July 13, 2009

If you have read anything I have said about this country you know I have little respect for the system of government that we have. In case you haven’t just let me say this, “This Country was formed in rebellion to God”.

I didn’t always have this view, but I read Romans 13:1&2 and applied it to the formation of this Government and it changed my understanding of democracy. I have since repented and no longer believe in this Democracy. It came down to who do I really put my trust in and I realized that first my loyalty must rest in God and anything and everything else must agree with that loyalty. You can see that anything else would be a sin.

As I said, I have repented. Since I understand that this Nation was formed in rebellion to God I have not participated in politics at all. I am no longer a registered voter and do not endorse any candidate or political party. I believe God when He says He appoints the authorities and I believe that is the only way it should be.

The problem stems from our sin. God does not stop sin and when our forefathers decided the people could do a better job of appointing authorities He did not stop them. Nor does He stop us as we try to elect a man.

I know that if every Christian does as I have that there is no hope for our country. I do not want this as it can only result in Satan winning this part of the battle. So I have devoted some thought to the problem, or I should say I have wrestled with God over an answer to our plight. As you know I am only a student and I don’t always understand what the Spirit is trying to teach me so I am going to post what seems right to me and maybe someone who understands more clearly can straighten me out and maybe we can begin to work toward a real solution to our problem.

First even though the system is basically flawed we must work within it. We can not rebel. Even though it was not God’s idea that we should choose authorities He has appointed the authorities that we wanted. To rebel against those authorities is to rebel against God as Romans 13:1&2 make clear.

The first thing that we must do is we must all repent. (2 Chr 7:14 NIV) “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We must humble ourselves and admit it is wrong to attempt to choose our own authorities. We must ask God to honor His word and again choose authorities for us. That is the way it should be, because we do not know what is in another man’s heart and we do not know what someone will do in the future, but God knows both.

Perhaps we should form another political party: the Christian political party. The other two parties have already determined which candidates will do as they want and if they do not then the next time they will not receive money for their campaign. This action would result in every church that participated losing its tax exempt status, but we can really serve only one master and money is not the one we should be serving.

You may say that this is only my idea, but Scripture clearly states the way we can extract ourselves from this mess (2 Chr 7:14). It should be clear that we can not govern ourselves. We need God for that task and only God. We have sinned by not accepting God’s word that He will choose our authorities and attempting to do it ourselves. We need to heed our own words and really put our trust in God.

Will this come about? No! I don’t believe most of my brothers and sisters have the faith that is required for the cure!


June 11, 2009

As I understand our current problems it seems only a natural or worldly process. We have been a democracy for over two hundred years. For all of this time we have been choosing other men to serve as our masters. Think about that: servants that are masters of those who they are supposed to be servants of!

This is a dichotomy that is only one when viewed from a detached or spiritual position. Citizens who are voting for the man of their choice never think that they are making a man their master. But they are granting that man the power to make decisions that will not only greatly affect their own lives, but as we can see now, greatly affect the lives of their children as well.

The politician never thinks of himself as a servant, but as a master. It is politically correct to claim to be a servant, but politicians serve themselves first and when they absolutely have too they may do something for the people.

As time goes on those things that are done against the people as a result of what is done by the politicians for themselves add together until there is nothing left for the people to give. The taxes that are piled on our backs are never taken off. If a tax has a set time to end it will be put on the ballot again and if it doesn’t pass there will be a special election, time after time, until it does pass.

Christians know that all men are bound over to disobedience (Rom 11:32 NIV) and yet we choose one to lead us! Actually we choose many masters. And we even tell each other that we should all choose (vote)! Doesn’t anyone realize that to choose a man to reign over us is to reject God?

We can see that Israel made a mistake by wanting a king to lead them because we are detached from the situation, but we are in the middle of this democracy and we can not see the trees for the forest.

After much thought on the matter I have reached a conclusion. Government is a matter of faith. If I believed in democracy I would have to believe in the goodness of man and I do not. God has let us have this democracy to show us beyond a doubt that we are not qualified to lead or reign over ourselves. If you do not understand this yet just wait a little while, because I believe everyone will understand before God ends or lets this mess end.

If you do not understand then read 1 Sam 8:7-22 and when the word king is used substitute the word authority for it. That is if you are reading the NIV. There is no real need to substitute if you read the KJV, because it makes clear that it is the one who reigns that is the difference: man or God.

We chose a man to reign over us. Actually we chose and choose many men when you consider all of the legislators and they do worse things to us than the king that God chose for Israel. God said the king would take ten percent for himself, but this government takes half and gives it to whomever they choose. The truth is that by borrowing from other countries they have taken everything we have and everything our children could have had and given it to those who are not even citizens of this Country.

Those who defend this type of government by saying we can vote this man out of office and replace him with a man that will govern fairly do not yet understand. The man that we vote into office does even worse things than the man we voted out and we are still left with the taxes, restrictions, and debts that the first man obligated us to.

The truth as I see it is only God could save us and He might, but He told Israel that he would not help them. (1 Sam 8:18 NIV)  When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, and the LORD will not answer you in that day.” If He wouldn’t answer Israel will He answer us?

I am sorry if I sound so negative, but we have and are sinning greatly and no one seems to understand. Can we ask God to rescue us when we do not even admit that it is our actions that got us here?


January 26, 2009

Does everyone think the American citizens lack any intelligence what so ever? You would think so if you pay any attention to the “NEWS”.


We hear the problems that we have with the economy is a “credit crunch”. Well there is some truth to that, because someone that has no job cannot get or use credit. They cannot acquire a loan to buy a home, or car, or TV, or anything else.


Without a job they cannot pay the loans that they already have which means they will lose their house, car; everything. They cannot support the rest of the economy so the businesses that depended on the American worker also cannot meet their finical obligations.


The Government decided that the American worker should compete with any worker in the world with no protection. An American worker must compete with a worker in China that may be making a tenth of what it would require just to exist in America! When we all began to lose our jobs they blamed it on us! The only responsibility the Government has is to protect the people and look what they have done to us! ARE THEY CRAZY?


The Government is supposed to fix the problem buy borrowing money when they say our problems stem from our misuse of credit!        ARE THEY CRAZY?


The Government is going to create jobs for us by using our money! Well actually our credit! Of course when someone makes a buck they have to spend it on a product made in China! You can not find much of anything that is made in America and when you do it cost 10 times more that the same thing made in China and when times are tight one has to get the best buy for their money.


Let me see if I understand this great plan. The government is going to borrow money, which they tell us not to do, from China so they can create virtual jobs and the result is we will buy something made in China; therefore strengthening the economy of China! ARE THEY CRAZY OR JUST PLAIN STUPID?







January 21, 2009

We have elected a new president, but have we thought, with truth, about what we have done?


The Bible says over and over that we should put our trust in God and not man. Haven’t we put our trust in man when we vote? Don’t we trust our own judgment as to who should be president? Or perhaps you would feel better if I said we trust the people to choose rightly. Either way we have put our trust in man; not God.


The truth is God knows the heart of everyone on this earth and only God is capable of choosing the best man for the job.


The candidate that would tell the truth is the candidate that stands no chance of being elected. You know that is true, so you know the very quality demanded for success is to be untruthful. Have you realized that only two men in the world claimed to know how to save the economy? Both just happened to be running for president and both claimed the other was wrong!


You may say that you prayed to God for guidance when you voted, but why would God answer a prayer about which man should someone put their trust in when He said do not put your trust in man? Would it be right for a bank robber to ask God which bank to rob? Could he really expect an answer?


Democracy is a system where the people choose the authorities, not a system where God does. God has chosen our authority and that is Jesus who is a King not a president. It is a shame that those who lead God’s people do not, or will not understand.


Does no one understand that the founding fathers of this country rebelled against the authorities that God established? God says that is rebelling against what He instituted and yet many churches exalt this system of government. Does no one realize that we are exalting rebellion against God?


I feel no joy or excitement because we have a new president. I still have a King and though I am sure the president will fail in many ways I am equally sure my King will not.


When you calm down and stop thinking about how much you dislike me for saying this, instead of continuing to think about me, think about what I said.


December 9, 2008

1. Do you think that the economic situation that we face today is just a step in God’s plan to let a one world government be formed? I say this because the economy is the one entity, other than God, that has the power to form a one world government. I might add that the power of government is money.


2. How far do you think God will let the value of money decline? If you read Revelations chapter 18 and view Babylon the Great as money many of the things that are said there could be said of money. But then the same could be said of greed. It should be obvious that what ever Babylon the Great is, it is only a symbol. Babylon has been here as long as nations. It is said that Babylon gave herself glory and luxury and it seems that it is talking about a person, but doesn’t money give glory and luxury? Aren’t the rich glorified because of their money? We are supposed to emulate Jesus and Jesus was as far away from money as He was from the fish of the sea (Mat 17:24-27). When Jesus wanted a denarius (Roman penny) He had to ask that someone else produce it.


3. Do you really think that the American people control the government? Would you have given your money to those who, by their greed and dishonesty, caused the economic problems that we face? Does that make any sense? Isn’t this from men of this world whose reward is in this life?

We are not a nation of free people we are slaves to the government and this is a communistic government. Well, perhaps we need a new name for this government, because communism is controlled by one political party and we are controlled by two that have hoodwinked us and possibly themselves into believing the people are in control.  This whole “Bail out” scheme is like the ship has a hole in it and it is sinking and those who are in charge say we must drill a bigger hole to stop it! I might add that it is because our nation believes in money: not God. Instead of calling on the power of God to rescue us we call on the power of money. God cares, but money is an idol and cannot care.


4. If Ephesians 6:12 is true and we were in control then wouldn’t we be the authorities and therefore the enemy?  (Eph 6:12 NIV)  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


5. I wonder if those Islamic terrorist have figured out that they worship a god that is so weak that it can’t even do its own killing! If the God of the Bible wanted someone dead they would be so. The fact that anyone is alive is proof that God wants them that way. By the same reasoning, to kill someone is to declare God wrong. The true God will take everyone’s life the way that He planned, but because He allows sin some will murder. He has given everyone the power to sin, so He does not stop terrorist from sinning, but there will be a terrible price to pay for it.


Well, I have many thoughts and some deserve a post instead of just a few lines so these are all the questions I am listing today. Anybody got any answers?


November 19, 2008

When we examine the very basics of the economy we find that it consists of workers, customers, venders, and manufactures and each one depends on the others. It seems that the government doesn’t even understand the very basics.


It makes no sense to give business money for nothing. The government has become the only entity large enough to solve the problem. The government can either give business money for nothing, which will only delay bankruptcy, or they can become the largest customer of their goods.


The auto manufacturing companies can manufacture all kinds of military equipment and we just happen to need to replace equipment. They would have a customer and we would have jobs: plus the country would get something for our money.


They could also be made to manufacture cheap, fuel efficient, and good autos like foreign manufacturers do. Having a customer as large as the government could insure that we get what we must pay for; though we aren’t now, so there is not much hope for that. The government would have enough clout to set fair prices as well as setting standards. Well, that is if graft were controlled and it isn’t now.


If this sounds like communism to you then it should be obvious that we are all ready communists or perhaps we do not even have a system. It is certain that this system is not working.


The government caused this recession by giving all of our manufacturing jobs to any foreign business that wanted them. It is not a credit problem. If you have no job then no one is going to loan you money, so the banks are just sitting on the money that was given to them; with no accountability to handle it properly I might add. Eventually, without customers, the money will all be spent on expenses and they will want more.


To recover from the last “Great Depression” the government spent money on roads, bridges and many other projects that ultimately benefited the people. This government needs to come to its senses (if it has any) and use the wealth as a business would.




The government could buy the vehicles that the auto companies can not sell, because no one can afford them. Then put the people back to work and have drawings for what they had no choice but to buy; at least we would have an income and some of the people would get something for all of the people’s money, and eventually the economy would recover.


Every time the politicians that we elect do not do as they promised we say that we will kick them out of office and elect someone that will do as they say. Well, we haven’t elected one yet. Those that we have just elected have the opportunity to produce, but by now I have no confidence in the system.


Anyway, if the people’s money (actually credit) were to be handled correctly the basics of economy would be fulfilled. The people would have income to pay for housing, food, and the taxes that will have to be paid, the businesses of the country would have a buyer for their goods and therefore could keep or hire employees, the venders would have something to vend, and the government would demonstrate some responsibility with the people’s money.


Of course these unfair “free trade” agreements have to be stopped. It is not fair when other countries subsidize trade and we do not. It is not fair when we must protect the environment and other countries do not. It is unfair when our living expenses are out of sight when compared to those in foreign countries. It is unfair and even illegal to pay an American worker the low wages that are paid in other countries; not to mention he can not exist on those wages.


If the government will not stop this then maybe dock workers or those who are responsible for berthing the ships could slow everything down. If they can’t unload the goods then they can not sell them and unfairly compete with the American worker. Somebody has to do something other than just giving our future to the rich.


If these agreements are not stopped there is no hope of recovery. Americans or anyone for that matter will buy at the lowest price. That is what got us here. It is not the American workers fault. It is the fault of those who allowed the unfair trade. If jobs are reinstated for the American worker and unfair trade continued to be allowed we will never recover, as we all buy at the lowest price; especially when we have no steady income. It is a shame that the government is not doing the very basic task for which it was formed. The basic job of government is to protect the people that it governs: not the whole world.





October 14, 2008

I wrote this post some time ago: just before the crash (10/07). It was and still is true. The reason that I am reposting it is that I am sick and tired of all the politicians telling us they are going to fix the problem. The only way the damage can be reversed is for import tariffs to be reinstated and even then it would take a long time to improve. No one is even suggesting this!!!


There is much talk about small business needing loans when what they need are customers. Who needs a loan to purchase stock when no one has a job and therefore can not buy what is stocked? We do not have a credit problem. We have an employment problem. Those who claim small business need credit either are ignorant of how a small business is supposed to work, or are just plain dishonest with their claim. Also who is going to loan money to someone who wants to buy a house when their income will not allow them to pay for it? Or a car?


The economy has become a gigantic game of Monopoly.  We are sitting on Park Place with no money and the game is over for us. That is how the game is won or lost. The one with the most money puts the squeeze on those who find themselves in a situation where they need what the other has: gas, food, shelter, etc. We have paid until we can no longer do so. Unlike the game we can not just get up, have a good laugh, and go on with our good life, but as those who have put the squeeze on us are finding out that they can’t either.


Politicians have gotten us into this. It is the responsibility of the government to protect the citizens of that government. It is not their responsibility to create jobs or any other scheme that someone can think of. The business of government is not business. If you have cancer, then do you need more cancer for a cure? If your government is that cancer do you really think it will cure you?


If all of the banks are either incompetent or immoral enough to loose so much money that they do not even know how much, then the logical remedy is to give them more money and of course do not demand any accounting for it, or even a contract demanding repayment. They will pay us back when they recover, but there is no contract to make them do so! From their record it is obvious they will not! I am a nobody, but even a nobody is not that stupid. A monkey has more sense than those in the government. Well, just to be fair to monkeys, they are not capable of immorality.


There is much talk about the middle class of this country. The middle class were the people that had manufacturing jobs that paid well. Look around, they are now either the lower class, or about to become so. They are history and only a figment of political imagination. And China hasn’t even begun to import automobiles yet. ARE THEY CRAZY?





Go get a bullet to bite on because this is painful.


I am not a stock broker, politician, or any one else that has a reason to pull the wool over your eyes. I am just a poor slob that can see what happened and I am disgusted enough to tell it.


Let’s say the problem started with NAFTA (North American Foolish Trade Agreement), after all we have to start somewhere and I don’t have enough time to go all the way back to the Revolutionary War.


When those in the government passed NAFTA they assured foreign workers an advantage over Americans. They did this under the guise of free trade: that free trade was fair to all. However workers in South America do not have the same standard of living enjoyed in the US. So anything that is made in the US can be made cheaper in South America. I might add that OPEC is a monopoly and would not be legal in this country, so there is really no such thing as free trade.


Just after NAFTA was passed our exports to Mexico and South America increased dramatically: they were buying machine tools and equipment in order to build manufacturing plants. These facilities, when complete would manufacture goods cheaper than plants in the US. In other words they were only buying from us what they needed to take our jobs.


You have to ask yourself why your own government would pass such a bill; at least I have to ask myself. Was it complete incompetence? Or was it because those who were suppose to protect Americans, had investments in manufacturing business that could benefit from much lower labor costs. Whatever caused the government to pass the bill it is obvious that it was not in the interest of the people of the United States.


If that was not bad enough they gave China “Most favored Nation” status. China is a socialist government that is trying to become the largest super power in the world. China would like nothing more than to ruin our economy: and they have.


You see it is really very simple. There is nothing made that can not be made cheaper in China. So in passing just two bills our own government has totally destroyed the middle class of the US. If you work in any manufacturing job in the US and haven’t lost your job yet, you will; it is just a matter of time as anything made can be made cheaper in China. (I told you to bite a bullet, didn’t I?)


You want a laugh? We are supposed to compete with those who make a few dollars a day and yet manufactures in the US must pay minimum wages! The bottom line is, though we must compete, it is illegal!!! Well, it is a laugh, but a bitter one.


We are just beginning to see the result of what I would call a criminal act. The housing industry can not sell a house because no one can buy a house working at a fast food restaurant and those kinds of jobs are all that is left. Nor can the car manufactures sell cars, for the same reason. It should be apparent that interest rates mean nothing to someone who has no job. Who is going to loan money to someone with no job?


Is it any wonder the stock market is in turmoil? You don’t get something for nothing so the logical result of a stronger “world economy” is a weaker US economy.


My friends I don’t have a solution to the problem. Everyone keeps telling me that if I don’t like the government to vote, but we just get a new set of politicians and they do the same things the others did. This government is of the people, by the people, and for the people and “those people” would be the ones in charge, not poor slobs like me.