of man? The law of any country was established to protect the innocent against physical and monetary harm. Both are tangible entities. I mean that others can actually see physical harm and they can determine if the innocent has been robbed in some way.

We have changed the law to include the very thoughts of someone, actually everyone. If you believe in your mind that you should not do anything to facilitate a ceremony that opposes your beliefs, you will be punished by the law of the land. Just for your thoughts!

You have caused no physical or monetary damage to the other person. You have merely hurt their feelings and you will be punished for merely hurting their feelings!

It is impossible to know what anyone else is thinking. Therefore, it is impossible to judge such a matter. The people that operate the bakery that would not facilitate the wedding ceremony of a homosexual couple are being punished for their thoughts: for only hurting the feelings of someone!

The law has been spun around to where it punishes the innocent and protects the guilty. You see the homosexual couple should have just gone somewhere else, to another bakery where the owner did not feel it was wrong to facilitate their desires. However, because they wanted vengeance for getting their feelings hurt, they sued. They are guilty of aggression. And a judge recommended that a $135,000 fine be levied against the innocent people that own the bakery!

Laws against discrimination are laws against thoughts. One can be accused of thoughts that do not agree with others thoughts, but there is no harm to anyone because of different thoughts. Only if the other person thinks they have been harmed and then only their feelings have been hurt!

When I was young I heard it said, many times, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”.

Now, even thoughts can hurt me!


February 26, 2015

This is a first for me. I removed this post and I did so because I do not believe it will change a thing. It would only serve to discourage those who do not yet know and understand our Heavenly Father. I should not be thinking about the sin of others and I should not be causing others to do so either.

Please forgive me if I caused you to concentrate on sin.


March 12, 2014

You might think that I am a one who believes in conspiracy theories.

Well, the events of 9/11/01 were caused by a conspiracy. Moreover, I might add, a Muslim conspiracy.

The two passengers that boarded Flight 370 were Iranians and Iran is a Muslim country and a refuge for Muslims.

If you draw a line from the last known position of Flight 370 to Beijing and measure it, to determine how far the plane was fueled to go, and then sweep that line to the west, it is apparent that the plane could reach Iran. I might add that any airplane must carry some reserve in case of a delay reaching its destination, so if one uses the reserve, the distance can be increased.

If a country has manufactured an atomic bomb, the next step is to build a means to deliver it to the target.

My first thought was the plane was stolen in order to remake it into a bomber. However, one doesn’t have to remake anything, if the whole airplane is the bomb.

Muslims have already demonstrated that they are willing to die for their beliefs, so the only thing that must be done to a 777 in order to make it the means to deliver a bomb is to load it.

If you think this a wild idea and therefore not worthy of consideration, then what about 9-11?


November 29, 2011

Those that read my post know that I write on spiritual subjects: usually on the understanding of Scripture. Sometimes what is happening in the world is made clearer by what is written in the Bible. This occupy movement is such an event, or events that seem to make Scripture more clear for me.

The more one learns about Scripture the more one can learn. That may seem an odd statement, so consider this.

We are told from birth that the United States is a “Christian Country”, but when you become old enough to study the Bible on your own, without any so called help from others, one can see plainly that this Country is not Christian. It was formed in rebellion to God (Romans 13:1&2) by those that did not want the king that God had appointed over this land. The people decided to appoint their own king (President). They would no longer trust God to appoint a king. Verse four says the governing authority are “God’s servant”, but we believe those that serve are “Our servants”. How foolish we are to give power to men, to make laws that control our lives, and then expect them to only consider us! Now, you must already understand this before you can see the next step of events of this country.

God is not going to protect a county, or people, that do not have faith in His ability to appoint a king. Think about it, can you say that you believe God appointed a spiritual king for you, but He isn’t qualified to appoint a human king? Don’t bother trying to say that you prayed to God to guide you to vote for the right man. If you vote you are declaring God can not choose without the help of man.

At some point those who are in charge, because the people placed them in charge, will realize they are about to be voted out of office. They have put in place a plan for such an event. The president can declare a national emergency and halt the elections. It may not be this election, but is a possibility.

Someone is paying the expenses of those that occupy. I am old enough to know that no one spends money without expecting a return on their money. Those that are occupying are not in agreement about just what they believe: except the rich are their enemies. I believe those who are supporting the occupiers know exactly what they expect to get for their money.

If I were in power and did not want to loose that power and I did not really care about the people, or cared for myself more than the people, I might devise a plan to hire thugs, to cause large riots just before an election, so that I could declare a national emergency. Actually because the news media can be trusted to over emphasize their reports, I wouldn’t even have to cause large riots.

The news media is already over emphasizing the importance of a bunch of nuts dumping in the parks. Yes, I said dumping and you know what I mean.

Hitler had his Brown Shirts: this government has its Occupiers: puppets on a string!

What I said about this country is true and accurate. My prophecy is speculation. However, it is based on the actions and desires of men.

I say this to Christians so that if and when it happens they will not loose any of their faith. It should strengthen ones faith. Joseph Lule pointed out in his last comment, that it is God that has control of those that oppose Him and even though it may seem as if the world is going to defeat God’s children He will reveal Himself and save us.

Think about it.


March 29, 2010


First I must say that this country is basically a Christian country so any Muslim candidate would probably have to come from outside the USA. Though it is illegal to become president unless one is born a citizen, if enough bribes are paid, and the importance downplayed sufficiently it might be possible to circumnavigate the law.

It would be vitally necessary to hide the fact that he was a Muslim, both before the election and also after it. Before, because he would not stand a chance of being elected, and after to hide the motive for all of the damage he would do to the country. The USA is said to be an enemy to Islam and there would be no reason for a Muslim to attempt to become president other than to destroy this country.

One way to hide his religion would be to attend a Christian church before the election. There would be no reason or gain to continue after the election, unless it was becoming too obvious that he was Muslim. He could even justify lying about being a Christian, because Islam allows lies to further its goal of world dominance.

As president he could not pardon his fellow Muslims who have been imprisoned, but if he could close the prison, which would cause them to be moved to a less secure facility then perhaps they could escape. Even if they were not successful they would have a chance to kill more Americans before they were recaptured.

Perhaps he and those who help him could change the way the enemies of this country are tried for their crimes. If foreigners are given the same rights as natives and are not read their rights there is no way they can be found guilty. The truth is we can not even convict our own criminals and even if we could there is no room in prisons for them.

Those who do not understand that the president was a Muslim would not see clearly what was transpiring and would be clueless as to what was happening. Those that do understand the ways of Muslims would understand if the president bowed to a Muslim king and made statements such as Islam is a peaceful religion. That is if we would ever elect a Muslim president.

The president would believe that he would go down in history as the greatest president of the USA; because Muslims would write U.S. history after he destroyed it and he would be the one mainly responsible for the fall of the great Satan.

Anything that the president could do to weaken this country he would do. If he could weaken the economy, or cause civil unrest he would do so. It would be a wise move to make it seem as though it was an attempt to socialize the country instead of the real goal which would be to destroy it.

It would be a real feather in his cap when he belittled the leader of Israel and you can be sure he would. One of the very important things he would strive to do is to destroy the bond between Israel and the USA. That could be easily accomplished by demanding the ridiculous.

You might ask yourself if God would allow this to happen and the answer is not difficult to ascertain. We have decided to choose our own leaders, not relying on God and God lets man sin. How else can a stiff-necked people like us learn if He doesn’t let us make mistakes? If we elected a Muslim for our leader God would know it even before the man was born!

It seems to me to be a necessary step toward the end of time. You see Israel will not depend on God to protect them. In the past they have made alliances with many foreign countries instead of relying on God alone. That does not please God. It seems that the whole world will turn on Israel in the end times and so this country must also turn.

If we ever elect a Muslim for president he will think he is having great success, but he would only be doing God’s bidding. That is the one true God’s bidding. Israel will finally have to put their trust in the one true God, because there will be no one else to turn to. Once again God will rise up and defeat the enemies of Israel, but this time it will be the last time.

That is, if we ever elect a Muslim president.


November 30, 2009


The American Heritage Dictionary. 

Wisdom 1.Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment. 3. The sum of scholarly learning through the ages; knowledge.

Intelligence 1.The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. 2. The faculty of thought and reason. 3. Superior powers of mind.

I am afraid that I have been confusing wisdom and intelligence most of my life. I always lumped them together. I assumed that if one were intelligent then one would be wise, but lately I have thought about it and I realize that one can be intelligent and yet lack wisdom.

Atheists like Mr. Dawkins are prime examples of those who are intelligent and yet lack wisdom. Most atheists that I have met are intelligent, but they do not use their intelligence to gain wisdom. Both atheists and believers, if being honest, would have to agree that in order to determine if God exists one has to examine the universe and everything in it.

The Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork and I use to think that was because it was so immense. But now I understand it means the universe is wasting away to its end. The light of the stars originates from matter being destroyed and matter is not being restored. If the universe has an end then logically speaking it must have had a beginning! Something has to have existed and will exist forever: either God or the universe. Its not rocket science.

Those who do not want to believe there is a God lump all religions together, but there are major differences and though all religions believe in some type of god the differences are too great to allow them to be grouped together.

The Christian religion commands followers to treat others as they want to be treated. No other religion has such a command. If all men obeyed such a command there would be world peace, because there would be no more transgressions between men. Even the leaders of the world would not war against other nations!

Atheists, if they had wisdom, would understand that world peace could result if everyone obeyed that royal law and they would encourage everyone to be a Christian. If there truly is no God then what does it matter what one believes? If I want to believe, even in Santa Clause, what is that to others?

Well it does seem to matter. Christians want all to believe, because they want all to be saved (you know ‘do unto others’), and the atheists want all not to believe because it makes the atheists look intelligent (and they are intelligent).

The problem between Christians and atheists, as I understand it, originates because atheists seem to lack confidence in their intelligence. They seem to believe that to make others seem stupid they will appear even more intelligent. They draw the less intelligent into discussions about science and other subjects, about which they have more knowledge than most Christians, and never mention that the universe is slowly coming to an end. It seems that it is not truth they desire, but admiration.

Then there is money as a reward for not seeking truth. One can receive royalties from books that are written to make their intelligent brothers feel good. And they feel good because it makes them seem more intelligent than the masses. There is also opportunities for advancement by agreeing with the other intelligent people as those who are intelligent usually have more power and influence than those who are not as gifted.

After saying all of this it is clear that I am still confused about wisdom and intelligence. How could someone be intelligent and yet not be wise? It is not wise to oppose a religion that would assure world peace and yet the intelligent do! At the very least it is a selfish and self-centered attitude.


July 13, 2009

If you have read anything I have said about this country you know I have little respect for the system of government that we have. In case you haven’t just let me say this, “This Country was formed in rebellion to God”.

I didn’t always have this view, but I read Romans 13:1&2 and applied it to the formation of this Government and it changed my understanding of democracy. I have since repented and no longer believe in this Democracy. It came down to who do I really put my trust in and I realized that first my loyalty must rest in God and anything and everything else must agree with that loyalty. You can see that anything else would be a sin.

As I said, I have repented. Since I understand that this Nation was formed in rebellion to God I have not participated in politics at all. I am no longer a registered voter and do not endorse any candidate or political party. I believe God when He says He appoints the authorities and I believe that is the only way it should be.

The problem stems from our sin. God does not stop sin and when our forefathers decided the people could do a better job of appointing authorities He did not stop them. Nor does He stop us as we try to elect a man.

I know that if every Christian does as I have that there is no hope for our country. I do not want this as it can only result in Satan winning this part of the battle. So I have devoted some thought to the problem, or I should say I have wrestled with God over an answer to our plight. As you know I am only a student and I don’t always understand what the Spirit is trying to teach me so I am going to post what seems right to me and maybe someone who understands more clearly can straighten me out and maybe we can begin to work toward a real solution to our problem.

First even though the system is basically flawed we must work within it. We can not rebel. Even though it was not God’s idea that we should choose authorities He has appointed the authorities that we wanted. To rebel against those authorities is to rebel against God as Romans 13:1&2 make clear.

The first thing that we must do is we must all repent. (2 Chr 7:14 NIV) “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We must humble ourselves and admit it is wrong to attempt to choose our own authorities. We must ask God to honor His word and again choose authorities for us. That is the way it should be, because we do not know what is in another man’s heart and we do not know what someone will do in the future, but God knows both.

Perhaps we should form another political party: the Christian political party. The other two parties have already determined which candidates will do as they want and if they do not then the next time they will not receive money for their campaign. This action would result in every church that participated losing its tax exempt status, but we can really serve only one master and money is not the one we should be serving.

You may say that this is only my idea, but Scripture clearly states the way we can extract ourselves from this mess (2 Chr 7:14). It should be clear that we can not govern ourselves. We need God for that task and only God. We have sinned by not accepting God’s word that He will choose our authorities and attempting to do it ourselves. We need to heed our own words and really put our trust in God.

Will this come about? No! I don’t believe most of my brothers and sisters have the faith that is required for the cure!