43% of evangelicals believe Jesus is the only way to be saved!

July 22, 2008

Is it any wonder that 57% of evangelicals believe that other religions can lead to eternal life? To say that there is more than one way that can lead to eternal life is a sin and just as Jesus said, “if you do not believe that I am the one I claim to be, you will indeed die in your sins” (John 8:24). It would nullify the sacrifice of Jesus Christ if there were other ways to Heaven. The advice that would allow anyone to avoid any sin has already been written in the Bible.


How, you ask, could this have been avoided by those 57% who profess to be evangelicals? Where is the advice?


Well, we find it in First Corinthians chapter fourteen. It is a description of how a meeting should be conducted when the whole church comes together (verse 23). It is a chapter about prophesy and how to conduct a service though most read it as a chapter about “tongues”.


When the whole church comes together “everyone” should prophesy (24, 26, & 31). However in modern churches only the preacher prophesies and everyone else must be quiet and listen. Verse 30 might as well not be there, because the first speaker is not going to stop. I have never been in a church where the preacher was interrupted by someone and that someone had a chance to complete what he was led to say. He is led alright, but only out of the meeting. The justification for this is usually verse thirty-two, thirty three, and forty, but instead of prophets it is interpreted as one prophet and that prophet is the preacher and the one that speaks up is said to be creating disorder. Isn’t that the wrong way to handle the one who wants to prophesy? Isn’t it odd that most of chapter 14 is ignored and only 32, 33, & 40 recognized?


It is no wonder that the members of the church do not understand Scripture. All men are flawed and no man understands the entire Bible so if the church only listens to one man they will only understand as that one man understands and they will suffer from the same flaws as that man.


The format for our modern church services has become mostly secular with only a few references to Scripture thrown in. It basically says that if Biblical principles are followed life on this earth will be better. Well, though that is true it is not the basics of the Gospels.


A proper church service is just what chapter 14 says it should be. I am not saying all sermons are wrong, but I am saying that chapter fourteen is not being followed and that is why modern day Christians do not understand the Bible. Ministers mean well, but they are not following the Bible and that is more important than motives.


Chapter 14 says, “All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church”. Is it any wonder why the church is weak today?


A proper church service is a big Bible study with everyone involved. It makes perfect sense. One doesn’t learn to play a game by just watching or listening to someone else play. You have to play it too.


Unfortunately a Bible study at church is really the same format as a Sunday service: a lecture where another view is discouraged, probably because of the pride of the teacher.


Now having said that, the survey that started me thinking about church services again was very flawed. An evangelical Christian by definition believes all of the Gospels and would therefore have to believe Jesus is the only way one must be saved. If one doesn’t believe the entire Bible then they are not evangelical.


Perhaps it should be said that 57% of the people asked didn’t understand the term that they professed to believe. Because this was not pointed out it certainly doesn’t say much for those who conducted the survey: does it? Do you think they might have an agenda, or do you think they just do not know the definition of “evangelical”?


The total truth is “Everyone of any religion, or even no religion, already has eternal life”!

The only question is “Where are they going to spend it: Heaven or Hell?”


July 11, 2008

Well, actually I started this post to have a good laugh at science in general.


I was wasting time watching TV and I saw Nova’s program that included an article on “Dark Matter”.


Scientist have discovered mathematically that there must be something that is holding the universe together. Something that seems to have about 5 times more matter than is observable using normal methods.


Here are some of the things that were said about Dark Matter.

Dark matter is one of the biggest mysteries.

Dark matter is invisible.

Dark matter is everywhere.

We wouldn’t be here without dark matter: life wouldn’t be possible.

We have no clue what dark matter is.

We know it is out there we just have to find it.

Discovering dark matter is going to be one of the greatest finds of the century.

Dark matter is not made of atoms.

Dark matter must be made of some exotic particle.

We owe everything to Dark Matter.

Dark Matter holds everything together.

If there were no Dark Matter then our Galaxy would never have formed nor would have any galaxy formed.

Galaxies like ours are completely enveloped by Dark Matter.


Almost everything that is said of Dark Matter can and is said about God!!!!!


The statement that Dark Matter must be made of some exotic particle is a case of applying the rules of our known universe to some thing that is not like it. There really is no reason to assume it is made of particles at all.


It was also said that ordinary matter has this whole verity of interactions, but Dark matter does not interact with atoms very much. Actually it doesn’t seem to me that Dark Matter interacts with atoms at all, other than to hold the universe together.


Scientists have set up an experiment that would detect Dark Matter if it strikes normal matter, but that is assuming that Dark Matter is particles, or that it will strike normal matter. Seems like a lot of assumptions when nothing is really known about Dark Matter except that it holds the universe together.


What struck me as so funny is that if scientists could really prove mathematically that God exists they still wouldn’t understand or admit it! Scientists have either proved there is a God, or there is black magic, or that their math is basically flawed. There is a real problem for them because as a rule they are too proud to admit any one of the three.


Doesn’t anyone realize that Dark Matter is God holding the universe together???

(Col 1:16 & 17 NIV)  For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.


Well I started to write because it was funny to me, but as I thought it brought great sadness. If those who will not consider that there might be a God they will never understand why they are here.


This is the perfect virtual reality game, but it must be played in order to win. It is so easy to win that anyone can and the rewards are so great that anyone who knows about the game would want to play. However if one refuses to even think about the game they can not win it. By not playing one will lose, because everyone is in the game: like it or not.


If you really think you are objective then ask God if He is real to reveal Himself to you. He says that if you search for Him you will find Him and He always tells the truth.


By the way, if you find God, then you might just understand Dark Matter!!!! As it is (Job 38:33) Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God’s dominion over the earth?