January 28, 2019

Now, there is an odd title for a post from a Christian. I am a Christian that believes the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God and therefore perfect. If the Bible says something then it is true and if it doesn’t seem true then it is only because it is viewed from the wrong angle. In other words the error is in the man that reads it and not in the Bible.

Einstein’s famous formula proves (Heb 11:3 NIV) “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” Those that are in the world, that do not even believe that there is a God, do not understand how Einstein’s formula proves God’s Word, but you are not of this world and you can understand.

You do not have to understand the entire math of Einstein’s formula in order to understand what it means. Take a deep breath and look for the basic meaning of the formula.

OK, let me show you the basic underlying principal of the formula. Basically the formula states that everything is made of energy! It states how much energy a certain amount of mass is made of and doing so states that everything is made of energy. There is nothing on one side of the equation but energy and on the other side is only mass. Turn the equation over in your mind and you will see that it says a certain amount of mass equals a certain amount of energy. It does not say that mass plus something else equals energy.

So, if you do not yet understand how Einstein’s formula proves Hebrews 11:3 then answer me this. Can one see energy? I would say no. Though one can see the effects of energy, energy itself can not be seen. ”What is seen was not made out of what was visible.”

I believe that there is always at least two ways to view anything. So let me show you another way to view Hebrews 11:3.

“What ‘is’ seen was not made out of what was visible”. So if what is seen is energy, then one can see energy. However, one can only see the energy when it is locked up into the form of mass. That is to say that a brick is made of energy and is visible, but if it is subjected to an atomic blast it is changed to the form of only energy and no longer a brick. It can no longer be seen, because it is no longer a brick.

It seems to me that only God can take energy and turn it into mass. Mass is being turned into energy throughout the universe and man can also turn mass into energy, but man cannot turn the energy, that once was a brick, back into the brick that it once was.

If you are an unbeliever and you think that I am wrong, then don’t waste your time telling me that I am wrong. Go, make a brick and prove that I am wrong.


February 4, 2014

If you live in the U.S., you might have heard about the big debate between these two men about evolution and creationism. There really can be no debate, because they are not talking about the same thing!

Mr. Ham is speaking about scripture from that viewpoint and Mr. Nye is only speaking about science. Neither is completely right and neither is completely wrong.

Mr. Ham, like most of us, does not spend enough time contemplating Scripture and Mr. Nye spends no time with Scripture.

If you spend much time examining Scripture for yourself, instead of just listening to men, you can see that the six days of creation are not the same as six days of our time.

Two of the days of creation were already past when God made the sun and moon. These lights in the sky were to mark the seasons, days, and years for humanity. Because two days had already past, it is plain that the same standard for the seven days revealed in Scripture are not the same as our standard. They are not twenty four hour days.

Gen 1:13-15 (NIV) And there was evening, and there was morning—the third day. And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years, and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so.

There are six days of creation and they are God’s days not man’s days. God’s days are not measured with the same standard that He gave us to measure our days.

Psalms 90:4 (NIV) For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.
2Peter 3:8 (NIV) But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

Now, because you are reading this, you are probably a Christian and you are thinking that I have judged Mr. Ham when I said that he is not spending enough time in Scripture. I am not applying a different standard to Mr. Ham, because I am also guilty of not spending enough time contemplating the Word of God.

As I understand, Mr. Ham is correct when he says God made everything so there is no evolution. And Mr. Nye is correct when he says not everything was made in six days, because he is applying man’s standard for length of time of the six days.

One more thing about God’s six days. We are still in the sixth day. God has yet to finish His work and therefore has not entered into His rest.

John 5:17 (NIV) Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.”


March 23, 2011

Those that read my blog know that I usually write about spiritual topics, but this is an exception. My Goal with this post is to help the poor and afflicted.

First, let me explain what started me thinking about bed bugs.

One day last summer I returned to my house and noticed two complete mattresses and box springs thrown out of the apartment building next door. One of them was leaning on the fence that separates the two properties. Now, it don’t take no mental heavyweight to figger out they had a bed bug problem. (Yes, I know its bad English, but I just like the sound of it) The next day there appeared a third set.

So, I got some bug spray and just about soaked the grass between the mattresses and my building (don’t bother telling me I shouldn’t). Anyway, I was not invaded and had no problem. However, it did start me thinking about just how I would approach the problem if my house were to be infected.

As I studied bed bugs, I found them to be quite tough. My first thought was to soak the house down with poison, but that might be almost as hard on me as the bugs.

My second thought was to poison the bugs by poisoning their food supply. WAIT A MINUTE, THAT WOULD BE ME!!! Yes, I know the regular readers of my spiel wonder at this bit of sanity, but I really did think of it.

Anyway, I realized that the secret to eradicating bed bugs was (are you ready for this) I AM THE BAIT!          

So, if I surround myself with a trap that would kill or capture the bugs, I would not only sleep well while defeating the bugs, but I also would not have to destroy any of my possessions. I am not a rich man, so the thought of replacing my bedding (adjustable air mattress, which by the way, I highly recommend) and anything else, was not appealing to me.

My first idea, and still the best, was to remove the covers from my mattress, throw a sheet or type of covering over it. On the bottom edge of the covering, sew a grid all the way around it. Connect the grid to a bug zapper, so that any bug that wanted dinner (me) would have to crawl over the grid and be electrocuted.

There is a need for such a product and I think one could acquire some worldly wealth by designing and manufacturing it. It should be no giant task for someone, but more of a task than I want. I do not need another career, nor do I want wealth. I wouldn’t bother even writing this post, except the world, in my opinion, would be better off without bed bugs pestering people. I might add that it should be easy to sell the product to hotels and motels. I give up any rights to the idea. As a matter of fact, I think it was your idea first.

Well, that product is not yet on the market and so my mind would not rest. I thought about those who are pestered by those pesky varmints now and cannot wait on someone to design and make a cure.

Then I thought that if I had bed bugs right now, I would not want to wait until I made the best way to rid me of the problem either. At my speed, it would be months before the trap was complete.

Then I thought of another trap: not as good and clean as the first, but still effective. If I were to throw a sheet over the bed, so any bugs in the mattress would have to crawl under the sheet and then around the edge and up the outside of the sheet in order to get to me (dinner) and I placed a barrier of flypaper completely around the sheet any bug would be, shall we say, stopped in its tracks.

The second method would require carefully protecting the flypaper, as it must be in place long enough to trap any bugs that gorged them selves just before the trap was put in place and any bugs that are a result of eggs.

If you have any questions about how any of this would be accomplished, please ask someone else. I already said I do not want another career. If you see a problem that would cause the system not to work, then post a comment. It is not my intention to cause anyone to work on a project that is flawed from the start.


November 30, 2009


The American Heritage Dictionary. 

Wisdom 1.Understanding of what is true, right, or lasting; insight. 2. Common sense; good judgment. 3. The sum of scholarly learning through the ages; knowledge.

Intelligence 1.The capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. 2. The faculty of thought and reason. 3. Superior powers of mind.

I am afraid that I have been confusing wisdom and intelligence most of my life. I always lumped them together. I assumed that if one were intelligent then one would be wise, but lately I have thought about it and I realize that one can be intelligent and yet lack wisdom.

Atheists like Mr. Dawkins are prime examples of those who are intelligent and yet lack wisdom. Most atheists that I have met are intelligent, but they do not use their intelligence to gain wisdom. Both atheists and believers, if being honest, would have to agree that in order to determine if God exists one has to examine the universe and everything in it.

The Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork and I use to think that was because it was so immense. But now I understand it means the universe is wasting away to its end. The light of the stars originates from matter being destroyed and matter is not being restored. If the universe has an end then logically speaking it must have had a beginning! Something has to have existed and will exist forever: either God or the universe. Its not rocket science.

Those who do not want to believe there is a God lump all religions together, but there are major differences and though all religions believe in some type of god the differences are too great to allow them to be grouped together.

The Christian religion commands followers to treat others as they want to be treated. No other religion has such a command. If all men obeyed such a command there would be world peace, because there would be no more transgressions between men. Even the leaders of the world would not war against other nations!

Atheists, if they had wisdom, would understand that world peace could result if everyone obeyed that royal law and they would encourage everyone to be a Christian. If there truly is no God then what does it matter what one believes? If I want to believe, even in Santa Clause, what is that to others?

Well it does seem to matter. Christians want all to believe, because they want all to be saved (you know ‘do unto others’), and the atheists want all not to believe because it makes the atheists look intelligent (and they are intelligent).

The problem between Christians and atheists, as I understand it, originates because atheists seem to lack confidence in their intelligence. They seem to believe that to make others seem stupid they will appear even more intelligent. They draw the less intelligent into discussions about science and other subjects, about which they have more knowledge than most Christians, and never mention that the universe is slowly coming to an end. It seems that it is not truth they desire, but admiration.

Then there is money as a reward for not seeking truth. One can receive royalties from books that are written to make their intelligent brothers feel good. And they feel good because it makes them seem more intelligent than the masses. There is also opportunities for advancement by agreeing with the other intelligent people as those who are intelligent usually have more power and influence than those who are not as gifted.

After saying all of this it is clear that I am still confused about wisdom and intelligence. How could someone be intelligent and yet not be wise? It is not wise to oppose a religion that would assure world peace and yet the intelligent do! At the very least it is a selfish and self-centered attitude.


July 11, 2008

Well, actually I started this post to have a good laugh at science in general.


I was wasting time watching TV and I saw Nova’s program that included an article on “Dark Matter”.


Scientist have discovered mathematically that there must be something that is holding the universe together. Something that seems to have about 5 times more matter than is observable using normal methods.


Here are some of the things that were said about Dark Matter.

Dark matter is one of the biggest mysteries.

Dark matter is invisible.

Dark matter is everywhere.

We wouldn’t be here without dark matter: life wouldn’t be possible.

We have no clue what dark matter is.

We know it is out there we just have to find it.

Discovering dark matter is going to be one of the greatest finds of the century.

Dark matter is not made of atoms.

Dark matter must be made of some exotic particle.

We owe everything to Dark Matter.

Dark Matter holds everything together.

If there were no Dark Matter then our Galaxy would never have formed nor would have any galaxy formed.

Galaxies like ours are completely enveloped by Dark Matter.


Almost everything that is said of Dark Matter can and is said about God!!!!!


The statement that Dark Matter must be made of some exotic particle is a case of applying the rules of our known universe to some thing that is not like it. There really is no reason to assume it is made of particles at all.


It was also said that ordinary matter has this whole verity of interactions, but Dark matter does not interact with atoms very much. Actually it doesn’t seem to me that Dark Matter interacts with atoms at all, other than to hold the universe together.


Scientists have set up an experiment that would detect Dark Matter if it strikes normal matter, but that is assuming that Dark Matter is particles, or that it will strike normal matter. Seems like a lot of assumptions when nothing is really known about Dark Matter except that it holds the universe together.


What struck me as so funny is that if scientists could really prove mathematically that God exists they still wouldn’t understand or admit it! Scientists have either proved there is a God, or there is black magic, or that their math is basically flawed. There is a real problem for them because as a rule they are too proud to admit any one of the three.


Doesn’t anyone realize that Dark Matter is God holding the universe together???

(Col 1:16 & 17 NIV)  For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.


Well I started to write because it was funny to me, but as I thought it brought great sadness. If those who will not consider that there might be a God they will never understand why they are here.


This is the perfect virtual reality game, but it must be played in order to win. It is so easy to win that anyone can and the rewards are so great that anyone who knows about the game would want to play. However if one refuses to even think about the game they can not win it. By not playing one will lose, because everyone is in the game: like it or not.


If you really think you are objective then ask God if He is real to reveal Himself to you. He says that if you search for Him you will find Him and He always tells the truth.


By the way, if you find God, then you might just understand Dark Matter!!!! As it is (Job 38:33) Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?


October 19, 2007

It is customary for those who believe in science to ridicule Christians for believing in God. They cite one of the definitions of “faith” as their reason for not believing there is a God and that is “Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.”

I know that the existence of God can not be proven and I also know that He can not be disproved. It is part of His plan. If He can not be disproved then it is reasonable to assume that no other discipline can be proved. Well, let me say this, the core beliefs of those who do not believe in God do not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

That is right! They are guilty of the very thing they accuse us of!

The very core question of both sides of the issue is “Where did everything come from?” Our answer is “God made everything” and their answer is “The Big Bang Theory”.

Now I don’t know if you have thought about the Big Bang or not, but with only a little thought you will find that it is the “Big Dud” theory. If all the matter in the universe were compacted into a little ball there could be no explosion possible. Nothing can escape the gravity of a Black Hole and if all of the matter in the universe were in one place it would be the Black Hole of Black Holes. Scientist first said there was an explosion and some still do. Then it was an expansion and I believe I read that some now even say space began inside the matter.

It really doesn’t matter. (Yes, that is a play on words) There is no way to light the fuse and even if there was an explosion, because of the massive gravity it would not be possible for any expansion. Are you beginning to see that the beliefs of scientist do not rest on logical proof or material evidence? Well, actually there is evidence that there was no big bang. If there had been there would be massive amounts of gamma rays produced and there are no traces of them.

Steven Hawking has said that you can disprove a theory by finding even a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory. I would agree with that, but in practice the theory is changed to fit the observations. Even when the change is blatantly in error the theory is not abandoned. (Too many preachers of science would have to recant and admit they were wrong)

We finally reached the laugh. When observations of the universe didn’t fit sciences predictions that the expansion of the universe would slow and it would fall back into itself, they invented “Black Magic”. “O” please forgive me, I should have said “Dark Energy”, however black magic is more accurate. Instead of rethinking their math they invented something to make their math seem correct.

And they say we are ignorant!

Actually the expansion of the universe is logical and if accepted would be an observation that would suggest there was a beginning and end to the universe. Science is not going to accept this, because it would be evidence of God.

All of the stars are radiating massive amounts of energy in all directions and that radiation is striking all of the other stars. This is resulting in all of the stars being pushed apart and because the pressure is constant, though decreasing with distance, the rate of acceleration is increasing. In other words all of the bodies in the universe are solar sails, so of course the universe is expanding and will until the end of time.

This may also explain why the orbit of the earth is elliptical, but I really don’t care. I have determined for myself that there is a God and to me the universe is only a curiosity and of no real importance.

So brothers, when you are attacked and called ignorant for your belief in God, just consider “Black Magic” and have a good laugh.


October 14, 2007

I’ve got a couple of things to say before I show you that science proves the existence of God, so be patient and I will get around to it. First, I am rather small, so I have had to deal with bullies when I was younger. A bully is someone who always treats the weaker person in an overbearing or intimidating manner. The word is traditionally used to describe a person that is physically larger than the person he picks on. I don’t know if you realize it, but there are also intellectual bullies.

They are blessed with greater intellectual power and they use it to intimidate those who are intellectually weaker.

I class myself as weaker. Have you ever heard that “Your strength is your weakness and your weakness is your strength”? Well, because I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I have to break everything down to its simplest terms and then reassemble it to see if it really is as I was told.

Quite often I see someone brighter than I am, when told something, never questions the truth of what they have been told and they go on to build their understanding on a false base. It’s a case of their strength becoming their weakness. Well that is the start of weakness; it becomes much worse when after they have told everyone their theories and their pride will not let them recant. Then they become intellectual bullies and when anyone tries to point out an error they are attacked as complete idiots. So I know I will be attacked, but the truth is the truth and the truth is science has proved there has to be a God; they just are trying to hide the fact.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Turtles all the way down”? Let me tell you the story as I heard it. (There seems to be some other ways)

There was a young boy that had just reached the age where he began to be curios. One day while looking through a book he spied a picture of an elephant holding up the world. It brought a question to his mind and he went to his father, who knew everything, and asked him, “Father what is the elephant standing on?” His father having asked the same question as a lad answered, “Why, he is standing on a turtle”. That satisfied the boy for a few minutes, but then the obvious question occurred to him and he went back to his Dad and asked, “Father what is the turtle standing on?” Well, the boy was a bit brighter than his father at the same age, because the second question had never occurred to his father. Not wanting to seem as if he didn’t know he tried to wing it. “He is standing on another turtle” The boy didn’t even hesitate and blurted out, “What is that turtle standing on?” Now the boy had challenged his father’s knowledge too far, as he didn’t have an answer, and being a typical proud man was becoming quite angry. He snapped back at the boy, “Why there are turtles all the way down.”

Well, the boy knew when to shut up, but I am not a boy and I’m hearing the same kind of response when I ask science what the last turtle is standing on. The truth is science knows where the final turtle stands, but their pride will not let them admit it.

Let us examine some of the things science says about the beginning of the universe and some of its laws. The law of conservation of mass/matter, also known as law of mass/matter conservation (or the LomonosovLavoisier law), states that the mass of a closed system of substances will remain constant, regardless of the processes acting inside the system. An equivalent statement is that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, although it may change form.

That equivalent statement is not true. It is apparent that matter, or atoms can be destroyed, but they can not be created.

Einstein’s formula E=MC² was proved when the Atom Bomb detonated, and again when the Hydrogen Bomb worked. Basically Einstein said matter is nothing more than energy bound together by more energy and one can mathematically compute the amount of energy in a given amount of mass.

Heb 11:3 NIV says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” (Energy bound together by energy)

Both the Atom Bomb and the Hydrogen Bomb work by destroying matter, which releases the energy that holds the matter (Energy) together.

Go outside on a clear, dry, moonless night and look up. Everything that you see is matter being destroyed, or converted to energy. It can be properly said “destroyed” if it can not be returned to matter. Every star is a giant mass destroying machine. Actually you can only see one side of the visible stars and you can only see a small part of the universe.

Energy is only created by destroying matter. Even the power from a hydroelectric plant is produced by the destruction of matter, as is the very act of looking up.

Now, as you see the massive destruction of matter that is happening every second in the universe, doesn’t it stand to reason that if there is a method that turns energy back into matter that it would be readily visible?

Well there is no visible reversal of destruction. If you ask a scientist if it is possible to turn energy into matter he will say, yes we do it everyday in our particle accelerators.

There is a slight problem with that answer. Basically they take an electron and smash it into another electron and sometimes another electron and an anti-electron are produced. They are always produced in pairs: it’s not possible to produce just one. Because energy and matter are basically the same scientist claim they have turned energy into matter. 

These two electrons are supposed to be equal with opposite charges, but when they collide there are gamma rays produced.

Now grade school math will tell you that the sum of one positive added to one negative of equal value is zero, or nothing. Considering that electrons are particles of energy it should be clear that if they annihilate each other there could be no energy released as there is no excess energy left in either to be released: one would only cancel the others energy. Because there is energy released they can not be equal in value. It’s not as if we have two trains with the equal amount of the same kind of energy crashing together, but one train and one ghost train. If I were theorizing I would say that this is just a step in this particular method of converting matter into energy. (Electrons into gamma rays)

I might add that it takes a great amount of energy in order to accelerate an electron to speed required too produce this pair and we already know that matter must be destroyed to generate this energy. Ask yourself if one can claim that matter has been created if massive amounts of matter have to be destroyed in order to produce one particle. Also if you must have electrons to make electrons then have you really made matter?

To summarize this post: yes, we are both getting tired of this.

Matter does exist and therefore had to be created. Because it is not created in this universe it had to be created outside of it. This proves (To me) there has to be a God. Now I know science is not going to admit it, but that is not unusual for mankind.